December 18, 2018

Here’s a surprise twist worthy of O’Henry:  Just last month, Arizona Republican and military veteran Martha McSally appeared to have won the race for retiring Sen. John Kyl’s seat.  But then came those infamous post-election ballots that always seem to go in favor of Democrats in defiance of the laws of probability.  And so, far-left Democrat Kirsten Sinema came from behind to be declared the winner.


But there was still a Senate seat to fill: two years remain in the late John McCain’s term.  So today, Gov. Doug Ducey announced that he will fill that seat with…Martha McSally! 


Now, not only will Arizona be the only state with two female Senators, voters who were evenly split will get the chance to see both candidates in office and compare and contrast.  Of course, Sinema got the six-year term and McSally only two years, but she can run for reelection in 2020.  McSally can use that time to convince conservatives who failed to show up for her in November that she’s the genuine article. Meanwhile, Sinema hopes to mobilize Democrats to take that seat in 2020, but she might want to devote the next two years instead to being a Senator who represents all Arizonans instead of a leftwing partisan.  Despite what she says about them when she’s out of state, Arizona voters aren’t stupid.


At the link, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett takes a meat ax to James Comey's smugly delusional claim that everyone else is lying about his tenure at the FBI while he's the only honest man in Washington.  Comey wrapping himself in the mantle of America's moral conscience is the least appropriate and most hilarious thing any FBI man has wrapped himself in since J. Edgar Hoover (allegedly!) wore a cocktail dress.


On Monday, it seemed extremely likely (at least to me) that Judge Emmet Sullivan would delay the sentencing of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn scheduled for Tuesday.  Sure enough, he did.


Judge Sullivan started the fireworks by saying, “I cannot recall any incident where the court has ever accepted the plea of someone who maintained he was not guilty, and that’s not going to start today.”


Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about a year ago, but sentencing was postponed while he cooperated with investigators.  Now he’ll be waiting until mid-March; it still seems likely that he’ll receive no jail time, but it should be noted that the judge is not bound by this type of plea agreement.  One reason for the delay was surely the last-minute appearance of the original “302” from Peter Strzok, his initial account of the interview with Flynn in January of 2017, just four days after he had moved to his new White House digs.  Another reason may be that there is still more “cooperating” that prosecutors want him to do.


Catherine Herridge, chief intelligence correspondent for FOX News, was in the courtroom Tuesday, and afterwards she said it was “one of the most dramatic” hearings she has ever seen.  The judge was hard on Flynn, stressing the seriousness of the charge against him and repeatedly asking him if he wanted to withdraw his plea of “guilty” to making false statements to the FBI.  He confirmed that he did not, having apparently decided against risking jail by rocking the boat at this point.


He told the judge that when he was questioned by FBI officials, he knew that lying would be criminal and punishable.  Actually, this statement from Flynn suggests to me that it’s unlikely he intentionally lied, as he knew any phone calls with the Russian ambassador would have been recorded as a matter of course.  But most of the media will not be considering this nuance, as it does not fit their chosen narrative.  (The wording of the newly-presented 302 contradicts that, too, so expect that to be glossed over if not ignored.)  They’ll just maintain that since Flynn is going ahead with the guilty plea, he must have intentionally, deliberately, treasonably lied, lied, lied!


And the following exchange may tell you all you need to know about what the government was doing pursuing Flynn:  According to Herridge, the judge asked the special counsel lawyer whether or not the Flynn phone call with the Russian ambassador was, in itself, criminal.  After what she described as “a very long pause,” the attorney said, “It might be a violation of the Logan Act.”  The judge laughed and said, “Isn’t that the Act no one has ever been charged with?”  This judge knows the score.


Importantly, the judge even asked prosecutors if they thought Flynn had committed treason in the lobbying work his company did for the Turkish government, and they said no.  The media are having a field day with this part of the story, because they get to look disgusted and say the word “treason” over and over, but my theory is that Judge Sullivan just wanted to be sure and get their denial of this on the record.  Prosecutors also had to admit that Flynn was no longer doing that work when he went to the White House.  (This is important to keep in mind as some “journalists,” even one I just heard on FOX News, try to tie his lobbying to Trump’s foreign policy decisions that might have favored Turkey.)  It’s likely that the additional “cooperating” Flynn may be doing now involves the prosecution of two of his business associates who were involved in this lobbying, including his business partner.


After a recess, the judge clarified that he had NOT accused Flynn of treason –- he had asked the question out of curiosity, he said.  He advised people not to read too much into his questions, but, of course, the media and Trump’s political opponents (but I repeat myself) are already doing that.


Still, Judge Sullivan did not mince words when addressing Flynn.  “Arguably, you sold your country out,” he said in reference to Flynn’s work for a foreign government without registering as required.


Lots of legal minds --- the ones who have real law degrees --- will be weighing in, and I’ll have more analysis soon.




A new poll shows that Americans rank "Government" as America's #1 problem, with "Immigration" as #2.  Still trying to figure out how electing Democrats solves either of those.


Funny animal story & video:  Will Rogers once said that we should all live our lives so that we wouldn't be afraid to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.  These days, as people voluntarily live with cell phones, social media, "smart homes" and listening devices such as Amazon's Alexa, it seems impossible that the loss of privacy could get any worse.


And then you come across the story about the family parrot that spends all day long talking to Amazon's Alexa...


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  • Jim Hoppe

    12/22/2018 07:08 AM

    It is HIGH TIME that there be some age limits put on the Supreme Court Justices. This GINZBERG surgery....and still
    geting PAID and sitting on the court so that Trump can't appoint another. There should be MANDATORY RETIREMENT at their 75th
    birthday! NOONE can be competent at 85. I'm 81 and PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lee Mar Zarr

    12/20/2018 11:17 AM

    I am asking this question from being totally ignorant on these questions. I am just asking as to why this is not possible. If the "government" (Congress), is supposed to work for "WE the People," does that not make us the "employer" of these lazy incompetent and employees? Why can't we just fire these non-productive employees in a massive class-actions instead of these fraudulent bias, bribery bought and paid for "so-called reelections." The "WE the People" should have the final say of who gets fired, and and does not get fired with out these expensive bogus so called voting elections. Why can't these people be brought in front of the federal court to legally fire these non-productive employees that are destroying the corporation of the WE the People United States of America. Why are employees of WE the People exempt from being fired and replaced just like any employee? Does a so-call election exempt non-productive employees from any employee responsibilities to benefit the employer? Does so-called elections totally remove all employers' rights from "WE the People" as an employer, and we have NO recourse except a very complicated and very easily corrupt so-called elections and re-elections process...and we have to wait and wait while these non-productive employees are parasites the the Tax Payer?
    I know my questions are very "strange" but why is it that "We the People" the EMPLOYER have virtually NO resources and NO way to have NO corrective actions against these destructive lazy I "want my big paycheck and bennies for doing nothing" attitude/behavior; and start with this neutered Paul Ryan and Ms. Waters very verbal statements of aggressive actS against others...There are MANY RNC and DNC employees that "WE THE PEOPLE" NEED to be a Very Responsible Employer and FIRE these non-productive employees.
    I am just curious on why "WE the PEOPLE" are forced to be a lazy incompetent employer...just like the lazy incompetent employee Congress?

  • Joan Chambers

    12/19/2018 09:21 PM

    Mike, please check out
    Brian Kolfage fight 4 free speech
    'Go fund me' for the wall
    You will be surprised at the amount of people contributing
    Thank you God bless

  • Michael Galloway

    12/19/2018 07:03 PM

    My first comments have nothing to do with your articles today (12/18), but I was surprised that President Trump has announced withdraw of our troops from Syria stating the ISIS no longer a threat. I normally support the President, but struggle with this one. Seems to me that this is a similar mistake that Obama made, thought at least President Trump never stated that ISIS was a JV team and all the other bull that Obama told us about ISIS, his beloved Iran and Muslim Brotherhood, etc. It would seem to me that we should not withdraw until ISIS is totally destroyed with no chance of regain ground or committing atrocities, before we withdraw our troops. I am thrilled our valued men and women of our military are going to get out of there, but wonder if it is too soon. Your thoughts Governor Huckabee?

    I stand by General Flynn. Think he is one of the biggest scapegoats of a corrupt political system. And of course that Judge made his comments for the media and the anti-Trump people. Is he one of the 300+ Obama appointed judges? I hope that somehow, someway General Flynn and his family can recover from all the injustice, but just as you have said, Governor Huckabee, what has happened to General Flynn should scare every American.

    Thanks again for all the news you report to us who strive to hear facts, truth and the rest of the story, of which we will NEVER gain from the lying left mainstream media. Those days are over and I agree with the President when he has stated that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people !

  • Holger latt

    12/19/2018 02:04 PM

    Please explain to me the reasoning behind not funding the Border Wall Across the border with Mexico and the outrageous fact that the US Congress has pledged over 6 billion dollars to countries that send illegals into the USA?-That is insane to say the least.


    12/19/2018 12:56 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    I can't for the life of me think that General Flynn "sold out his country" not after 33 years of dedicated service. I think the judge used
    incorrect words on that. Since when is it a "crime" for one official to contact another official of another country. It's done every day and no one gets penalized for it. General Flynn was a scapegoat, horn swaggled, trapped, and worse yet forced to demean himself and say he "lied" which to me is no big deal. The President should pardon him so he can put his life back together if that is possible. Losing your home, savings and your self esteem is just plain horrible. It's Christmas for God's sake, give the man a break!
    Merry Christmas
    Carmen Price

  • Vernon R Freeck

    12/19/2018 12:05 PM

    It seems to me that the FBI sucked Gen.Flynn in to (lie) first by being a casual meeting and tour. It is hard for someone who gave his work for serving this nation not to trust the FBI, not thing they were out to get him for seving his nation one more time for the commander-in-chief. I am so upset with this twisting of things to get rid of a President. I know that we still one the best Nations to live in and I would like to keep it that way, but when you can't trust the people in charge of our security we need a change in the ranks of the FBI & CIA . Sorry for the raving but I am quite upset with all that is going on to get the President instead of working together to keep us great

  • Nelda White

    12/19/2018 11:27 AM

    If Flynn had to register for talking to a foreign country, then why didn't Clinton, Obama, Mueller and vast number of others have to register when they sold uranium to a foreign country that was also our enemy? Why didn't any of them get tossed before a judge for lying to the FBI? It is very serious treason to sell arms to the enemy and uranium if part of WMDs. Atomic bombs can be made with it. If Flynn goes to jail, then everyone involved with the sell of uranium to our enemies (can be resold to Iran) should go to jail.

  • kathleen f pendlebury

    12/19/2018 10:22 AM

    This is off topic with today's commentary, but I am wondering if there is a reason that someone has not started a Go Fund Me account for the border wall. Many citizens would support funding a secure southern border out of pocket, if necessary, so why not put it out there? My husband and I would be the first to contribute if it could be verified that it was legitimate and would go toward the intended purpose .

  • Joseph Trokey

    12/19/2018 09:35 AM

    Well, it's just as simple as this, and I don't care if someone wants to laugh at me or call me names. We, as a nation, have turned from God and have done what was right in our own eyes. In every example I can think of down through the history of man, that has never worked out very well for man.

  • Donna Yates

    12/19/2018 08:52 AM

    Govenor Mike, I don't understand how a special counsel was allowed to continue or even start in the Russia Collusion when by Comey's own admittance that there was no evidence. Even all the documents found shows no evidence. Why do we still have Mueller and his gang looking for a crime or making up stuff that isn't there.
    This man along with his high powered expensive gang of attorneys is more like the Godfather and his family of hitmen. He has a history of making people confess to being guilty of chewing gum and walking at the same time. His rackateers are confiscating taxpayers hard earned money to line his pockets and to continue his Hitman tactics to prove no one can tell him what to do or when to stop because he is the Godfather.
    As with all mobsters that is what they do. Take from the little guy until they can't take anymore and usually die trying to pay for something they didn't ask for in the first place.
    As with any Godfather, he needs to be taken down from his perch and pay for his crimes he has committed to those he has harmed by his hard handed methods.
    I also don't understand why others in government don't go after the Democrats who has been proven they have lied to the DOJ and the other investigative committee Senators Jordan and Gowdy are involved in. Why are they getting away with lying and having committed other offenses and not being charged. Why?! If it weren't for the watch dog groups no one would be charged with anything unless you're a Republican.
    Why don't you push for them to be pursued?
    I do Thank you for articles and truthfulness.

  • Shirley Ostenson

    12/19/2018 06:54 AM

    Your column is a must read for me! You are always right on....except for today. We here in Washington State also have two female senators....not that we on the east side of the state are happy about that.

  • Remedios Cruz

    12/19/2018 06:45 AM

    Thanks so much for the update Governor!

  • Martin Pedersen

    12/19/2018 04:16 AM

    I like Rush Limbaugh's opinion of what President Trump is doing on the border wall issue: he is PACING his actions, although slow and steady, to win the race of completely securing the southern border. In the past he has paced what he hopes to accomplish in the face of stiff opposition with good results.

  • Amelia Little

    12/19/2018 03:07 AM

    I'll bet the democrats in AZ are totally ticked---all that voter fraud, fixing up and "finding" ballots--and their opponent gets to the Senate, anyway!!! Bravo, Sen. McSally!!

    I get tired of the games politicians play. The people in charge of railroading and LYING to Gen. Flynn to do so ought to spend some time in prison for their shenanigans. Oh, and let Gen. Flynn go--they've already financially ruined him.

    I saw a clip of comey--walking along with a smug, "aren't I so cute and smart and everyone else is dumb" smirk on his face. Reminded me of a clip I saw of rosenstein. Both of those men need to be taken down a peg or two, take mueller along with them. And, so it's a crime to lie to the FBI, but is okay to lie to a congressional investigative committee? Or, is it just the democrats who can do this, along with no consequences for plain ol' not answering questions? How come he could say he didn't remember or didn't know over 200 times, but Gen. Flynn and Corsi and others were badgered to come up with a "I remember" or "I may have" so they could be indicted? Good for Corsi and the other guy (sorry, can't recall the name) who are standing up to this nonsense.

    Thanks for the laugh with the parrot. At least he wasn't buying really expensive things, or things that might embarrass the woman who took him in.

  • Kathy Wingate

    12/19/2018 01:10 AM

    I believe I just heard FOX news report that Mueller's attorneys have cost us $17M so far, plus much in other expenses, for rent, IT services, $60k for paper and printing, plus more for other stuff. I hope Comey, Strozk, Paige, and any other fired agents and attorneys aren't still on the payroll. I think they plan to keep it up until they impeach Trump, and then will find a way to impeach Pence. Who's next in line, McConnell? Some have been calling for a convention of the states...would that possibly stop them? It's looking like no Dems will be prosecuted for their lying and conspiracies. ie Uranium One.

  • Janis McDermott

    12/19/2018 12:52 AM

    I really appreciate your news reporting. You are right there and you know what is really going on we need more journalists like you. Thank you for what you do. Sorry you are not our Governor any Longer here in Arkansas but Tom Cotton keeps things straight. He’s a good man. Again. Thank you.

  • Bill Damm

    12/18/2018 11:08 PM

    " . . . not only will Arizona be the only state with two female Senators"
    California has had two female Senators for years.

  • Edward Finley

    12/18/2018 10:58 PM

    Thanks for your insight and useful information. I appreciate your Evening Edition and after the Holidays I will send you a donation. It seems that with all the donating I did during the Midterms along with Christmas, I am running a bit low on monies for donations. I refuse to give to the NRSC or the NRCC, because I am not happy with the way they do business or the way they use their office against President Trump. I love your daughter's smarts and moxy by the way! She is a tough lady and I am keeping You and your whole family in our prayers, I pray you are able to get together for the holidays.

  • larry rippere

    12/18/2018 10:30 PM

    Hey, Michael.... I confess shamefacedly to you that my beloved CA is also represented by two female senators -- and you couldn't find a better pair: Feinstein and Kamela Harris.
    To make matters yet more sickening, in our jungle primary system, Feinstein stood for reelection against an even more horrible young male jerk. That meant: We go to the election booth barf bag in hand, and pull the tab for.... Feinstein!!! We are <YAWP!> glad she won.