May 2, 2021

This week, the Biden Administration quietly ended another Trump policy and will once again allow so-called “sanctuary cities” that won’t cooperate with ICE to apply for a $250 million federal grant program.

These cities can now continue to be rewarded with federal grant money despite refusing to comply with federal immigration laws and protecting criminal illegal aliens from deportation. That policy has led to far too many stories like this one from last December…

The upside of this is that we now have the Biden White House on record as affirming the right of cities and states to refuse to cooperate with federal laws they don’t approve of. That will come in handy, considering all the states that are voting to refuse to allow biologically male athletes to join girls’ school sports teams…

Or to comply with repressive new gun control laws…

Or to teach Marxist-inspired, racially-divisive “Critical Race Theory” in schools…

Or to go along with the Democrats’ push to nationalize election laws and legalize vote fraud…

They popularized the word "Resistance," and now, they're getting a load of it right back. In fact, by restoring grants to "sanctuary cities," I like to think that Biden is restoring federalism by re-empowering local governments that are closer to the people, so that Washington can end all its meddling micromanagement and take a reduced role. That may not be the precedent he believes he’s setting, but I think it’s the one we need to take from this, and carry it all the way to the Supreme Court.


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