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February 23, 2021

Just when you think the Democrats’ nasty partisan vindictiveness can’t get any more petty or childish, along comes New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio to say, “Hold muh Chardonnay!” and sink to a new subterranean low.

DeBlasio canceled all the city’s contracts with the Trump Organization because Trump “incited the insurrection at the Capitol” (no, he didn’t, and it wasn’t an “insurrection,” no matter how many times you say it.) Never mind that the companies have been doing a good job for the people for decades, something you certainly can’t say for Democrats like DeBlasio. All that matters to him is public signaling of his mindless Trump rage.

And so, he ordered the Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park closed down right now because the Trump company runs it (in fact, they’ve run it since 1986, when Trump got disgusted with the Democrat government wasting time and taxpayer money while the rink remained shut down for six years and stepped in himself to renovate and reopen it – ahead of schedule and under budget.)

The rink was scheduled to close for the season in April anyway, but DeBlasio upset skaters and devastated children by closing it down six weeks early, just to signal how much he hate-hate-hates Trump. You know, like mature adults do. So one more beloved NYC landmark shut down by DeBlasio.

One New Yorker took a final skate on Saturday, and brought a flag with him, waving it for DeBlasio as a message: “Trump 2024.” As for DeBlasio’s future, he’s skating on thin ice himself. Let’s hope New York voters will finally wise up and put his tragically incompetent political career on ice.

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  • lupe beam

    02/24/2021 08:15 PM

    He's out anyway. Whether it's Trump or someone else.

  • Larry Paris

    02/23/2021 10:49 PM

    Noticed all the Democrats who are incompetent always have to blame Trump or some way bully him. This attitude for adults is so juvenile and not a good look for the younger generation. People forget there is always someone looking up to someone. DeBlasio is not looking good. Doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions.

  • Jeffrey F McDowell

    02/23/2021 07:52 PM

    Just like many others in public offices and the public eye, this CLOWN OF A MAYOR has ruined his city just in an effort to cause harm to Donald Trump.
    He has joined the ranks of some very immature people, "That Mouth" Pelosi, "The Loser" Schumer, "The Wicked Witch of the North" H. Clinton. They live for one purpose and ONLY one purpose, to destroy Donald Trump and his family.
    They are so incompetent that they don't realize that with each vindictive act they are increasing his standing with even more people. God Help Us because now they have added, "Where am I" Biden and "Misinformation source" Harris to the kindergarten class!

  • Mex

    02/23/2021 05:59 PM

    There must be laws against that. He’s sentencing Trump without a trial and even with congressional exoneration. Trump and every organization which has been cancelled for their political opinion should issue a class action suit .