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May 2, 2022

Our “Homeland Security Secretary” Alejandro Mayorkas offers nothing but blame-shifting for our open border and the surge of illegal immigration. And as for what happened to those 42 illegal border crossers who were on the terror watch list, he has no clue.

But under his “leadership” (this Administration is definitely to blame for the supply shortage of quotation marks), we now have a “Ministry of Truth”-style Disinformation Czarina to do what’s really important for domestic security: monitor Americans’ free speech in case they say something that challenges this Administration’s narratives. That might signal that they’re a potential violent threat that needs to be visited by a federal agency with lots and lots of guns.

I’m glad to see that the announcement of this shockingly unconstitutional speech-suppression board has been met with outrage, ridicule, condemnation and demands that it be killed immediately from critics across the political spectrum. Only the most diehard Biden apologists are trying to defend it.

It doesn’t help that the woman chosen as head hall monitor of our speech appears to be such a leftwing looney tune, and I mean that literally: she sings looney leftwing tunes on Twitter.

Yes, that’s our new speech overlord Nina Jankowisc singing a cringeworthy parody of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” (Keep reading next week when our writer Laura Ainsworth, who is a professional song parodist, is thinking of penning a rebuttal.) Yes, she’s not only a leftist who spreads “disinformation” with a bulldozer when it comes from the Democrats…

…she’s also a narcissistic musical theater kid. Who wouldn’t want one of those policing everything you say?

I’ll bet she was a big fan of the TV show “Glee,” which makes sense if you read this lengthy but fascinating article arguing that the rabid online “Glee” fan community was ground zero for the entire epidemic of wokeness, crybullies and “critical theory” identity politics that’s metastasized to every corner of American life.

Remember when we were told we had to elect Biden so that the “adults would be back in charge”? What we got instead is Grandpa Simpson incompetently babysitting while Bart destroys the house and Lisa annoys us with politically correct nagging and musical interludes.

But a warning: don’t let the appalling choice of office head become the story. That will give them an opening simply to replace her and keep the office. Even if she were the most sober-sided, moderate bureaucrat imaginable, the problem isn’t one individual’s personality, it’s the entire idea of a federal office to monitor and suppress American citizens’ speech. I wish Ms Jankowicz all the best in her musical theater career, but the office she’s about to assume needs to be exterminated now before it has a chance to take root.

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  • Aleda Kendall

    05/05/2022 03:45 PM

    This “disinformation office” makes my blood run cold. One of the Senators made the remark that they would “trust” them saying it would not not involve US citizens. I’m sure this senator is aware of all the “not involving US citizens” lines that has been crossed in recent times so this practice has got to stop somewhere. This is wrong!