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February 17, 2023



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President Biden’s medical exam

Speaking of covering up health problems to preserve political power, the White House doctor just released the results of President Biden’s latest medical exam, which pronounced him “healthy and vigorous.” Buried several paragraphs down was this sentence: “The report did not say whether he had any cognitive tests.”

I have no doubt that he’s vigorous from the way he’s been vigorously dismantling and destroying the country from the minute he took office. But the Democrats must know that this is not going to convince the public to stop believing their own eyes and ears. Stuff like this happens almost every day, and this is one of his more lucid examples.

Even Barack Obama’s longtime doctor doesn’t trust the official medical report, saying, “You’re not going to learn anything. They sugarcoat these things.”

And of course, the Babylon Bee is already satirizing Biden’s medical exam.

Knowing what an obstacle this represents for Biden’s plans to run for reelection at age 82, the Democrats have a new scheme to allay voter concerns about his obvious signs of decline. They’re trotting out young Democrats to vouch for his “vitality” and longtime allies to claim with a straight face that he’s so “inspired by his work” that he has more energy now than he did in his 40s.

Again, I don’t doubt that he has energy. When I look at all the things he’s doing, I fervently wish he’d spend even more time napping and vacationing. It’s the cognitive issues that have people worried. Although you could probably find some old video to make a convincing argument that his thinking and decision-making are no worse now than they were in the 1980s.

Bad idea

It shouldn’t take an academic study to prove that it’s a bad idea to let violent criminals back out on the street with little or no bail. But it’s the kind of lunacy that’s so jaw-droppingly stupid just on the face of it that, of course, the left adopted it and claimed it was an unquestionably sound policy that would lead to lower crime. So to quote Dr. Phil, how’s that workin’ out for ya?

A study by the Yolo County, California, District Attorney’s office found that California’s “Zero Bail” policies have been (surprise!) an unmitigated disaster. The study found that 78% of repeat offenders who were let out on low or no bail were arrested again, compared to 46% who’d had to post bail. They were arrested more than once by a margin of 62% to 25%. The low-to-no bail criminals’ reoffenses “resulted in felony charges 90% more often – and they were accused of three times as many violent crimes.”

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig said, "I mean, we have more people being shot at, stabbed, assaulted, robbed, beaten. These are real victims – and the numbers are staggering under zero bail." He said the study proves that “zero bail is a completely failed policy."

Under most circumstances, you’d think that the legislature would rush to change the policy. But this is California, where “Doubling down on failed policies” is the unofficial state motto.

Patience is wearing thin

Radical climate protesters continue to think that acting like two-year-olds having a tantrum in the Walmart candy aisle is somehow persuasive. It’s good to see that the public’s patience is wearing thin, and when they interrupt adults, it’s less likely that they’ll be indulged than that they’ll be dragged away by police and deservedly laughed at. That’s what happened when one of them interrupted Sen. Josh Hawley to yell that “China is not our enemy! The climate crisis is!”

Here’s my suggestion: since China is a much bigger polluter than we are, try interrupting the president of China and see how that works out.

Salute to Bill

A Huck’s Hero salute to Bill Gorga of Southhold, New York. When he saw a woman screaming that a carjacker had just taken off in her SUV with her grandbaby in the back seat, he leaped into action. What happened next sounds like a nail-biting chase scene from a movie, only it was real. If Hollywood needs a stunt driver, they should call Bill.

A lecture from a humorless leftist

There’s nothing more convincing than a lecture from a humorless leftist about why something that’s really funny isn’t really funny.


Congratulations to my writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth, who has a side gig as an award-winning retro jazz singer. She recently brought out her fourth studio album, a terrific collection of requests of great standards called “You Asked For It.” Now, she’s released a film noir-inspired lyric video of her lounge/jazz revamp of “Goldfinger.”

Here’s a press release that just went out, telling the story of how that came about. You can also watch the video at the link. Or better yet, go to YouTube to watch it, give her a “Like” and share it all around to help get the word out!

Reeder: Goodbye to Screen Goddess Raquel Welch

By Pat Reeder

I am very sad to have to report that legendary actress and sex symbol Raquel Welch died Wednesday at 82 following a brief illness. She had avoided the spotlight in recent years, but remained active by running a successful wig business.

Here are some photos of famous moments from her life and career.

And here is an interview Mike Huckabee conducted with her on his Fox Show:

Born Jo Raquel Tejada, she took her first husband’s last name out of concern that it would be hard in those days to land roles with such a Hispanic moniker. Women who are insecure about their looks might be comforted to know that Raquel said in high school, “I didn’t like my hair (very fine like my mother’s), or my eyes (too deeply set and almond-shaped, in standard-issue brown), or my nose (not cute enough) or my mouth (a bit too wide.)” I assume she eventually got a confidence boost from winning a string of beauty contests, including “Miss Photogenic.”

Starting out as a TV weather girl, she broke into movies with memorable appearances as a scientist sporting the world’s tightest wetsuit in “Fantastic Voyage” and as hot cavewoman Loana in “One Million Years B.C.,” which was only slightly less historically accurate than “The 1619 Project.” But history be damned, the appeal of the movie was summed up in the slogan, “See Raquel Welch wear mankind’s first bikini!” Back in the days when it was still occasionally correct, the New York Times declared Welch in her deerskin bikini to be “A marvelous breathing monument to womankind.” The iconic photo of her became a poster that adorned the bedroom walls of a generation of males. As Greg Gutfeld said, that poster is why no young males of that era were confused about what gender they were.

In her ‘60s and ‘70s heyday, Welch’s very name became shorthand for the ultimate in female sex appeal. She was called the "Most Beautiful Woman in the World." Playboy rated her #3 on a list of the 100 sexist movie stars of all time, behind only Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield (Hefner had a type.) While it was hard for her to escape that image, she eventually proved herself a talented actress in movies such as “Kansas City Bomber” and “The Three Musketeers” (for which she won a Golden Globe Award); starred in musical specials like 1970’s “Raquel!” and in Vegas; and took over the lead roles in the Broadway musicals “Woman of the Year” and “Victor/Victoria,” where she had to be a really good actress to convince anyone that Raquel Welch was a man playing a woman.

Despite her sexy image, Welch never appeared nude, turning down multiple pleas from Hugh Hefner. When she finally agreed to pose for Playboy, she kept some clothes on. She was a political conservative, and she once said, “I’ve definitely used my body and sex appeal to advantage in my work, but always within limits. I reserve some things for my private life, and they are not for sale.”

For those want to remember her and have seen her biggest hits, I would recommend the brilliant ‘60s comedy “Bedazzled” with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and a brief but memorable appearance by Raquel; the 1965 “beach movie in the mountains,” “A Swingin’ Summer” (also starring such teen idols as the Righteous Brothers and Gary Lewis & The Playboys) where she, of course, sports a bikini and belts out the hot mama song “I’m Ready To Groove” which is included in my book/CD “Hollywood Hi-Fi;” and her 1970 CBS musical special “Raquel!” with Tom Jones, Bob Hope and John Wayne, which has been released on DVD.!_(TV_program)

(FYI: Wikipedia doesn’t know this, and I don’t know if Raquel even did, but there was an audio problem and some of her songs were overdubbed in the middle of the night by “My Three Sons” star Tina Cole and her sister Cathy, who handled the low notes. They were both members of the singing King Family and its offshoot, the 4 King Cousins. This was told to me directly by Tina in an interview for “Hollywood Hi-Fi.” Don’t say I don’t share trivia that nobody else tells you.)

Finally, if you are still puzzled over your gender and just can’t figure out what a “woman” is, watch Raquel and Cher perform “I’m a Woman (W-O-M-A-N)” from Cher’s variety show. It will clear up that dumb question once and for all.



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  • Jerry

    02/18/2023 01:17 PM

    Not many people trust today's Federal Government here in this country and around the world. What does that tell one? I have said for years the Democrat is without honor and can not be trusted. I really to not fully trust human beings however a degree of trust is needed in life with mankind after all we are all animals. Joe Biden has led the American public almost to the point of no return in the form of trust honesty and for sure Americans first. Americans are last in almost all of bidens thoughts. Resourses go out to other countries along with military weapons while landscapes are full of toxins food processing plants are blown up and of course our borders are insecure so any foreign enemy enters without resistance from the government that is to prevent it. Grocery is at an all time high if u can find them baby food still is in short supply every cabinet head are ignorant lazy and incompetent just like the occupants of the Oval Office. Adversaries around the world mock the biden experience allies are bewildered to say the least the biden experience is fraudulent and corrupt the democrat is proud of the great job biden is doing today biden will not last this term although the outlook of its replacement is more ignorant and is only in the position because of ignorance. And as the democrat rolls on the worse America suffers and the International community will become more than prey for china, russia, Iran it will be consumed by them. The communist community congratulates the Dems for destroying American value something the commies have been trying to do for over a 100 years. Thank you Democrats from your friends the Communists.

  • Jerry

    02/18/2023 09:27 AM

    The entire choices biden put in place as secretaries of our agencies are incompetent they are lazy they are put in positions that are so complicated that the people in charge are completely unable to do the job the country sees it the international community sees it the people Biden put in charge have a lower iq if possible then biden himself that is one of reasons the country is failing all the wrong people in charge of important positions that are not intelligent enough to solve problems they can only let problems get worse all are failures too much ignorance in government today all of these people have attended Americas college and universities still think our education system is good no way

  • Jerry

    02/18/2023 08:38 AM

    What has biden done to curb the China Mexico assault on America with the poison the 2 countries are flooding the United States with. it is apparent Nothing biden is the most feeble. President in world history China mocks Biden just like 70 percent of Americans biden could not care less with a president that hates its own country over 30 percent of Americans love this president the education of this country will continue to raise the percentage of citizens that hate this country as the country spirals downward

  • William Robinson

    02/17/2023 06:11 PM

    MAKE that lunatic take a cognitive test! If he refuses, REMOVE HIS ASS!!!!