November 24, 2017

As doctors warned earlier this week, former “Partridge Family” star David Cassidy died Tuesday in Florida at 67, after suffering multiple organ failure following a three-year battle with dementia. His family released a statement that you can read at the link. Our prayers and sympathies are with them.

It’s been interesting to see the level of media coverage and the outpouring of grief and comments on social media concerning David Cassidy’s passing. While he had a long career of touring, TV roles and playing Broadway and Las Vegas, there’s no denying that the peak of his teen idol fame was over 40 years in the past. Yet fans who might not have thought much about him in decades are pouring out their hearts online about how deeply his death has affected them. There could be several reasons. For many women who were young girls in the early ‘70s, he was their first crush, and I’m sure you never forget that. And it’s always sobering when you hear that someone whose youthful image is frozen in your memory as if preserved in amber has died, especially when that person is suffering a disease such as dementia. It’s a stark, unwelcome reminder that time doesn’t slow down for any of us.

Then again, maybe many fans aren’t just mourning the death of David Cassidy, but the passing of that whole innocent era he represented, when squeaky-clean pop idols like Keith Partridge or Davy Jones crooned age-appropriate silly love songs about holding hands or sharing a first kiss. In recent years, music aimed at young teenagers – rap, hip-hop and pop stars from Britney Spears to Christina Aguilera to Miley Cyrus -- has been steadily pushing the envelope for violent and sexualized lyrics, skimpy costumes and “dance” moves taken straight from porn videos. “The Partridge Family” might seem corny and unbelievably wholesome now, but is there a parent of a teenager anywhere who doesn’t wish we could turn back the clock to that “corny” time before the music, TV and fashion industries started peddling sex, violence and profanity to our kids 24/7?

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  • Ann Newman

    11/26/2017 05:42 PM

    Years ago I won tickets to see a play. Since I love theatre, I went, not expecting too much..David Cassidy to me was a pop star on TV and this was a serious play. Well, I, along with my two sisters were Blown Away! In BLOOD BROTHERS, David Cassidy played his role to perfection. He started as a young child in knickers and progressed through two more age changes...each stunningly moving. When the play ended, we three sisters were all speechless, tears streaming...we all agreed that we were very very fortunate to have won those tickets. David Cassidy was great as a teen idol, but fabulous in this serious role. God Bless and RIP.

  • Kim Justice

    11/26/2017 05:17 PM

    We all loved The Partridge Family. Either drooling over David Cassidy or wanting to be Susan Dey, there was something for all the preteens. Now David Cassidy’s death makes us all deal with our own mortality. It’s too soon! We still want to be touring on the big yellow school bus and have a mom like Shirley Jones save us from ourselves.

  • TL

    11/25/2017 02:44 PM

    While I agree with the governor 100% (he and I are only 1 year apart in age), I think it's a little MORE for me.

    While it was once the passing of the previous generation I mourned, it has now become the passing of MY generation. Mr. Cassidy was only 6 years older than me. It's seeing everyone leave who I grew up with in my home, on my street, and on our television. It's seeing everything that was once so familiar, everyone who brought joy and the anchor of stability to my life LEAVE my life. Everyone who I thought I would always see, hear, or just simply know that they're there has gone. It's now the realization that I and others of my generation have now been pushed to the top rung of the ladder and knowing there is only 1 place we can go from where we now stand. And it's being frightened out of my wits when I witness the behavior of the next generation. Frightened that THIS is what we're leaving behind. Frightened that THIS was our "accomplishment."

    MY parents were from THE GREATEST GENERATION. MY generation, however, was NOT great; we didn't even come CLOSE. We FAILED. Miserably. And for that I mourn most.

  • Rhonda Hoover

    11/24/2017 10:30 PM

    A time of innocence lost, never to be recovered. Times were simpler then, less complicated. David fit in perfectly. RIP, and thanks for the memories

  • Theresa Van Alstyne

    11/24/2017 08:09 PM


  • Tami Sellers

    11/24/2017 07:50 PM

    Exactly, nail on the head Mike.

  • Trudy Tedder

    11/24/2017 07:19 PM

    Well said. I agree.

  • Lorri Rouse

    11/24/2017 06:30 PM

    I was a fan of The Partridge Family and enjoyed David Cassidy. May he RIP and may his family know how big his contribution to entertainment was! I had a huge crush on Shaun too!

  • Tomi lilly

    11/24/2017 05:39 PM

    I could not agree more. I was one of those young innocent teenagers who were head over heals for David, Davy, Bobby Sherman among others. I remember those feelings as if it were yesterday, the day dreams of becoming their girlfriend, butterflies in the stomach and listened to their songs for hours and hours. All innocent! Today’s youth grows up way too fast, they don’t even have a chance to feel innocent puppy love. I tried to shield my daughter as much as possible as she was growing up, she did have crushes on *NSYNC, which was very much innocent. However I remember her wanting CDs that carried a Warning label that I just wouldn’t allow. I feel bad for kids today, their idols are way to advanced for their age, like it’s all meaningless. Along those lines, I’ve boycotted one of my favorite shows since Miley’s a judge. Only way I know to make a statement.

  • Karen Hendrix

    11/24/2017 04:59 PM

    I agree with you on every thought. I cried when David died as well as Patty Duke. They were our tv "babysitters" back in the day. It reminds us of a kinder world.

  • Mary Kaye Davis

    11/24/2017 04:17 PM


  • Lynda Ables

    11/24/2017 04:09 PM

    I couldn't agree with you more, Governor!!! I hate what my grandchildren are listening to today!

  • Cindy Soape

    11/24/2017 04:02 PM

    That age of innocence is truly missed. The children today have been robbed.

  • Regina Wilson

    11/24/2017 03:43 PM

    I agree wholeheartedly. Today’s music industry and what they portray is the downfall of our youth in taking away their innocence and parents letting this happen because they just don’t want to fight the kids against what’s popular in the world .

  • Joe Elmore

    11/24/2017 03:36 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, you are right in your assessment. I believe that there are many Americans who mourn the passing of better times and memories of the people who impacted our culture in that era from so long ago. Sadder still, is when people like that depart this life and nothing is said of their Spiritual condition, I speak in regard to whether or not they had made a decision for Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So many today are more concerned about this life and what they can accomplish, but never give a second thought as to what happens once the soul leaves the body. I think it's far more important to be concerned with how people, even so called famous people, meet the Creator. Because if a decision has not been made for Christ, then Hell is the eternal destination. That is what I mourn Sir.

  • Sara Carpenter

    11/24/2017 03:34 PM

    Yes, I agree with what you wrote! Music has changed through years and I do wish our g kids could have experienced that time. So much explicit and violent language inmusic today!

  • Melody Lake

    11/24/2017 03:34 PM

    Absolutely! Having graduated from high school in 1974, I grew up with all of those “corny” shows & bands. The Partridge Family, The Monkees, Bobby Sherman, etc.. Don’t get me wrong, I went to my fair share of rock concerts too , as I got older, but, it was nothing like today. There was no singing or rapping about killing & cop hating. It was about a peaceful generation. I miss that.