Breaking News On SCOTUS Nomination

September 24, 2020 |

Breaking News on the SCOTUS Nomination: Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of the Republicans who was originally said to be opposed to confirming a Trump nominee before the election, now says she won’t rule that out if the Judiciary Committee passes one. Also, it depends on who it is.

Considering those two conditions would apply to any SCOTUS nominee, this shouldn’t even be news (“Bulletin: Senator Does Constitutional Duty!!!”) But the big news here is that with Murkowski and Mitt Romney both rejecting the Democrats’ threats and demands to refuse to do their jobs, at least one side of the Senate is still functioning according to the Constitution, not politics. The equally good news is that threats, ultimatums, name-calling and temper tantrums may have finally ceased to be effective tools of political persuasion.

It might have helped if everything the Democrats are threatening to do (harass and assault Republicans at their homes and in public, riot, burn things down, pack the Court, etc.) they hadn’t already been doing for months/years or already threatened to do anyway if they got into power.

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  • Robert Becker

    10/08/2020 04:14 PM

    Get er done!

  • Michael Ford Sr

    10/07/2020 02:47 PM

    Murkowski can't be trusted. This statement from her alone says that. Again riding the fence when Stevie Wonder can see she's a RINO owed by the Feinstein cabol. Murkowski, Collins and Mittens Romney are known Leftist collaborators. Their. Vote isn't secured until the ink dries and we can comfirm its not disappearing ink.

  • Richard P Wieneke

    10/06/2020 12:57 AM

    This good news. We need this kind of working together as Republicans.
    Yeah for Murkowski and Mit Romney.

  • Roger Bass

    09/27/2020 08:31 AM

    Do the job you were elected to do or go home and watch election results when your time is up. You know do job or get fired . I have too.

  • Melinda Bourdon

    09/26/2020 09:35 AM

    Alaska needs to vote this wolf in sheep’s clothing out of office. She is supposed to be a Republican and needs to vote based on what is best for the whole. She selfishly one thinking of her and her odds of reelection. If she were my senator this attitude would assure that I am not voting for her.


    09/25/2020 01:39 PM

    She is only doing this to cover her backside.

  • Melinda Roberts

    09/25/2020 12:22 PM

    you were elected as a republican and showed yourself as a conservative. Now do the right thing for the country and vote fot President Trump's nomination for the Supreme Court.

  • Joan mcCulloch

    09/25/2020 08:36 AM

    Don’t trust either one, both have opposed Our President just because they don’t like him. They are not conservative Republicans they are RINOS

  • Fred Braemer

    09/24/2020 03:36 PM

    Democrats are after Trump because he threatens their massive corrupt politics. Yes there is corruption on both sides of the fence but Democrats take the cake. America will have NO faith in the judicial system until justice is served ! Federal, State, city governments abound with corruption even down to your local school board. Mr. President, DRAIN THE SWAMP, start with Hillary then investigate ALL FBI, CIA, DHS and those that broke the law and prosecute.

  • Gloria O’Roark

    09/24/2020 03:25 PM

    I appreciate your articles & completely agree. I just hope & pray all these corrupt officials will be prosecuted & punished—not just slapped on the hand & get to keep their millions. The American people need to see it. Otherwise, what good is it ?

  • carol hester

    09/24/2020 12:44 PM

    fill that seat... you were nominated as a republican and you need to stand up for beliefs and values. quit letting the left bully you

  • Susan Smith

    09/24/2020 12:05 PM

    It is the obligation of the President to fill the vacant seat of rbg according to the US Constitution of America!!!! These republican traitors need to read the US document slowly and carefully again if they have ever read it before! But these 3 have been fence riders all their career in politics trying to appease democrats and fail their party!

  • Barbara Burns

    09/24/2020 11:54 AM

    It saddens me that people run as a republican, yet vote and act like the corrupt democrats. All the democrats have done is destroy our great country. They have committed acts against our country, yet none of them are in jail. President Trump selects a christian (which is what our country was founded on) to replace a judge and all hell breaks loose. Can you not just support our President? Hell, you support the criminal Obama for 8 damn years.

  • Jan C

    09/24/2020 11:42 AM

    Prayer changes things. ;-) Look for Joe Manchin to come along, too. :-)

  • Marjorie Hodges

    09/24/2020 11:40 AM

    Follow the Constitution
    Fill the seat ASAP

  • mary johnson

    09/24/2020 11:31 AM

    This is absolutely true !! but wait till November , when all the churches , who stay quiet ,come out in droves to vote for our president !!! Even the Amish , who never get involved !! Democrats , will no longer have a party , when we are done ! God is on our side , and remember ,we read the back of the book , we know who wins !!!

  • Linda Delp

    09/24/2020 11:26 AM

    I think Sen. Lisa Murskorski should get off her but and do her job either yea or no, if she doesn't want to do a job get out of politics.