April 18, 2019

While the cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire is still under investigation, officials say that so far, there is no evidence of terrorism or arson.  The most likely cause was an accident sparked by flammable chemicals from a restoration project.  That didn’t stop ISIS from quickly creating an Internet meme mocking the loss and celebrating the pain it inflicted on Christians.


I know how infuriating this might be, but stop and consider: here we have a group of violent Islamic radicals who thought they were going to build a Caliphate that would stretch across the world.  They were going to impose their extremist views on every human on the planet.  And now?  They’ve been driven from all the areas they once held, are hiding out wherever they can, and occasionally emerging to distribute a snarky Internet meme or drive a car at unarmed pedestrians. 


They thought they were going to rule the world.  Instead, they’ve been reduced to a ragtag bunch of pathetic bullies and Internet trolls, laughing at other people’s misfortunes to take their minds off their own crushing failure.  Sad!


To wash away the ugly gloating of ISIS, here is a story about how Christianity is growing in a Syrian town that ISIS once controlled and terrorized. The Christian converts still have to deal with hostility and suspicion, but they gladly accept that burden, as do a growing number of other Christian converts in areas where ISIS was defeated. One man who lost his arm explained, “They seemed happy and all talked about love. That’s when I decided to follow Jesus’s teachings.”  ISIS will never create a meme or a threat more powerful than that.

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  • Carla A Snook

    04/19/2019 12:00 PM

    I will -admit-, the FIRST thought in my head was terrorism act. As sad as it is that this happened, I am doubly glad it wasn't a devious deed. I DO think though, the Catholic Church can WELL afford to re-build on their OWN. Reduce that enourmous Wealth as a karmic retribution for all the monies the have been paid OUT to people sexually ABUSED by the Clerics. That's MY -real- opinion.