My Analysis of The Election Results Yesterday

May 11, 2016 |

Recapping Tuesday’s primaries: Donald Trump won overwhelmingly in West Virginia and Nebraska, which is expected when you’re the last man standing, but still a nice feeling.  With the GOP race all but settled, the real news is happening on the Democratic side (not that you’d know it from all the media outlets wringing their hands about how the Republican Party is so disunified, a tragedy that surely must keep them awake at night.) 

A funny thing happened on the way to the coronation: the court jester keeps tripping up the queen.  Hillary Clinton won the Nebraska primaries by about 53-47% (but it was the May 5th caucuses that bind delegates, and Bernie won those 57-43%).  But that barely caused a media ripple among all the chatter about the shellacking she took in West Virginia.  To paraphrase Sally Field, “They hate her.  They really, really hate her!” 

Hillary not only lost West Virginia’s Democratic primary to Bernie 51-36%, but in a Fox News exit poll of Democrats, only 45% said they would vote for her for President in November, with 35% choosing Trump and 18% neither.  Again: that’s among DEMOCRATS.  When voters are actually telling you to your face, “We don’t want you here, get out,” it’s not a good omen.

(To see the depths of Hillary’s WV problem, check out this CNN interview of random people on the street, as they tried to find anybody who planned to vote for her, even in a Democratic stronghold.  You won’t believe who 19 out of 20 did plan to vote for:  CLICK HERE )

The media are again trying to do damage control for Hillary, supporting her claim that when she publicly declared that her policies would put a lot of coal miners out of work and a lot of coal companies out of business, she was taken out of context.  After all, she went on to propose a $3 billion job retraining program for those unemployed workers. 

Okay, let’s put that in the context West Virginians heard:  She’s going to destroy the industry that’s been our way of life for generations and cut off our family’s income, but she’ll try to get back on our feet with some government job training programs (you know what a great record of success those have) to help us find one of the plentiful jobs that will spring up after she kills our state’s largest industry.  But maybe we can get jobs in one of West Virginia’s other growing industries: oil, natural gas and logging.  Oh, wait, forgot: her green supporters want to destroy those, too.

It’s no wonder that Hillary is about as popular in West Virginia as a Yankees fan in Boston. 

Two more stunning exit poll findings:

NBC reports that 39% of Sanders voters said they would vote for Trump over Sanders in November, as would 9% of Clinton voters.  Again: DEMOCRAT voters.

CNN found that nearly 40% of Democratic voters say they want the next President to be less liberal than Obama.  Of those, 62% voted for self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders.   At first glance, that seems crazy…unless maybe they think Obamaism is further left than socialism.  Then it sort of makes sense.

Here’s more on the WV vote, with some interesting demographic breakdowns: CLICK HERE

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  • Mike Peckham

    05/12/2016 06:45 AM


    analysis. The idea that such a large percentage of Sanders primary voters will vote for trump over sanders is a new learning for me. Seems like choice commentary for at least the Republican pundits. Let's here more of this! Supports the Trump landslide theory.