Ridiculous request from PETA

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July 9, 2019

If there’s anyone out there who gives money to PETA in the belief that it’s being used to improve the welfare of defenseless animals, please note what they are wasting their time on now: 

PETA sent a letter to the mayor of Caldwell, Idaho, demanding that a rural road with the unofficial name of Chicken Dinner Road (it reportedly dates back to the 1930s, when a lady famous for her fried chicken lived on it) be given a new name “that celebrates chickens as individuals, not as beings to kill, chop up, and label as ‘dinner.’”  The letter didn't specify just how you "celebrate chickens as individuals," but it went on at some length about the horrors of factory chicken farms, which have nothing whatsoever to do with the road, its name or the town of Caldwell.

Mayor Garret Nancolas responded on Facebook: 

“When I first received the letter, I thought it was a joke, I literally laughed!  When I realized the letter was for real, it made me extremely irritated that they would waste our time with such a ridiculous request!! If they had actually done their homework they would have realized that Chicken Dinner Road is not even within Caldwell’s jurisdiction…that being said, even if it was, NO WAY, NO CHANCE I would ever consider this truly unbelievable request!! We have many issues to consider, but this IS NOT one of them!”

As one commenter at the link brilliantly put it, they have “bigger fish to fry.” 

I pass this story along because it says so much about PETA’s misplaced priorities and because it’s a hilarious “In Case You Missed It” story.  But I also include it as a public service.  I strongly suggest that the CEO of Nike grow a spine, copy what the Mayor of Caldwell wrote above, and use it as a guide to responding to Colin Kaepernick whenever he comes up with another ridiculous, uninformed, unpatriotic, picayune complaint to whine about. 

In fact, if every political leader, business owner, college administrator, school board and media outlet in America would simply respond in the same fashion as Mayor Nancolas every time they get another nonsensical, groundless protest from some triggered snowflake, it would represent a giant step toward making America great again. 




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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • Rose Howell

    07/10/2019 03:45 AM

    Love the word picayune! Never realized how it is spelled. Ha!

  • Christy Kindrick

    07/09/2019 05:57 PM

    Just another display of nonsense and utter stupidity. There are enough real problems and issues to deal with!! What has become of our society?? I can imagine we are being laughed at and mocked by other countries!!

  • Suzanne

    07/09/2019 12:59 PM

    I appreciate your point about how business owners, school officials, local leaders, and we the people need to grow a spine when responding to these outlandish requests made by leftists. I think many expect the government to fix what is wrong with this country and we expect President Trump to continue "his crusade" to make America great again, but this is a task all of America must take on. We all need to stand our ground on every level just like the Caldwell Mayor. Like every good thing about this country, it begins with its people standing up for our values, not to mention our common sense!

  • Bonnie Neuberger

    07/09/2019 11:52 AM

    Fantastic!! Nike needs to wake up and PETA needs to go away!!!