May 17, 2020



From Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo:

"My fellow Republicans in the Senate have tried to see things from the Speaker's point of view, but we can't get our heads that far up our rear ends...It's not a coronavirus bill as much as it is an effort by the Speaker and her colleagues to rewrite the rules for American society."


If you remember when the ACLU used to take on unpopular causes, like defending the First Amendment rights of Klansmen, just because defending everyone’s civil rights was more important than political posturing, then man, are you getting old. Today’s ACLU not only bows down to political correctness instead of the Bill of Rights, it’s actually suing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for forcing colleges to respect male students’ due process rights.

Now, ask them if they support rights like the presumption of innocence for Joe Biden…


The communist government of China is reportedly furious over laws and litigation aimed at making them pay for spreading the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus around the world, and is planning to try to interfere in the upcoming US elections in retaliation. The Global Times, a Chinese state media mouthpiece, railed, “Republicans who have been groundlessly accusing China and inflaming the ‘holding China accountable’ political farce will face severe consequences.” (Are we sure that’s the Global Times and not CNN?)

They are particularly threatening political leaders who support legislation allowing trade retaliation or lawsuits against China, like Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley. He called the threat a “badge of honor.” Likewise, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw responded to China’s threats, “So apparently I’m on the Chinese government’s radar now. Good. Bring it.”

I eagerly await all the Democrats, media outlets and liberal celebrities who’ve spent the past few years ranting against foreign interference in our elections joining together in solidarity with the Republicans to denounce China’s threat to our democracy. Unless, of course, they’re owned by China.


It’s getting tedious listening to celebrities smugly lecturing everyone to stay locked down and listen to “the experts” on the coronavirus when they don’t have to worry about money and what the “experts” tell us to do changes practically every day.

For instance, back in the days when the experts were telling us 2.2 million Americans would die, we were told face masks should only be worn by sick people, to prevent them from spreading germs. Then they told us everyone should be wearing them (it’s actually enforced like law in many places.) Then they said that only people treating COVID-19 patients need to wear them. And now, Dr. Russell Blaylock claims that for healthy people to wear face masks for hours is not only useless, it could be dangerous to your health.

He says that breathing through a restrictive mask reduces oxygenation of the blood, which can result in headaches, losing consciousness and an impaired immune system, making it more likely to suffer strokes, cancer, and heart attacks. Ironically, it might also make you more likely to contract the coronavirus, and have a rougher case of it. Even worse, if you have the virus, he says wearing a mask can concentrate it in your sinuses and lungs, or even get it into your brain.

Full disclosure: Blaylock has made some controversial claims that are disputed by mainstream medicine. But he’s also a licensed neurosurgeon and retired clinical professor of neurosurgery, so it seems likely that he knows a bit about surgical masks.

So which experts are we supposed to listen to? Maybe we should just listen to the smug liberal celebrities. As Homer Simpson put it, “Celebrities…Is there anything they DON’T know?”


Shakespeare wrote in “Julius Caesar” that “the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” In this era when we scour history to make it politically correct, even people's bones are declared evil, dug up and banished.

Officials in Memphis have already removed Confederate monuments, including a statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, from Health Sciences Park. But now, after a long legal battle, an agreement has been struck for Forrest’s descendants actually to disinter and move the bodies of Forrest and his wife from their graves in the park to a family cemetery. That’s right: the erasure of history has now extended to the point of digging up and disturbing the decayed remains of long-dead people because modern people don’t like what they did over 150 years ago.

Let me be clear: you don’t have to support preserving Confederate monuments to find this shocking and ghoulish. But it’s also a dangerous path we are heading down, when we not only remove monuments, we also desecrate graves just to banish people to oblivion. It’s like something out of the Soviet era, when Stalin would have disfavored people erased from photos in history books.

When you start editing history like this, to remove things (and people) we now condemn, you also remove the lessons of history that helped teach us why those things were bad. Before Forrest’s name is erased from the history books, too, let’s see if there’s something that we might be able to learn from his life if we allow him to be remembered.

Before the Civil War, Nathan Bedford Forrest was a slave owner and trader. Despite what the New York Times tells you, many people condemned that even back then. He was a brilliant military leader, defeating forces far larger than his. But he was also accused of brutality, including slaughtering Union soldiers who tried to surrender at the Fort Pillow Massacre.

Wow, so far, not much admirable to commemorate. But what about after the war? Well, it gets even worse. Although he later denied it, he is reported to have joined the fledgling Ku Klux Klan and become the first Grand Wizard, helping organize the Klan into a terrifying racist army. At this point, the history censors would say, “We don’t need to hear any more! Erase him!”

But wait: his life then took a surprise turn. Forrest became disillusioned with the KKK and apparently had a change of heart. After four blacks were lynched, he wrote to the Governor of Tennessee, offering to help “exterminate the white marauders who disgrace their race by this cowardly murder of Negroes.” In 1875, he gave a speech to an organization of black Southerners, promoting economic improvements for blacks and saying he wanted to be a proponent of peace and harmony between the races. During the speech, a young black woman gave him some flowers, and he thanked her and kissed her cheek. This was a dangerous stand to take back then. His racist former followers turned on him fiercely.

You don’t have to forgive the evil he did. But as Christians who believe that nobody is beyond redemption, we can study his life and find a hopeful example of someone who once embraced the worst evil but who did eventually see the light and renounce that evil and stand up against it. But we can only learn lessons like that from history if we are allowed to remember and study it, both the good and the bad, the evil and noble, all of which can coexist at different times in the same flawed human being.

It’s often said that “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” Just as we learn more from our mistakes than our successes, we also learn from the mistakes of the past. That’s why removing memorials to things we no longer approve of is not only foolish but dangerous, if we don’t want to repeat those mistakes. Remember this: A “memorial” doesn’t mean a “celebration.” It just means “this is something you shouldn’t forget.”


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  • Terrie O'Neal

    05/22/2020 10:32 PM

    Dear Mike- Not only should those who tried to falsely burn pour Pres. at the Stake, they should have to repay we tax payers the 35million they squaundered!
    They should also have to repay Flynn back for all of his money he spent defending himself - then send them to Gitmo! Thanks Mike for your honest reporting! P.S. Treason- needs to be dealt with via hanging!

  • Craig S Jarvis

    05/19/2020 12:36 PM

    I believe you are an amazing human being as you can write and bring these forgotten things to light. I don't remember all my history lessons through school, but I remember we were always told that world war 2 never reached our shores. That was a blatant lie! All I had to do was go to N Carolina and talk to folks who remember ships burning off shore caused by German U boats. I went to dive on a sunken U Boat just off shore from Oregon Inlet! Also the Empire Mica was sunk offshore of Mexico Beach, FL by a U Boat. They call me a Yankee down here but to destroy history by "Legally" destroying any historical landmark, manmade or natural, should be held as criminal.

  • Eleanor Allert

    05/18/2020 11:33 PM

    Thank you for the history lesson about Mr. Forrest. I was just reading a little biography about Calvin Coolidge and wondered why I had never heard this about him before. He stood firmly in behalf of racial equality. It is in the in the interest of the Evil One to magnify all the evil that he has perpetrated through human beings against each other, while obscuring all good done by those who have tried to bring healing to our world. Jesus told us that he comes only to steal, kill and destroy. Without the Word of God, this world will never be just. Those of us who know Him must stand strong in prayer and faithfulness in order to put a dent in the Devil's work. We will ultimately have to pay the ultimate price, but we must contend for the faith and let Christ's name be lifted up. I appreciate that President Trump has allowed this to be done many times. God bless the true Christians!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/18/2020 10:47 PM

    The horrors of Andersonville and Libby prison were not myths. That is an insult to the victims and I have yet to see a really good portrayal of Lincoln -- just howdy doody in a top hat.
    The slave system and confederate were demonic if you know the facts. Deal.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/18/2020 10:45 PM

    The horrors of Andersonville and Libby prison were not myths. That is an insult to the victims and I have yet to see a really good portrayal of Lincoln -- just howdy spicy in a top hat.
    The slave system and confederate were demonic if you know the facts. Deal.

  • Dave Turner

    05/18/2020 05:45 PM

    What is up with these activist judges? They are rogues. It is time for some real judicial reform. Some judges are appointed, some elected, some are allowed to continue by elections, some serve for life & some not. We the people deserve good judges. Periodical evaluation of judgement, wisdom, & responsibility is needed. Human nature is not perfect nor always righteous. Judges are human & therefore can be corrupted & misguided. Our founding fathers where brilliant, but they failed us in this branch of government. How can we fix this injustice? Bad judges on any level should be removed. No judge should be in for life. All judges should be accountable for their decisions. Those who go rogue & break the law, bend the law, & abuse the law need to be terminated. Activist judges either start that way or become that way over time. Too many judges are now dictating & establishing law, mostly to the detriment of the constitution & its rule of law. This loophole needs to be fixed. Bad judges need to be fired, from the Supreme Court down. Judges on ballots are also currently a problem. These judges are periodically held accountable, they can stay or be fired via an electoral vote. However, it is very difficult for a voter to find information on these judges. It would be nice if informed voters could find needed information on the judiciary history via a website or organization that keeps important records, decisions, comments & judgements throughout their judicial carrier.

    The Michael Flynn case & the blatant unconstitutional act by his Judge Sullivan is a good example of obvious judicial irresponsibility. The higher courts needs to take action on this deranged judge, with expediency. If there is now way to correct this rogue injustice, then other branches of our government need to get involve & change the laws to fix this problem. The same can be said for the FISA court procedures. Congress has dropped the ball on that abuse & lack of integrity does not exist.

  • Joyce Birch

    05/18/2020 04:55 PM

    I just love Senator Kennedy from LA. He comes up with the most humorous, verbal explanations of situations in Congress & individuals. He's a real joy to listen too.
    I guess as the saying goes, we'll leave no stone un-turned. Body snatchers! Disgusting!! I just loved history & geography when I was in school. But, today's age of learning has twisted the minds of the upcoming generations.
    Your newsletters are the only one I trust in reporting the truth on current affairs. Thank you!
    Holy cow, the President is taking hydroxcholoroquine!!! The left wing news is going to run on this one for sure. Watch, he'll be blamed if someone dies who is taking this. People do take this for other medical problems they have.

  • Barbara Meade

    05/18/2020 03:46 PM

    I may just be late catching on but equality in the justice system seems rare when you can try to an election and work against a president and not face criminal prosecution. If it is not against the law, what is? Different treatment for those in public office makes our legal system a sham. In these times where people are fined and arrested for freedom to work, why are political foes at the very least not held responsible for the financial cost of investigations they engineered? Government is not a purse but a tax payers account.

  • Barbra Cunningham

    05/18/2020 03:40 PM

    Oh my what a tragedy.

  • Les Reynolds

    05/18/2020 02:20 PM

    One of the best pieces I think you have ever written! God bless you and keep you strong.

  • Michael

    05/18/2020 12:48 PM

    We the People need more Congressman like Kennedy. He says what needs to be said, so simply and accurate that almost anyone can understand it!! He was not afraid to call out Pelosi and the Democrats. Sadly he (Kennedy) is one of few Republicans who actually are willing to fight the evil Democrats. Lindsey Graham is the opposite, all talk and no action and he has along history of just that, big talk, no real spine!! Will the majority of Republicans wake up in time to actually accept that it is going to take a FIGHT against the Democrats to actually save our nation from the Democrats agenda of power and control over Americans to fit their support and goal for Socialism-Communism!! The Democrats are elated that President Trump's economy has been ruined. The Dems want to see the President to fail. This whole response to COVID-19 with shutting down are economy for 2+ months fit right into the Dems agenda. Wake up Republican Congressman before it is too late for our Republic!! Stop allowing white coat so called health experts shut down our country and our lives. Our freedoms, liberty and economy has paid a terrible price. Are we willing to fight to gain those back or will we cower and be so willing to give it all up and show the Dems (and MSM) that there hunger for power and control can actually win out over a Nation that has enough sheep to accomplish their goal and agenda. In November, go to the polls and resist mail in voting (ripe with fraud) and vote against every Democrat at every level, local, state and federal.

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/18/2020 12:48 PM

    Thank you

  • Adda Leah Davis

    05/18/2020 12:35 PM

    This report is the first one I've seen since I did not know about this site, but I'm glad I found it. Your sentiments are very similar to my own. They make sense. We now live in a society in which the extreme views and actions are the ones which are reported by the Mainstream media and this leaves the majority not being heard. That certainly does not make sense.

  • Marsha F Hamilton

    05/18/2020 12:24 PM

    I agree on all you wrote and especially about taking out history as if it never existed. Thanks for all your information.

  • Gail Denham

    05/18/2020 10:58 AM

    We need more congress persons like Congressman Kennedy - who tell it like it is - and don't pussy-foot around with trying to make the dems happy - or switch their stand if the going gets rough. Please God, let us elect enough Republicans to take back the house and shore up the Senate - if we wish to keep this country, that is. Oh, and of course Re-elect President Trump, who's done more for this country than all the presidents I've seen during my life time.

  • Bruce Fraser

    05/18/2020 10:53 AM

    Governor Mike, your lesson about Nathan Bedford Forrest reminds me of a more recent historical figure, George Corley Wallace, who said, "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" and was a virulent symbol of evil, but who later in life renounced this views, was born again and ended up crowning the first African American home coming queen at the University of Alabama. That is how I choose to remember him, and praise God.

  • sharon parr

    05/18/2020 09:39 AM

    read in the paper that Pelosi's millions passed...where were the Republicans standing up against
    the waste, reading it line by line and not letting it pass with all her wants in it..she is wasting our
    tax payers money and it is a lie....what she is doing..why doesn't someone stop her and stand up and vote NO. not happening.

  • Philip Stel

    05/18/2020 05:36 AM

    Is there no way that the salaries of all elected officials including governors can be suspended immediately for the duration of any shutdowns? With the stipulation that they will not get paid retroactively when things open up? I think that might help them understand what their constituents are going true. That would also probably lead to more sane orders.

  • larry rippere

    05/18/2020 04:14 AM

    Out here in Si Valley, expunging historical figures who suddenly turned evil is routine! I think it started with Fr. Junipero Serra. All sorts of things were named after him before it surfaced that he may have exploited Native Americans. Uh-oh! And a few years ago, Palo Alto went after its Terman and Jordan middle schools because those suddenly evil men (David Starr Jordan and Frederick or Louis Terman) were eugenicists (as well as likely founders of Silicon Valley. Boring!) Ba-a-a-d. Rename those schools NOW!!! And Stanford University? Riddled with those three names on buildings, streets, memorials. Massive renaming.
    It's tempting to dig up some smut on the Stanfords -- exploiting Chinese railroad labor perhaps? -- to see what this august institution does with its very name! ;-)

  • Edie Faylor

    05/18/2020 01:08 AM

    I was raised in communist Hungary and recall very clearly how our history books were changed pretty much each year based on who was in Soviet favor and who had to be erased. Scary times! To dig up old bones or destroy statues of people in our history is very wrong.

  • Jerry

    05/17/2020 11:41 PM

    Most of today’s reporters are like actors or tv anchors they get a script and read it doesn’t matter if its fact or fiction The same for politicians a tough question can be asked and the answer does not relate to the question so why bother with any of it when you have proof I will listen when you talk bs I walk away

  • Matthew V. Brown

    05/17/2020 11:08 PM

    It's hard to know which I like better: Your commentary, or your scripture quotation. Thanks for writing, Mike!

  • Marilyn Schwartz

    05/17/2020 10:37 PM

    Great article. You're a wise man Governor. God's wisdom in you for sure. Want to be President; I'll vote for you! God bless you and your family. Watch your show on TBN .

  • Kay DeWitt

    05/17/2020 10:28 PM

    THIS PARAGRAPH: "You don’t have to forgive the evil he did. But as Christians who believe that nobody is beyond redemption, we can study his life and find a hopeful example of someone who once embraced the worst evil but who did eventually see the light and renounce that evil and stand up against it" expresses WHY it is time for Christians to LIVE Arthur Brooks' message in his book "Love Your Enemies" .....AND Christians' posture toward the Democrats should be what, months ago, I stated in a comment should be President Trump's posture toward them...which was for him to be able to state to them, "because I am now a BORN AGAIN Christian I can say to you, " 'I' (the Jesus IN me) loves YOU, but 'I' (the Jesus IN me) hates the EVIL of your SIN OF HATRED toward me because it is this evil that is destroying our kids and our whole country!

    Now because it IS the Jesus IN us that does the loving....AND the forgiving...there is no evil....too great that "we" CANNOT forgive, however, forgiveness is not synonymous with one not having to pay the penalty FOR his sin....If someone who has murdered someone, repents of his sin of murder, the Lord WILL forgive him, however, he will STILL have to spend the rest of his earthly life in prison despite the fact that he will spend his eternal life in heaven!

    Christians who ARE vessels of Christ's unconditional love....which, because His love loves EVERY soul, could even tell a Hilary Clinton that their desire that she be sent to prison was not only being motivated by their hatred for her sin and their love for righteous justice, but it was also being motivated by JESUS' LOVE FOR HER because His love desires that NO ONE spend all of eternity in hell and that is where she is heading if she does NOT repent of her sins and invite the Lord into her heart... and, just maybe, her HAVING to spend time in prison will turn her thoughts to what lies beyond this life....and if prison DOES this, then her being sent there would BE an act of love because it would have spared her a NEVER-ENDING eternity in hell....where she will then realize the meaningless of her evil passions for "political" gain. ANY price...but THEN it will be too late!

  • judith jakub

    05/17/2020 10:25 PM

    History IS a huge part of our heritage and it needs not only book learning, but the survivors of the genuine happenings to teach our children how our country came to be, these teachings are NOT being taught in our schools, as it should be, and I can't shake the feeling that this China virus was diabolically concocted to destroy the living proof of that history and add to the destruction of our country. Add this to the very recent Fascist behavior of the demon RAT party by smugly crushing ALL our freedoms and rights birthed to us under the Constitution and our sacred Bill of Rights that are being plundered by these charlatans. Hitler and his agenda is being perpetrated by soros, obama, and God only knows who else Satan has recruited. But we MUST preserve our REAL history and insist on it being taught in our schools since the living proof is being killed off by the evil that lurks in this country and across the globe.