January 28, 2020

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After Saturday morning’s take-down of House managers by the Trump attorneys, I was expecting great things from them on Monday --- and was not disappointed. They triumphed. Among the highlights:

Our friend Pam Bondi, former attorney general of Florida, offered ample justification for the Trump administration to want Ukraine to include the Bidens in their investigation of high-level government corruption, and for Trump to raise this issue with Zelensky (even though it was Zelensky who brought it up during the call). She showed that the Bidens’ massive profiteering looked so bad, even the major (i.e., Democrat) media had done big news stories on it. Her produced video retrospective included numerous examples of these. She noted that even the Obama State Department had had concerns.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



CNN Mocks American Heartland

By Mike Huckabee

Before Donald Trump even announced that he was running for President, I wrote a book called “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” that warned political and media elites that they were totally out of touch with most Americans between the coasts who were fed up with their arrogance, condescension and double standards – and if they didn’t leave their bubbles and become reacquainted with America, a reckoning was coming that would blindside them.


In 2016, that reckoning came, and their only response has been to double down on the arrogance and condescension.  This week, Don Lemon and his chortling liberal Peanut Gallery on CNN gave us a perfect illustration of just how little they think of we mouth-breathing rubes who support Trump.


They think they’re the only ones who know geography, yet they don’t seem to grasp the geography of America and how much of it voted for Trump.  Maybe this map of counties will help them:


If CNN can’t even be bothered to try to hide its open contempt for you, why would you want to help their ratings by watching them? 


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

In an era when the urgency of “never forget” is sadly being forgotten, this is a must-see video. It’s a moving report from Fox News about the gathering on International Holocaust Remembrance Day of the still-living survivors of Auschwitz.


If you missed my post about this very important topic on Monday, it’s now been published as an article at Western Journal. Please share it far and wide.



In another court victory for President Trump, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to lift lower court injunctions and allow him to enforce his new rule denying green cards to foreign nationals who can’t support themselves in the US without relying on taxpayer-paid public services. This has long been the rule, but the Trump move expands the definition of a "public charge" to include not just cash assistance like welfare but non-cash benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps and public housing. The change doesn’t apply to humanitarian migrants such as refugees and asylum seekers.


The four nay votes, of course, came from the SCOTUS’ four liberal justices, although it’s unclear to me why anyone would think the US has an obligation to accept immigrants who are in no danger back home but want to come here and live off US taxpayers. Immigrating to America is a cherished privilege for those who want to take advantages of the opportunities and freedoms our nation provides to those who want to work hard and succeed. I know of no other nation that feels it has an obligation to let people move in who are going to become burdens on society. That 5-4 vote once again demonstrates the importance of keeping judicial appointment power in the hands of people who respect the Constitution.

But there is another aspect to his case that might actually be more important than the ruling itself, and that’s Justice Neil Gorsuch’s concurring opinion. In it, he scolded lower court judges who have gone along with the rising abuse of the court system in which litigants shop for friendly activist judges who will issue blanket, nationwide blocks on Presidential policies they disagree with. Gorsuch reminded them that lower courts are supposed to redress the grievances of particular plaintiffs in particular lawsuits in areas under their jurisdictions. Issuing national stays and blanket injunctions not only creates a mess of conflicting rulings with other courts, it’s also leading to a dangerous infringement on the Constitutional separation of powers.

Gorsuch wrote, “It has become increasingly apparent that this Court must, at some point, confront these important objections to this increasingly widespread practice. As the brief and furious history of the regulation before us illustrates, the routine issuance of universal injunctions is patently unworkable, sowing chaos for litigants, the government, courts, and all those affected by these conflicting decisions."


He’s absolutely right: like all the conflicting cases that have been ginned up since the SCOTUS "discovered" a right to same-sex marriage, the refusal of the High Court to make a clear ruling setting boundaries is allowing chaos to flourish and innocent people to suffer year after year as cases drag on, back and forth from lower to higher and back to lower courts. It’s long past time that the SCOTUS did its job and reaffirmed that the Constitution means what it says, the First Amendment is still supreme, and federal judges are not dictators with powers greater than the elected President. I don’t like the idea that such a basic statement of both Constitutional law and common sense would probably only pass 5-4, but that’ll have to be good enough…for now.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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  • Richard J Hertel

    01/28/2020 09:02 PM

    Mike, I really appreciate your daily columns and thank you. I really would like to share your news letters with others. Would you please provide a way to forward emails vs. Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks.