March 27, 2018

Some states have either passed or are considering bans on abortion solely because a pre-natal test indicates that the baby may have Down syndrome. Of course, these laws are being challenged by pro-choice activists and stayed by federal judges. But as Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Vatican nuncio to the U.N., just told a UN panel, targeting an entire class of human beings for murder in the womb is not merely discrimination, it’s genocide. The Bishop noted a quality of life study by the American Journal of Medical Genetics which found that nearly 99% of people with Down syndrome are happy with their lives.

I’ve met many Down syndrome children and found them to be some of the most loving, inspiring and beautiful children I’ve ever known. I’ve also interviewed some amazingly accomplished Down syndrome adults, some of whom have testified before Congress and asked lawmakers the gut-wrenching question, “Do I not have the right to exist?”

As the Bishop notes, if we allow this kind of wholesale prenatal slaughter of an entire class of people, what moral grounds do we have to protest societies in which boys are more highly prized than girls, so simply being a female baby is justification for abortion? Where do we draw the line? Sadly, for some abortion rights activists, the answer is that there must never be a line drawn at all.


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