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August 12, 2022



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Late Thursday night, President Trump issued a statement calling for immediate release by the 'Justice' Department of documents relating to Monday's raid on Mar-A-Lago, "even though they have been drawn up by radical left Democrats and possible future political opponents, who have a strong and vested interest in attacking me, much as they have done for the last 6 years."

"This unprecedented political weaponization of law enforcement is inappropriate and highly unethical," he also said. He pointed out that the rest of the world is watching this. He's right, of course --- and how surreal it must seem to those around the world, watching our country as it appears to be imploding. Truly, the initials "DC" now stand for "damage control."


FBI leaks wild cover story for Mar-A-Lago raid to WAPO

Yes, Attorney General Merrick Garland finally made a brief statement on Thursday regarding Monday’s pre-dawn FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago. He was about an hour late to the podium, and attorney Harmeet Dhillon remarked, “It looked like a hostage video to me.” Garland’s statement answered very few questions –- and, of course, he didn’t take any from reporters. We’ll dissect it, but first, I’d like to preface the discussion with something bestselling author and DILBERT creator Scott Adams said Thursday morning, before Garland’s appearance in the afternoon:

“What do you do when you have a completely reasonable expectation –- not a requirement, I mean I can’t impose a deadline on the government –- but wouldn’t you say that 48 hours is a perfectly reasonable standard for somebody to say something? I would even allow that maybe they could follow up later, add some details they forgot, but, SOMETHING. Now, what do you do in the absence of that something?

“It doesn’t take long to tell the truth,” Adams said. As he explained it, we started out in “Phase 1,” a time to let the feds clear this up, allowing that we were all in “the fog of war.” Since they haven’t done that –- and I would say even though Garland has since made his short statement, they still really haven’t –- we’re now in “Phase 2,” meaning we’re beyond giving them the benefit of the doubt. “It’s obvious at this point,” he says, “that whatever we hear will be just cooked-up bullsh--.”

Accordingly, THE WASHINGTON POST, late Thursday, released a new story sourced (leaked) by “people familiar with the investigation” saying there was “deep concern among government officials about the types of information they thought could be located at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club...” It might be very sensitive, highly classified information about weapons systems –- as in, nuclear –- that could fall into the wrong hands. A former DOJ official reportedly told WAPO that “the type of top-secret information described by the people familiar with the probe would probably cause authorities to try to move as quickly as possible to recover sensitive documents that could cause grave harm to U.S. security.”

Why do we think this was cooked up? Let me count the ways: First, the story fell into the aforementioned “Phase 2,” meaning they’ve had time to realize their Soviet-style raid had backfired spectacularly and make up a big cover story. Second, if such dangerous material really is out there, YOU DON’T LEAK THAT KNOWLEDGE TO THE MEDIA. Third, a highly public raid just isn’t the way to handle this; you’d work behind the scenes, strictly with people who have the highest security clearances, perhaps Republicans on the intel committees. (Garland did say that they try to use “less intrusive means” where possible, providing a good bit of unintentional humor to his little speech.) Fourth, everyone in the Trump camp has said they were being 100 percent cooperative, their stories all jibe, and they seem quite believable.

Fifth, if the material is that sensitive, you don’t drag out negotiations for months. Sixth (and it’s a big one), the intel community has lied about Trump so much, for so long, we can pretty much assume they’re lying now. Seventh, what does material THIS dangerous and highly classified have to do with the National Archives? It doesn’t belong to the National Archives. Eighth, this new tale makes a particularly good cover story because the feds don’t have to actually show us the evidence --- why, it’s far “too sensitive”! If they’ve realized the raid didn’t turn up what they were really looking for, such as material bearing on January 6, they can just maintain that this was about classified defense documents, which, of course, they can’t show anyone. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Joe Cunningham at REDSTATE says, “If even a sliver of this story is true, we’ve got a big problem on our hands.” He’s right about that, though it’s NOT accurate to suggest, as he does, that Trump supporters would defend him no matter what he did. Still, right now we have every reason to think the feds are making this up and leaking it to WAPO to cover their own backsides. That would be business as usual for them.

Former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes, speaking with Shannon Bream late Thursday, was not buying this new story, either. “This makes me really angry,” she said, “because you have Chris Wray and the attorney general come out today with statements lauding the people at the FBI and the Department of Justice: ‘you can trust them, they have integrity, they protect the American people, they just do their job.’ And while that is true for a lot of them, we know from the last six years, it is not true of all of them...and now you have LEAKS, [from] ‘people familiar with the probe’...That means agents involved in the probe or the DOJ lawyers. It can’t be anybody else. And so they are leaking now to try to damage, again, the President, to make President Trump look bad, to make their investigation look necessary and important. If it really is necessary and important, then, by God, release the affidavit so we can all see the allegations that were made, instead of letting this ‘nuclear secrets’ garbage just sit.”

She allowed that there was “a chance” it’s real, but “give the last six years, can we really trust the leakers to tell us the truth? I don’t. I just don’t.”

Adams made another good point about why it’s hard to believe the DOJ: If they could be proud of what they had done, if it had really been a good idea, “they’d be talking about it all day long,” he said. “...Who doesn’t tell you they did good work?” I would add that if this were the case, Biden would be taking victory laps and bragging about it as much as he’s bragging about “zero” (right) inflation. Instead, he’s gone on a trip, distancing himself both figuratively and literally. On the other hand, we’d point out that Garland admitted he’d “personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant.” So, is he proud of that or just trying to appear proud?

But Garland worded that very carefully. He didn’t say he approved the manner in which the search warrant was carried out, only that there would BE a search warrant. (He also said he would unseal the warrant, not the much more informative affidavit that underlies the warrant.) And though Biden has claimed he had no knowledge, THE NEW YORK TIMES reported in April that Biden had told his aides he wanted Trump prosecuted: “Mr. Biden confided to his inner circle that he believed former President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted...he has said privately that he wanted Mr. Garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over the events of Jan. 6.” (Of course, that gives us yet another reason to suspect the raid was really about J6.)

Adams said that at this point, we can “lock in an assumption that there has been criminal or inappropriate activity [by the feds].” In other words, “Phase 2 is the assumption of guilt.” That’s not to say they couldn’t come out at some point and given a good reason for what they did, to make us say, “Oh! I wish you’d said that earlier. But I get why you waited.”

Of course, first we’d have to have reason to believe them.

In his extraordinarily inadequate statement Thursday, Garland painted law enforcement as the victim now, facing threats of violence. A few thoughts:

1. Garland equates merely criticizing the FBI with fomenting violence against them. The FBI –- in fact, any institution –- cannot be above criticism. Criticism is not “domestic terrorism” –- it’s essential and protected free speech –- and we’ll continue to proclaim our disgust with the ‘Justice’ Department while strongly condemning all violence towards law enforcement, as morally wrong and simply boneheaded. We know there are individual FBI agents worthy of our respect and gratitude –- in fact, let's hope they’ll become whistleblowers!

2. Trump supporters have more real respect for law enforcement in our pinky fingers than the left ever thought of having. They’ll pretend to care if they think it helps them, but we’ve seen they're bent on destroying the reputation of law enforcement, as part of their strategy to sow chaos. It takes a really twisted world view to say conservatives are the ones against law and order and equal justice, but that’s actually what they’re saying. And the strain is showing.

3. We know we’re on the right track when our criticism draws knee-jerk accusations of racism and such, because it means that’s all they’ve got. As Brian Kilmeade reported Thursday night, a commentator on ABC News rushed to Garland’s defense to say his attackers are “fascists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, militia organizers, calling for violence as they always have done, against Jews.” Jews?? Funny, I’m highly critical of Garland, yet I’ve been to Israel about 50 times, am an outspoken friend to the Jewish people and to Israel...and had no idea Garland was Jewish, anyway. Who even thinks about that? ABC News reporters, I guess.

Moving on…Pam Bondi, former attorney general of Florida, said Thursday that when people don’t comply with subpoenas --- never mind that the Trumps say they were complying --- “you either issue a new subpoena or you do a motion to compel. Why wasn’t that done in this case?” Also, Bondi pointed out that the warrant was signed on Friday but not executed till Monday; the wait doesn’t make sense to her if this was urgent. And for documents, you don’t go in with guns; “you just send a couple of agents and show the warrant. They knew Trump was away, with only a “skeleton crew” at the house. “You go in, you go to the safe, you go to the office, you get the documents you need. Done.” Instead, what they did was literally “an execution on land, on sea, by air.”

She said that, counting sea and air, there actually were HUNDREDS OF AGENTS --- all with firepower. “They thought Donald Trump would look like a common criminal,” she said, “but it backfired on them. The American people have seen what they’ve done, and they’re disgusted by this.”

John Solomon delivered quite a blockbuster Thursday evening: that Joe Biden’s ‘Justice’ Department has been holding documents on Russia “collusion” that were lawfully declassified by President Trump on January 19, 20221, his last full day in office. Those documents were supposed to go to the National Archives, where Solomon was going to go through them. But he claims they never got there. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows had been asked to send them to the ‘Justice’ Department, so apparently he did.

Solomon has also confirmed –- through six sources –- the two statutes that served as “legal predicate” cited in the affidavit supporting a search warrant. The first one, he told Jesse Watters, covers theft of public documents covered by the Presidential Records Act, typically a misdemeanor covered by a fine. The second one involves mishandling of classified information. There’s nothing about January 6 here. “That’s what they spent 12 hours inside Mar-A-Lago doing,” he said.

He compared this with the situation Hillary faced when she got a subpoena to turn over documents and two years later, more were found in the White House residence that she hadn’t turned over. “Know what didn’t happen?” he asked. “Thirty agents didn’t storm into the White House and search that compound.”

He continued: “And a couple of years ago, when Hillary did the same thing on her classified emails, they let [Clinton attorney] David Kendall gather them and put them in a safe...they didn’t treat the President the same way as they treated Hillary Clinton, in...two specific instances.”

Consistent with this is a story from former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence specialist Terry Turchie, who led the Unabomber task force at the DOJ and who told Jesse Watters last night that when Garland was involved in the investigation of the Unabomber, he refused to sign off on a warrant to search the Unabomber’s, um, lair (?) It finally took Attorney General Janet Reno to approve that. So, the Unabomber is off limits but a cooperative former President is fair game? Where are we in this country?

A new poll shows voters who identify as Independent are wising up to this, with more than half of them, along with three-quarters of Republicans, believing Trump’s political enemies are behind the raid. Sadly, three-quarters of Democrats –- you know, Trump’s political enemies –- still prefer to think it’s the work of the “impartial justice system.” They actually do. I’d love to see Democrats’ reaction if it were Donald Trump’s DOJ raiding Barack Obama’s home to get back all those millions of documents he took away with him. But, of course, Trump wouldn’t do that.

In light of that, I’ll leave you with a bit of hilarity, this excerpt from Garland’s statement:

“Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly, without fear or favor. Under my watch, that is precisely what the ‘Justice’ Department is doing. All Americans are entitled to the even-handed application of the law, the due process of the law, and to the presumption of innocence.”


RELATED STORY: Anyone who wonders why President Trump exercised his Fifth Amendment rights in a New York courtroom last week should take a look at this transcript from the GLENN BECK show. Look at all the lawfare that’s still being thrown at Trump. Lawsuit after lawsuit.

Given that he, well, has a lot on his plate right now, given that his home has just been raided and all, it would be impossible for him to prepare for this testimony. If he said one tiny thing that was incorrect, inconsistent, or even unintentionally misleading, they’d indict him for perjury. The very thought makes them salivate like Pavlov’s dogs. Better just not to say anything and let his legal team handle it.



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Vote today

As of this morning, the House is debating and getting ready to vote on the Democrats’ potentially ruinous “Inflation Reduction Act” that actually reduces your rights, freedom and paycheck with massive tax increases on every American, job-killing taxes on businesses, and 87,000 new IRS agents and auditors to shake you down for every nickel.

This means that if you live in a swing district with a Democrat Representative, you should be letting them know right now that a “yea” vote on this bill will spell the end of their Congressional careers.

About the Joint Committee on Taxation’s analysis

The Daily Signal went through the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation’s analysis of the Democrats criminally mislabeled “Inflation Reduction Act” and discovered details that have bad implications for American businesses. While the bill will raise taxes on everybody (and hire 87,000 armed IRS agents to collect them – more on that word “armed” elsewhere in the newsletter), they ferreted out the industries and states that will get hit the hardest.

Out of the nearly half a trillion dollars in new “revenues” the bill will vacuum out of our pockets, $222 billion will come from the new “book minimum tax” on businesses. Manufacturing businesses make up only about 11% of the economy, but will be slammed with paying 49.7% of the tax (because Heaven forbid we have manufacturing jobs in America; that was something Trump brought back, so surely they must be evil.)

It’s estimated that 16.1% of the tax burden will fall on chemical manufacturers and 6.9% on makers of transportation equipment, mostly carmakers (Feeling good about electing all those Democrats, Detroit?) The article at the link has a map showing the impact on each state, and the South and Midwest, which provide most of America’s manufacturing, will fare the worst, although California and Oregon are in the top tax burden level, too, but they should be used to that by now.

The states facing the biggest tax hit are Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Kentucky. As the article warns, those states combined “have lost over 1 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. Largely because of deep losses of manufacturing jobs, total private sector employment in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan fell 7.5% in this period.” And how will this affect American workers?:

“Foreign manufacturers would not be subject to the new tax unless they have significant US operations. Therefore, to remain globally competitive, U.S. manufacturers would face pressure to cut labor costs or scale back their US operations. This would mean fewer jobs and lower wages in US manufacturing.”

I would add that it will also mean a likely return to outsourcing of American jobs and reliance on other nations for things America needs and should be making ourselves. I guess the Democrats learned absolutely nothing from the pandemic, when we discovered we were dependent on China for almost all of our medicines and even the masks they forced us to wear. Joe Manchin should have to wear one for the rest of his life, just to hide his face in shame for inflicting this bill on America.


Allard: Trump Raid Aftermath

By Colonel Kenneth Allard

Having spent the early years of my military career as a special agent in the Army version of the FBI, I can only wonder at the systematic abuse of power accrued by the Bureau over the last three administrations. How can any agency in our system of government escape accountability for such abuses? Remember James Comey’s blithe dismissal of charges against Hillary Clinton or the Bureau’s concerted efforts to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency? What about those leaks to a biased media about Trump’s supposed ties to Russian espionage, the endless investigation by former FBI Director Robert Mueller that eventually produced nothing?  Just last week, Senator Chuck Grassley confronted FBI Director Wray, alleging that “whistle blowers” had informed him of “political bias” in the agency’s handling of the Hunter Biden laptop.  BREAKING: Grassley Confronts FBI Chief Wray Over 'Political Bias' In Hunter Biden Investigation - Bing video

Just when it seemed like the FBI might never receive its come-uppance, it seriously miscalculated Monday’s egregious raid on President Trump’s Florida home, the first such outrage in American history. Why did no one in authority understand - or even suspect - that they were igniting a firestorm? Heavily armed agents ransacked Mr. Trump’s private office and even fondled the wardrobe of his wife, the former First Lady of the United States. It is hard to imagine anything worse but, 48 hours later, no clarification is made, no justification tendered as President Biden jets off on vacation, his Attorney General stands mute and everyone in the White House clams up. The only answer not demanded by the White House press corps: “If President Biden really didn’t know about the raid, then why didn’t he? Last year, he was surprised by Afghanistan: Is he equally clueless about Florida?”

This Keystone Kops raid is the behavior of Third World dictatorships. As many outraged observers have lately noted, these are also the tactics of the East German Stasi, their Nazi predecessors or the Russian KGB. If that seems like an exaggeration, then consider the famous boast of Lavrenti Beria, the KGB’s most notorious chief: "Show me the man and I will show you the crime." Hey, come to think of it, this same motto also motivates the intrepid investigators of the House January 6th committee! Add in the highly suspicious official silence as well as the raid’s conspicuous over-reach, and there you have it: a fishing expedition designed to serve the agenda-driven 1/6 committee, not a documentary quest brought by an outraged librarian.

Call me cynical but this distrust of investigative excess was one of my earliest lessons. As chief of investigations for a front-line Army intelligence unit during the Cold War, I was summoned by our commander into a highly confidential session. After swearing me to secrecy, this future general gestured to a banker’s box of investigative files while outlining an astounding tale. Despite struggling to counter Soviet espionage, some of our not-so-special agents had taken it upon themselves to spy on expatriate Democrats! Astonished, I asked “Whose idea was this? Were they afraid these Democrats were preparing their absentee ballots to vote for George McGovern?” He laughed but explained that a detailed investigation would insure punishment for any wrong-doing. “Meanwhile, Captain, you are to take personal charge of these files to insure they are ‘sealed and segregated’ until the formal investigation begins.” And so I did, until the day when a distinguished- looking civilian walked into our headquarters, informally introducing himself as “Bob” – actually the Hon. Robert Froehlke, Secretary of the Army! Things were quickly put right; but similar incidents throughout the 1970’s fueled reforms that gradually established permanent Congressional oversight of the steadily growing intelligence bureaucracy.

The lesson for the future: You cannot centralize investigative powers in what the Soviets called "certain of the organs of state security" without expecting those powers to be abused. Undeterred, we have indulged in a continuous orgy of centralization for more than three decades  under both parties. We have also failed to ask: who shall watch the watch-dogs? Should you discover, for example, a sudden enthusiasm for purging/reforming/de-funding the FBI, then you only have to worry about those other 17 intelligence agencies which were never reformed after 911 – this despite being accused by the 911 Commission of an institutional "failure of imagination," 9/11 Commission slams 'failure of imagination' | CBC News

Sadly, none of those agencies were ever disciplined and no senior leader was compelled to walk the plank. Is it any wonder their latter-day successors are so arrogant?


 NOTE: Colonel Allard is the author of Command, Control and the Common Defense, winner of the 1991 National Security Book Award. After leaving active duty, he became an on-air military analyst for the networks of NBC News




Re: “Armed IRS Agents”

I said I’d explain that phrase, so check out this article.

Rep. Matt Gaetz drew attention back in June to the fact that between March and June of this year, the IRS bought $700,000 worth of ammunition. Since they don’t use bullets to scratch out tax forms, what could they possibly be planning to do with all that firepower?

In a job ad that was posted online but quickly removed after sparking backlash (fortunately, the Internet is forever), the IRS Criminal Investigation Division is seeking Special Agents, a position that combines “your accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes.” Duties include being “willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments,” carrying “a firearm and [being] willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

Now, I am not implying that every one of the 87,000 new IRS agents that the Democrats are planning to hire will be packing heat, even though the only way this bill could possibly reduce inflation is if the IRS agents shoot holes in it. 87,000 auditors armed with calculators are threatening enough. But it’s another reminder that the modern Democratic Party thinks that Utopia means a world where countless unelected bureaucrats with guns have power over American citizens, but American citizens don’t have guns.

It’s even more frightening when you consider that Democrats have a history of using the IRS to target conservative and pro-life groups (remember Lois Lerner?) Think of what’s coming for pro-life pregnancy centers, conservative think thinks, non-”woke” religious charities and hospitals, and any group or individual who dares to commit a thought crime with a heavily-armed IRS on steroids on the way.

Remember, as the late, great humorist P.J. O’Rourke pointed out, all taxes are collected at the point of a gun. He said if you don’t pay your taxes, you’re put in prison; if you try to break out of prison, they shoot you. When someone wants to raise taxes to pay for something, you have to ask yourself, “Would I let someone hold a gun to my grandmother’s head and take her money to pay for this?”

When you look at it that way, there are precious few things we’re being taxed for that we would willingly pay for if we weren’t doing it at gunpoint. Certainly not the hundreds of billions of dollars the Democrats want to give to their “green” cronies and donors so they can claim they’re controlling the weather.


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Comments 1-10 of 14

  • David Prentler

    08/13/2022 05:04 PM

    A famous quote from Joseph Stalin,
    "Show me the man and I will show you the crime"
    Unfortunately this how Merritt Garland is operating the DOJ.
    Thank god he was not appointed to the Supreme Court

  • Judy Radley

    08/12/2022 11:58 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee and Excellent Crew,
    Below is what I have typed into an opinion area in our local newspaper, The Batavia Daily News, Batavia, NY (Genesee County, Western NYS), I doubt they will print it, but I thought, if I started out defending the current 'coup d' e`tat dictatorship in D.C., they may print it, but I used my opinion in the satire style of freedom of speech, whether today's 'journalists' know what satire means, I'm not sure, but this is what I submitted to the Opinion portion of the online newspaper: (hopefully I won't get a knock on my door from agents, if they do print this.....but if I do, we do have registered lawful hunting guns in our home, because we have to submit our names and towns where we live.)

    "Stop lying about the current powers in charge! They have allowed over 200,000 new people into the country in just 1 month, because they love the current dictator in D.C., (because they've only known dictatorships) and they can live off of all the free stuff he has given and promised them in order to ensure they'll be voting for him again, to further their businesses that will REDUCE inflation by creating new, SHOVEL-READY, jobs in the form of deadly drugs, (i.e. fentanyl), solar/chip toxic waste, human trafficking, illegal weapons, CCP spies everywhere, harvesters of illegal voting by mail-in garbage votes, not even from America (most probably from the CCP), etc.

    All the wanna-be dictators in D.C. right now, are working hard to acclimate themselves to what the CCP has blackmailed them to do, thanks to the dictator's druggy and immoral family member. It is all called propaganda against a free nation to destroy it and make it like another communist controlled country. But it is called being 'Woke', instead of 'Broke', which is the correct word. Anyone speaking against this current government, are then illegally searched and seized. (Another threat taught by China's Communist Party). History does repeat itself. Oops, I forgot, the truth is erased from history and rewritten to be 'woke' and become 'broke'. So, why not have the current trend continue? America isn't totally erased yet, then not recognized by China as an independent nation.( i.e. Taiwan). Act of war by China was Covid-19, and they've won."

    I like your excellent writers with their satirical prose better, but they never get seen by those who don't have internet, and only read about current events in printed media form, penny savers or newspapers, here in rural America.

    I guess my common sense would be not to submit any opinions against the current regime, because I am just asking for trouble, but then that means, I won't be able to express my freedom of speech any more. Plus, there are more liberal 'ego stroking' that is printed in this paper's opinion pieces than opposition, i.e. censorship against criticism of the government, like Twitter and Facebook I guess.

  • Martha Sisk

    08/12/2022 10:27 PM

    If they don't find what they want they will plant it!

  • Peter Hadley

    08/12/2022 06:58 PM

    The Documents need to be observed by top democrats and republicans, the former President & his attorneys - before they are permanently put them away.
    What IF the former President had declassified some of the documents and now they look like they weren't. I wouldn't put it past the current administration would re-classify them back because there JUST MIGHT BE some incriminating things they don't want seen by others.
    Trump needs this action of chosen D & R and Trump & his attorneys over view.

  • Sandra Brians

    08/12/2022 05:53 PM

    I would like someone to explain what the IRS investigates when they said my investigation had nothing to do with my taxes. I was 83, a widow, no tax issues, I was told nothing except the "investigation" was not finished.

  • Joseph Orsini

    08/12/2022 05:48 PM

    TARGETS for all the new IRS Agents:

    1. big contributors to ACTIVISTS churches

    2. PARENTS who speak up at School Board MEETINGS

  • William James Lawson

    08/12/2022 05:43 PM

    Yesterday and today I haven't received the morning and evening editions in my email. What has happened? At first I thought that they hadn't been issued because of the Mar-a-Lago crisis, but eager for news, I checked the website and see that they were issued as usual, just not sent to me.

    I made the decision not to subscribe to the SubStack pay version not because I don't think it's worth it, but because it's one of about a dozen similarly reasonable appeals for paid subscriptions that, taken together, I just can't afford. I have to draw the line.

    But please, if possible, restore my email version with advertising.

    With thanks,
    William Lawson
    [email protected]

  • jack macdonald

    08/12/2022 05:17 PM

    I'm feeling the need to get things of my chest today so this is my third submission. First, Anne's submission is right on the money. Smart gal. As I was pondering what is happening to Justice in our country, It suddenly occurred to me why Obama was proposing Garland for the Supreme Court. That was just another part of his plan to bring down this country that his wife despised until he was elected President and they found out how to become part of the elite community with a license to steal from the public. These people are phony as they come, but they were quick learners on how to bilk the gullible voters.

  • Jerry

    08/12/2022 05:02 PM

    In bidens Administration i have viewed the selections this administration has made to lead our agencies he had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find them and I had to redact the view and remember this group lied below the scum line and was dredged up our agencies heads from below the the scum line they operated in the Obama biden regime . Another disaster This Nov. Most of the Congress needs a makeover on both sides Hope is all I have for now if the removal of the evil forces in Congress doesn't happen not sure where one can take the young people they are innocent of this regime to get along with this evil government one may have become evil to combat it what do we have to lose.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/12/2022 04:18 PM

    Raid Outcomes 4:
    Divide the Dems
    Get more voters
    (esp for CA, to say 30M?)
    Shake up DC Estd
    DC civil war
    Show 2 Tier Justice system
    Force change in DC