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November 18, 2022

It’s quite telling about what politician’s promises are worth that Nancy Pelosi ran for Speaker last time around on a solemn pledge that it would be her final term as the Democrats’ House leader…and now, her announcement that she’s actually stepping down is being treated as shocking news.

There were rumors that she might resign entirely, but like a boss who quits but can’t stop hanging around the office and getting in the way, she plans to play a behind-the-scenes “emeritus” role as a de-facto custodian of Democratic power in the chamber. If you’d like to see a good play about how well it works out when a ruler gives up power but still tries to run things, I suggest “King Lear.”

Devoid of self-awareness to the end, Pelosi said, “House Democrats will continue to play a leading role in supporting President Biden’s agenda — with strong leverage over a scant Republican majority,” oblivious to the way she ran roughshod over Republicans with a partisan iron fist despite having an equally scant majority.

On the positive side, though, I admit it was gratifying to hear her say that it’s time for her to make way for a “new generation to lead.” Speaking on behalf of my fellow 60-somethings, I’d like to thank her for finally giving us kids a shot.

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    11/21/2022 09:51 AM

    I'm tired of our great Republic being run by 80 yr olds. On both sides of the aisle, we have McConnell, Pelosi, Feinstein, Grassley, Biden, etal. There needs to be a Federal Law or constitutional amendment for all branches of the govt., executive, legislative and judicial that in the year of their 80th birthday, they are cognitively tested and the results shared with their medical professional and family members. If they are unable to discharge the duties they swore to uphold, and refuse to retire, resign or step down, then the family members and staffers are prosecuted for elder abuse. What occurred with Ginsburg, "The notorious RBG", Byrd, Thurmond, and what is happening with Biden, etal is unconscionable and a travesty. We as citizens deserve better.

  • jim anthony

    11/20/2022 07:15 PM

    The democraps are very smart,in a evil way! They plan on keeping President Trump busy defending himself. This won,t work! GOD bless Trump!

  • John Rochotte

    11/20/2022 06:41 PM

    Best news I've had!~! Rest in peace. (Forgive me, Lord).

  • Frank glasbergen

    11/20/2022 05:54 PM

    Just to mention.the red wave is a red trend

  • Janet Shilling

    11/18/2022 07:46 PM

    lolololol. Best. Headline. Yet.

  • Kay DeWitt

    11/18/2022 11:30 AM


    Dear Friends...If you truly love this US of A, then THE most important thing you should be concerned about is NOT what "political" party is in control but that God is put BACK in control because we are no longer "one nation UNDER God!"
    THE biggest tragedy we are facing, as a nation, is our DYING kids...Can you imagine that IN a country that once WAS a country UNDER God our kids can no longer go to school with the assurance that they won't be shot to death IN school!

    AND it is an abomination to almighty God that, instead of our "political" parties
    joining hands and saying, "how can we, together, help STOP these school shootings", they, rather THAN being a part of the SOLUTION TO them, they are part of their PROBLEM because they are guilty of the same HATRED that is authoring them!

    Most school shooters are kids who have been bullied...which inflicts them with the pain of rejection...this pain authors their anger...and their anger authors their desire to KILL. But guess what, friends, the answer to stopping kids FROM shooting other kids is not GUN control, but HEART control! And the only reason THAT the only answer that we can come to what will STOP these school shootings...IS gun control is BECAUSE we ARE no longer a nation UNDER God!

    I have dedicated my life to reaching out TO at risk kids who, in this day and age, have the potential to BE school shooters and because God has used me to reach the hearts of MANY potential school shooters I know of what I say!!!

    When I go into a school, to minister Christ's love TO a potential school shooter, I explain TO them that THE only real love IS Christ's love because it is the only love that is doesn't matter if they don't HAVE the
    CONDITIONAL love of a bully because CONDITIONAL love is valueless!

    I then go on to explain that the definition of God's UNCONDITIONAL love is: "The desire for the loved one's ultimate best as that ultimate best is viewed from an ETERNAL perspective!" ...and that just as GOD loves them UNCONDITIONALLY so do TRUE Christians love them UNCONDITIONALLY because when Christ said, "by their 'fruit' you will know them" (know who is truly a Christian), the "fruit" He was referring to was HIS UNCONDITIONAL love that true Christians are a vessel of!
    AND when I would then go on to explain to them that, if they wanted to be REAL winners, the only way they could do this was for them to answer bullies' HATRED with (HIS) LOVE and they agreed and put down their guns!

    SO THEN...What is going to stop these school shootings is FOR Christians to fight to get God back INTO the schools and to teach kids THAT real winners are those who answer hatred WITH love... AND...

    At a White House prayer breakfast, when Arthur Brooks STATED that THE only answer for this country was THAT we answer hatred WITH love, Donald Trump replied that he "did not agree with him!" and, in essence, what Trump was saying is that he did not agree with God because God tells us that we are to love our enemies! Trump would still BE President had he amened Arthur Brookes!

    I love Donald Trump as much as ANYONE reading this and it is BECAUSE I love him that I care, first and foremost, that he winds up spending all of eternity in heaven...however, according to my blessed Lord, if Trump were to close his eyes for the last time, tonight, he would wake up in hell because he does NOT bear the "fruit" of one who is saved (so he is not a Christian despite the fact that he gives MENTAL assent TO Christianity)...

    Just yesterday I read where Trump stated that "everyone DESPISES Mitch McConnell" and that is but one of many, many examples of how Trump cannot love anyone who does not agree with...or support...him!...To be CHRIST-centered is to be OTHER-centred...and yet TRUMP is proven by all the articles about him that talk about his NARCISSISM!

    AGAIN, if there is any reader who can reach out TO Trump and is willing to try and let him SEE that it is more important THAT he spends all of a never-ending eternity in heaven than that he spends another few years as President, I beg you to do that (of course, assuming that we are on the same spiritual wavelength)

    I CARE so much ABOUT Donald Trump's ETERNAL destiny that, after I told him how much I love him, to prove it, I would then ask him if I could kneel down and wash his feet despite the fact that he'd hear me scream out in pain AS I went down TO kneel because I have a spinal tumor and could not kneel down WITHOUT screaming! SO...even if he did not agree with me that he wasn't saved, he would, hopefully, at least know I was telling him this BECAUSE I loved him!