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May 31, 2024

We haven’t reported much on the kerfuffle over what flag Justice Samuel Alito flew at his house nearly four years ago because we assumed it was a load of hysterical codswallop ginned up by Democrats desperate to remove a conservative from the Supreme Court by any means necessary. And so it turned out to be.

The upside-down US flag didn’t refer to January 6th but to a feud with a neighbor, and it was put up by his wife, who didn’t listen to his request to take it down, which doesn’t make Alito a right-wing extremist but a typical husband. Another flag once flown at his home, the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, has recently been associated with right-wing groups, but the left has done that with every patriotic symbol. It actually dates back to George Washington’s day, and it has even been flown at San Francisco’s Civic Center since 1964.

The end result was entirely predictable: The liberals who run San Francisco suddenly took down the flag out of fear of offending someone, and Alito told his critics to go pound sand; he is not recusing himself from any Trump- or January 6th-related cases.

Now, if the Democrats are really that adamant about judges with conflicts recusing themselves from cases involving Trump, there’s a guy in New York named Merchan that I’d like to direct their attention to…

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