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February 15, 2024

The Daily Caller reports that the Army, Navy and Air Force missed their recruiting objectives by historically large margins in fiscal 2023, and it was almost entirely because of a steep decline in white recruits.

While the numbers varied among branches and the effect was less marked among Marines, an analysis of recruiting numbers showed increases in black and Hispanic recruits were more than offset by declines in white recruits. Spokespeople for each of the services listed various reasons for this, including a drop in physical fitness among youth, growing distrust of institutions, the stress of military life, more attractive civilian job options and fewer young people with family military traditions. An Army official told, “There is no widely accepted cause.”

Well, then, mind if I suggest one more to throw onto the pile? How about the fact that under Obama and now Biden, the so-called “leaders” of our military have tried to convert the world’s greatest fighting force and meritocracy into a social justice laboratory? Maybe white potential recruits from military families have noticed that it’s been infected with racist DEI propaganda to the point that its leaders seem to think that white Republicans are a bigger threat to America than Iranian-backed terrorist groups. Maybe people don’t like joining organizations that tell them right up front that they’re evil because of their skin color.

Try getting rid of that garbage and going back to the colorblind meritocracy that used to exist, and let’s see if that doesn’t cure the white recruitment problem pretty darn quickly.

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