March 24, 2020

Warning to everyone with a scientific background: We’re going to be talking about “anecdotal” evidence here. I realize that researchers tend not to count that and instead hang their hats on large double-blind peer-reviewed studies, but considering the Wuhan coronavirus has been in the population for only a few months (that we know of), there hasn’t been time to run those studies. We’ll get there; in fact –- thanks to the anecdotal evidence –- the kind of studies they need to generate the data they want are in the works right now. Those will guide us in the future. In the meantime, though, we’ve got to look at what a growing number of cases is telling us. And the picture that’s emerging is very positive.

Another warning: You will not get this view from the anti-Trump media, who are a complete waste of airtime and not worth anyone’s attention. They have thoroughly disgraced themselves and don’t have the sense to know it. From them, you will get stories designed to make you anxious and frustrated with President Trump and to make you think he’s being deceptive. To accomplish this, they go much further than expressing skepticism and mistrust –- they flat-out falsely accuse him of repeatedly lying about everything. These “journalists” must be working overtime to slant their stories, even with the help they get from Chinese propaganda.

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Meanwhile, Trump, day by day, has been “the rock” we’ve needed, absolutely tireless, refreshingly agenda-free (unlike congressional Democrats, who never let a crisis go to waste), and single-mindedly devoted to steering the country through this with as little long-term damage to our way of life as possible. I doubt that anyone has ever seen energy like that in the White House. And much of Trump’s focus has to do with looking into medical treatments that can lessen the risk of being out and about and, especially, going to work.

Sara Carter, on Monday’s HANNITY show, related that she had talked with American intelligence and other Western intelligence officials, who told her they were “scrambling as much as they can to find out what happened in China and in Wuhan,” which was shut down by the Chinese government on January 23, seven weeks after the first known human transmission. By January 23, 5 million people (!) had left Wuhan for parts unknown. Perhaps the media would be looking at this if they weren’t trying so hard to give the President a bad rap and second-guess everything he says and does. They don’t even seem that concerned about the Chinese government’s treatment of journalists who have been trying to report this story. If we ever find out what really happened, it will be no thanks to them.

On Monday, I related Scott Adams’ view that doctors are more optimistic about treatments with existing, FDA-approved drugs than they've let on, and the reasons why they might be keeping that opinion close to the vest for now. Later that day, Sean Hannity (on both radio and TV) featured the story of New York family practitioner Vladimir Zelenko, MD, who's had a success rate of 100 percent (success defined as not needing hospital admission) with an aggressive treatment consisting of 200 mg of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, twice a day for 5 days, combined with azithromycin, 500 mg once a day for 5 days, and zinc sulfate, 220 mg once a day for 5 days. One major symptom, shortness of breath, typically resolves in four to six hours, he said. “Since last Thursday,” he wrote, “my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel and another 150 patients...we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations.”

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We’ve already seen the results of the preliminary French study that showed a combination of hydroxychloroquine and zythromycin relieved symptoms and shortened the course of the virus. As for the critical supply chain, Israel has already stepped up by donating 6 million doses of hydroxychloroquine.

In Trump’s Monday press briefing, the way forward that he endorsed sounded much like Scott Adams’ “prescription” for dealing with the virus and the economic fallout from a prolonged nationwide quarantine. The President is optimistic about this drug regimen. While bigger studies are underway, doctors will be able to prescribe these medications as needed.

"Our country wasn’t built to be shut down,” he said. “We’re not going to let the cure be worse than the problem.” When the 15-day “shutdown” ends next week, he’ll assess how we move forward, but he’s not looking to keep the country stuck in neutral. “America will be again and soon be open for business, very soon,” he stressed. “This is a medical problem. We are not going to let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem.” He called the emerging drug therapy “a gift from God, a real game-changer.” And he talked about gradually getting people back out and in their jobs, just as Adams described.

As long as we’re talking about anecdotal evidence, here’s a look at one pattern a reader has noticed, and my response.

From Gil:

An item on Fox News revealed that approximately TWO-THIRDS OF DEATHS in China due to the Wuhan virus (covid-19) WERE MALES. And three-fourths or so of the deaths in Italy were males. If true, why would this be? Is it related to something such as smoking? For instance, do male smokers in China represent two-thirds of the smokers population? Three-fourths in Italy? We know that long time smokers have damaged lungs. Is it smoking and not longevity that is the harbinger of being invaded by the China Wuhan Virus? Potential victims want to know.

From the Gov:

It’s hard to know the reliability of the numbers coming out of China regarding this virus. But nearly 30 percent of all Chinese adults smoke, including 53 percent of men. So, yes, presumably many more Chinese men than women have lung damage from smoking. But ALL Chinese people who dwell in large cities have lung damage from the severe air pollution, which is the worst in the world. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of the soupy, mustard-colored sludge hanging over Shanghai. (Whoever thinks communists and other authoritarian regimes take care of the environment better than capitalist countries do has apparently never seen it.)

In Italy, more men than women smoke, but smoking is popular among both men and women, particularly young adults. The virus has really been killing older people. I don’t have the stats but would imagine older Italians smoke, too. Inconclusive!

To my knowledge, there are no stats about smoking and COVID-19 in America; perhaps a study will be done. But any disease that hits the respiratory system is going to be harder on lungs that are already damaged, from whatever cause. It might be smoking, air particles, or previous damage from pneumonia or another illness. I’m not a doctor, but surely “potential victims” (everybody) should be aware that taking care of your lungs will help you recover no matter what respiratory illness you get. I think you know what I’m very strongly suggesting you do.

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  • Exie J. Hollingsworth

    03/26/2020 10:06 AM

    Thank you, Gov. for giving us the real facts. Always enjoy your comments.

  • Darwin Drake

    03/25/2020 08:09 PM

    I was a smoker some 40 years ago and had pneumonia as a youngster so I am staying at home and being as careful as is possible. I also know the Lord is the master physician and talk with daily. I can't explain why such disasters occur but I do know the world is full of sinners deserving a lot worse punishment than this virus. Could be the Lord is trying to get our attention? I would suggest we all seek the Lords protection and see just how great He is. I'm 78 years old and know my time is getting short and also no one has escaped death that I'm aware of, but I also know His will shall be done. Best thing to do is be prepared because when the end does come we have but two destinations and one is not good! So, I am not afraid of this virus epidemic because I am willing to accept His will be done! Amen.

  • don laflamme

    03/25/2020 06:45 PM

    I think it's the XX chromosome makeup of women that protects them from succumbing to illness as quickly as men (XY and big babies, I am told) because they have to take care of children while the men work and go to war. Perhaps wearing masks/gloves, practicing distance & hand-washing and even quitting smoking may go a long way to protecting us through this coronavirus catastrophe!

  • rodney burke

    03/25/2020 05:08 PM

    the day of reckoning is at hand and there will be some VERY unhappy people when it is thru. Between filthy dems and dirty media. We have our OWN pollution. We are seeing in the open why liberalism is a "mental disorder". Nancy is even more deranged that when this mess all started. We need a break from the insanity and I pray God grants us that and soon. TDS needs to be studied, clinically and cataloged as something that needs serious consideration.

  • judith jakub

    03/25/2020 04:39 PM

    If and when this crisis is over, I believe a lot of "dirt" will be uncovered, and I don't mean just graveyard dirt; but my suspicion of this being a "man-made" or "vindictive" "impeachment" may come to pass. I think the plan of a certain lunatic to rule the world and further the endeavors of his "mentor" Adolph, was the egotistica goal of a deranged monster whom I pray will die from his own hand along with all of his off-spring.

  • Barb Sabin

    03/25/2020 01:14 PM

    Good day my brother Huckabee! Was thinking that even the soldiers on both sides of WW2 laid down their arms and had a DECLARATION OF PEACE on Christmas day!!! ARE WE NOT AT WAR WITH AN UNKNOWN,UNSEEN ENEMY THAT THREATENS OUR ENTIRE WORLD'S POPULATION??? And yet, the so-called liberal reporters will not lay down their horrific rhetoric towards our own President and give him the honor and support of his office??? Love him or despise him, he is our President and He is doing one BLESSED, FANT ASTIC JOB OF HOLDING US ALL TOGETHER WHILE THE LEFT IS DOING IT'S BEST TO PULL IS FAR APART!!! Ma y our prayer support and BLESSINGS go out to our President Trump and his awesome Coronavirus expert team headed by V P Pence!!!

  • Leonard Lugo

    03/25/2020 10:46 AM

    Look to the Lord Jesus & His Finished Work on the Cross! Not to the wicked media who loves to fan the winds of hysteria to push the public into a frenzy! Rewording and twisting anything and everything President Trump says! Devil Pelosi putting poison pills/pork into CV stimulus package. Explain please line item veto power. Thanks

  • Marge Van Handel

    03/25/2020 08:58 AM

    I have spent countless hours reading you newsletters. I with your all the way. Asking for 1 and 1/2 hour of your time now.
    Listen to this, he’s spot on and find out what is really driving the deep state now that all their other tactics didn’t work.
    I will be waiting to hear your response.

  • Cheryl Christensen

    03/25/2020 07:13 AM

    Mike: I am a conservative, Christian, small family business owner in suburban Atlanta. I voted for DJT as did my husband and our 5 children who were all over 18. We have attended rallies and donated. I am extremely concerned with the “Easter” re-opening that DJT announced yesterday. If President Trump does not show true tough leadership in this terrible time, if he doesn’t attempt to “sell” the quarantine to America and keep it up, we will share the fate of WuHan and northern Italy. Any stock market rally will be temporary and Donald Trump will lose the White House to Mario Cuomo or any gifted speaker who is able to rally America for a terrible, sacrificial shut down. Incidentally, Mario Cuomo has been terribly behind the curve as many in NYC and in northern NY have warned that this pandemic has been well underway for many weeks. Chinese whistleblowers warn that 21 million cell phones from WuHan are no longer in use and that the numbers of current infections in a China are being minimized. I can understand our government’s reluctance to lead us to an economic depression that a shut down will cause, but what will happen to us if millions die? I write to you in the hopes that you or Sarah can warn DJT off his present path of promising freedom at the advice of economists and not considering the counsel of medical professionals. My fear is that the “ruling” class is willing to sacrifice the “workers” of our country to salvage their wealth and that their voices are the ones that DJT hears. This is actually war, not a 3 week war, but a war for our nation. The democrats have no “de-cashed” us in their Bill last night and without strong, eloquent leadership, I see us sliding into socialism without an election. I love our nation, freedom, and trust in the Lord. I hope you are able to help. Atlanta and Nashville will soon be hotspots like NYC, London, SF, and LA.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    03/25/2020 05:02 AM

    “I think you know what I’m very strongly suggesting you do”.
    He might know but I’d like to know also! So Gov. spill the beans!
    You want him to stop smoking pot, cigarettes, sucking fumes from tail pipes?

  • Joan Barry

    03/24/2020 11:39 PM

    Thank you President Trump, Vice President Pence and our medical experts and care givers.

  • Eva L Shaw

    03/24/2020 10:01 PM

    Every body needs to chill and do the best they can under this "arrangement". It may be tough for families with children but losing a loved one would be worse. This will pass and we will be stronger even without the support of all our people. Our best character will prevail.

  • Joe Broadway

    03/24/2020 09:10 PM

    There use to be a saying we lived by, The strong survive and the weak die. You cant stop everyone from marching because a few can't keep up. Life is hard.

  • Steven Nytes

    03/24/2020 07:44 PM

    the mayor of New York is complaining about ventilators not coming fast enough. i think we should have him wave his magic democratic wand and produce them himself since his partners in the congress cant seem to drop the pork from the covid-19 relief bill and help the public thru this crisis. just my opinion.

  • Tamara Oakes

    03/24/2020 06:07 PM

    Thanks again Mike for an informative non-biased view of the situation with this virus. I agree the cure shouldn't be worse than the problem. What a waste of potential talent these journalists can't grasp! In afterwards they really do need to get themselves business.. Namely an article containing facts & truth on current events! No telling all the great stories they could have uncovered with diligence instead of diabolic demeanor and hateful rhetoric.

  • Judy Radley

    03/24/2020 05:30 PM

    Additionally, doesn't China have a big consumer use of opium? Also, there would also be more prostitution, male and female, in China too, i.e. human trafficking, we hear about a lot happening in China and also the drug use, not just tobacco, but heroine, opium, and other strong health deteriorating substances, substances that we haven't even heard of yet, in America. And the over crowding and pollution, and they still use lead in paint and other substances, can't that also be contributing to the virus spreading faster than it ever would in America? Would it also be found in what people ate and drank in China? With all the yuk in the air, it will also have to be in the water too. Pollution is every where in China, and the Chinese govt. doesn't do anything about it to help its citizens, as they are nobodies unless they are royalty and government officials. So in summary, the health of Chinese people is quite compromised, even before any viruses hit. Plus there are so many wild animals that China lets run around among human populations, monkeys for one, tigers, for another, and rats, rodents, bats, etc. So it is like humans living in a zoo with wild animals in China. That would definitely cause sickness to any human being. And I bet that this virus has been around much longer than we will ever hear about from Chinese govt. officials. Possibly when North Korea sent test missiles across the China sea, etc., chemicals from that and heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc., would certainly impact the land and water and air there, so I bet it has a lot to do with that.... America won't and hasn't gotten it as bad, and thank goodness President Trump stopped the influx in January of anything coming in from China then.... He has saved Americans, yet again, and he didn't care what political party they were from, just that they are Americans is what matters to him. I hope he puts in an Executive Order for the economic stimulus package for the emergency, as Congress is good-for-nothing right now, and how many Democrats are going around with the virus too, and not self-quarantining? Like that Democrat guy in West Chester County in NYC when he didn't stay home and self-quarantined, and infected 33 other people at the beginning of March when he went to a mixer? That was so irresponsible, but Cuomo doesn't talk about that!!!! Of course not, as it was probably one of his crony buddies!

  • Amanda Power

    03/24/2020 04:53 PM

    Interesting theory about smoking. I’d also be curious how many people have had a flu shot. I saw a govt study yesterday which found that getting a flu shot makes you more susceptible to other viruses, including corona virus. I think this is especially important to study given that many states are now trying to mandate annual flu shots!

  • Jerry K

    03/24/2020 04:43 PM

    A bit of the of Racist remarks coming from students at the the universities and colleges the instructors are saying that Asians are being hassled because of the label China Virus the virus started in China and is being hidden from the public; camera phones reporters doctors are put away as to not expose the deadly virus I call that aiding and helping a criminal to hide their deadly crime. To call it Racist is a cover up from what it is, a crime. The Chinese people are victims are they Racist? also for what the government did to them being called Racist is the least of their worries. Also China needs to stop harvesting body organs from its people that are killed in holocaust type institutions lets look into that. Racist? You better find a better description doesn't fit the issue. China has a lot of inhumane issues in that Country being called Racist is like a tap on the wrist compared to being called Murderer.

  • Gretchen Grant

    03/24/2020 04:36 PM

    It took my husband and I about two days of media hype and hysteria to stop turning on the TV. We are blessed to live in a small town. This morning we grocery shopped. People were polite and in good spirits. Only saw one lady with a mask and a fellow with a scarf over his nose and mouth. We got [only] what we needed. We have more than enough now to keep us from going out except for milk and fresh produce. If I had a guess I would say most people are turning off their TV and going on with life as much as any of us can until this virus runs its course. We did watch the President's brief yesterday. He looked and sounded so tired. He was the main subject of my prayers last night. May God grant him the strength he needs to continue the marvelous job he is doing.

  • Holly Neely

    03/24/2020 04:10 PM

    Thank you for all you do. Really. No Really!! Seriously. I pray for you and donate when I can.

  • Norma Shaeffer

    03/24/2020 03:57 PM

    Thanks again, Mr. Huckabee, for yet another informative and helpful and hopeful article. Keep up the good reporting. Sincerely, norma

  • Danny Draper

    03/24/2020 03:37 PM

    Governor Mike, that's for an update we can actually trust. I believe that President Trump's Administration is doing all they can to protect the people of the United States in spite of the Democrats and their puppets who produce the news for the masses.
    One thing I would love to see in all these statistics is how many of those listed as infected with COVID-19 have already recovered. I understand we may not yet have enough data but in your position I'm sure you can give us a report. In addition, as a retired Facilities/Engineering director of two large hospitals in the Little Rock area, why has no one mentioned that hospitals have one of the best emergency preparedness plans in the country. I served on that county-wide plan, with your wife, and we covered almost every possible scenario that we might face. The news media gives us the impression that hospitals weren't prepared. And now Governor Como has signed a directive that hospitals expand their capacity by 50% for potential patients. Apparently he has not idea what is required by Federal, State, and City codes. The Democrats are chiding Mr. Trump for not responding quick enough. Again, their ignorance of what it takes to mobilize the military and the Navy's hospital ships is beyond imagination. Frustrated in Arkansas. Tell Sarah she has my vote and thousands of other Arkansas folks as soon as she decides to run. We love that bright, intelligent young lady!

  • Maureen Innis

    03/24/2020 03:11 PM

    Dear Governor Mike, As a part of my daily routine, I check the weather forecast on Today I read an article on the site that talked about air purifiers that kill viruses, germs and bacteria. There are machines that use ultraviolet light technology which simulate sunlight, and collect and completely kill the microorganisms instead of filtering the air through plates, like regular air purifiers. This goes along with the articles I've read about sunlight being good for killing the virus. Good to look into, and it made me drag out my "Happy Light", bought years ago, that simulates the full spectrum of natural outdoor light. Going to do a home trial, set it on my dining table, and listen to the tune from long ago, "Don't worry, be happy." I'm not making light of these serious times we're in. Just remembering the scripture in Proverbs 17:22, "A merry heart does good like a medicine". Trusting in the Lord's care, and not fearing.

  • Cheryl Ramsey

    03/24/2020 03:10 PM

    Thank you, Governor Huckabee! Bless you and your teams efforts to keep us informed!

  • Dot Whitley

    03/24/2020 02:40 PM

    Thank you so much for being an honest messenger . I know many of us look to you for the truth of what's going on concerning everything we need to know from day to day. God bless you in every way .
    Dot Whitley