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August 23, 2022



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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

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Weingarten retreats from fake news she spread

Randi Weingarten, the controversial president of the American Federation of Teachers union, tweeted a list of what she claimed was “Florida’s anti-woke banned book list.” She accused conservatives of wanting to “rewrite history” by banning classic books, some of them “Books we have taught for generations!!!!” (She's a teacher and she uses four exclamation points? She must not have taught punctuation.)

But she had to backtrack after it was revealed that the list was fake. Only 9 of the 19 titles are actually banned from Florida schools, and of those that are banned, most are recent titles like “George,” a children’s book about transgenderism. Of the few classics barred from some Florida schools, it wasn’t because of conservatives wanting to “rewrite history” but because they contain subject matter deemed inappropriate for children, like the rape, incest, homosexuality and explicit language in “The Color Purple.”

Weingarten later admitted she’d been wrong (she actually tweeted, “My bad”) without apologizing for slandering Florida’s school officials. You’d think the head of a teacher’s union would be capable of rudimentary research, but never mind. She still insisted, “Book bans are very real and dangerous.”

Agreed, only I’d like to point out something she failed to mention: there is a concerted effort underway to ban books in America, many of them classics that have been around for generations, and some were even on her original incorrect list, like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.” But the people who really do want to ban them are on the left. They want to ban those books for accurately reflecting the racial attitudes and language of their time.

If Ms Weingarten were seriously concerned about people banning books because they want to rewrite history, she’d be attacking leftists, not conservatives. They're even rewriting all the history books. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that.

Afghanistan: One Year Later

This month marks one year since President Biden’s debacle that will live in infamy: the deadly botched pullout from Afghanistan. It reached its deadly crescendo in the needless deaths of 13 heroic American service members and 170 Afghan civilians in a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport on August 26, 2021. It also brought shame to the US as Biden’s incompetent Administration left Americans and our Afghan allies behind to the mercies of the Taliban, who also took possession of about $70 billion worth of our advanced military equipment.

MUST READ: Front Page magazine just published a story about a new report on this catastrophic pullout by the Republican minority on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and it’s filled with shocking revelations that should shatter the cone of silence the media has constructed. The report, titled “A Strategic Failure,” was compiled despite efforts by the White House, House Democrats and the Defense Department to stymie it in every way, from blocking information requests to keeping briefings unnecessary classified (sound familiar?)

You must read it all, but some of the lowlights include revelations of countless boneheaded mistakes, cover-ups and lies. We learn that Biden was adamant that an Embassy remain in Kabul even after our troops were pulled out, despite warnings of a possible Taliban takeover. Secretary of State Blinken and other State Department officials refused to consider that possibility or even to plan for an evacuation up until a week before Kabul fell.

Then there’s this: “NATO allies vehemently opposed Biden's unconditional withdrawal to such a degree that Secretary Blinken had phoned his boss from a NATO summit to tell him he had gotten a ‘jolt’ ‘in quadraphonic sound’ opposing the move. His own military advisers had told him not to do it.”

The Taliban even offered to let the US handle security for Kabul, but Biden didn’t want to send enough troops back in. So they outsourced the job to the Taliban. Result: our few remaining troops were under constant assault. When they bravely ventured out to rescue trapped American citizens, Biden’s brass got angry because they were more concerned about the Taliban’s reaction than the safety of Americans.

Biden swore that we were going to remove all Americans, but that was another lie. Over 800 American citizens were abandoned. And women who voted for Biden because he made them "feel safe" should note that American women were among those left behind who “were beaten and shot at for not being accompanied by a male, sexually assaulted, trampled, and forced to stand in wastewater for hours.”

The White House and the media have tried to sweep this under the rug and make us forget it, but we must never forget why it happened and the suffering of the people it happened to. True to form, Biden and his people tried to blame Trump, but had they followed his pullout plan, it would not have happened that way.

Kurt Schlichter is not only a writer, he’s also a veteran and an attorney, and he represented the family of one of the Marines killed in the Kabul bombing, which made him privy to a detailed tactical briefing on what happened. He says he learned that the soldiers on the ground performed flawlessly. But they were failed by incompetent senior leadership who put them in an unprotected position without any infrastructure to hold back unvetted Afghans, which should have been built months before.

Have any of them been held responsible, prosecuted, or even just demoted?

Personally, I am sick of hearing about President Trump’s mean tweets. I want something done about the lethal birdbrains who are responsible for this black mark on history.

Biden knew about the raid

I’ve noticed a trend lately of “bombshell” stories that should be major revelations but that don’t feel like it because all they do is confirm what anyone with a lick of sense already suspected.

For example, today’s big story about the FBI raid on President Trump’s home: 

Despite White House denials that President Biden knew anything about the upcoming raid, John Solomon at obtained memos showing that then-White House Deputy Counsel Jonathan Su was engaged in conversations with the FBI, DOJ and National Archives as early as April to set the raid in motion. Su let them know that Biden wouldn’t object to waiving Trump’s right to executive privilege, clearing the way for them to get a grand jury subpoena to seize Trump’s presidential papers by staging an unprecedented raid on a former President.

It’s still not clear whether this was done out of animosity toward Trump or fear that he’ll run again and beat them. But whatever the reason, this secret collusion between the Biden White House and the DOJ to entrap Trump in a criminal investigation is yet another unprecedented move to undermine the rights of a former President and “get Trump,” no matter the cost. And they keep claiming Trump was the one who "shattered the norms of decency!" 

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan called the Biden White House's involvement and privilege waiver "amazing news" (again, I'd call it shocking but not surprising.) Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who reviewed some of the memos at Solomon’s request, said, "The current President should not be able to waive the executive privilege of a predecessor, without the consent of the former President. Otherwise, [privilege] means nothing. What President will ever discuss anything in private if he knows the man who beat him can and will disclose it?"

I guess these people are so brain-wasted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they think there’s a loophole in the Bill of Rights and in all laws that says, “But it’s okay if you do it to Donald Trump.” With his filing of a 4th Amendment lawsuit, Trump is determined to challenge that insane and dangerous idea in court. Ironically, if liberals could get past their TDS and think straight, they’d be cheering him on, because if the government can do this to a former President, just imagine what they could do to an ordinary citizen who doesn’t have billions of dollars to spend on lawyers.  

Matt Margolis of PJ Media has more on why this is a very big deal.

And in yet another unsurprising bombshell, it turns out that Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) John Kerry’s office was consulting with leftwing environmental groups who appear to have had direct influence over policy-making decisions.

You might have suspected something like this was up when his office kept fighting Freedom of Information Act requests for information on who was working there, and from the way they kept redacting things that should have been public information.

Incidentally, I’d like to point out that “SPEC” not only stands for “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate,” but a “speck” is also a piece of dirt.

More sure signs America has had it with the DOJ

As you know, Miranda Devine at the NEW YORK POST broke the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020, and Twitter, Facebook and most media suppressed it before the presidential election. The FBI hid it, too, when it would’ve come in very handy during Trump’s (first) impeachment. On the West Coast, leftist intellectual (a term that, these days, sounds like an oxymoron) Sam Harris says that suppressing it was justified if it helped keep Trump out of the White House.

“...We’re going to open up this laptop from hell and this news cycle is going to be just a nuclear bomb of an October surprise and we’re going to get four more years of Trump if we actually give this a fair hearing,” he said on “Triggernometry” to his astonished hosts. We’ve all seen the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but it’s not often we hear somebody be so unblinkingly honest about not caring what they destroy, as long as they destroy HIM.

And now Devine has responded...with thanks to Mr. Harris. She thanks him for demonstrating for us how low the left has sunk: “Once you decide Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, then anything is legitimate to stop him --- and, yes, everything illegitimate was done to stop him in 2020, and it was ‘warranted.’” Of course, this belief about Trump is a mass delusion, based on an image of Trump that has been created and nurtured with lies since 2015.

Devine points out that, in their minds, it’s even okay to suspend democracy to stop him. (I would add that the easy way to tell when the left is threatening democracy is when it points a finger at the right and says, “THEY’RE threatening ‘our democracy!’”) To their credit, the hosts don’t just let their guest rant without challenging his view with questions such as “You’re saying you’re content with a left-wing conspiracy to prevent someone from being democratically elected President?”

Devine’s commentary is a must-read.

And Sam Harris, sparking horror by amiably speaking about doing “whatever is necessary.”

Eric Trump, in a conversation with NEWSMAX host Rob Schmitt, thinks the FBI’s heavy-handedness is backfiring now.

Michael Anton, a lecturer at Hillsdale College who worked in the Trump White House as a staffer on the National Security Council, wrote a must-read piece nearly a month ago –- a week before the Mar-A-Lago raid –-that stands reading again in the current context. He sees “something like 100 million Americans” acknowledging the good that President Trump did for the country and feeling “bewildered and angered by elite hatred for the man they think delivered it.”

Yet, in anticipation of the 2022 and 2024 elections, leftists are doubling down on social media censorship. The WASHINGTON EXAMINER reports that “TikTok announced plans to censor conspiracy theories and misinformation during the 2022 midterm elections.” They plan to enforce their policies through a “combination of people and technology,” they say, and that they are partnering with PolitiFact and Lead Stories. There’s the way to fight misinformation!

“TikTok’s trust and safety team will take down any videos that the fact-checking firms call false,” they say. “If its content is categorized as “unverified,” the algorithm will reduce its reach through the ‘For You’ page, label it unverified, and make sharing it more challenging.” Twitter has also announced plans for more content control, including the release of “pre-bunks” before election night and “special labels” to identify political candidates. Can’t wait.

Censorship is as much a problem as ever –- maybe even more of one, as technology advances –- but, fortunately, it’s looking as though some of the left’s tactics aren’t serving them so well any more. I think many in the middle are starting to see that to these leftists, “democracy” means “when they win,” and that in reality it’s Trump who’s trying to save democracy. And that’s another problem with the left --- they have very limited creativity in their Trump-obsessed minds, so they keep using the same tactics over and over. We reported on this last week: when looking at the raid on Mar-A-Lago, it’s “deja vu all over again.”

Imagine how it would be if they managed to keep Trump out of the White House for another term. They’d simply substitute another object of their hatred. Someone would have to become Trump’s proxy, the magnet for all that hate, which is not going away. Maybe it would be Ron DeSantis, maybe somebody else. (In fact, they’re already building a furious lie campaign around “white supremacist” DeSantis, assuming he’s the most likely one.) But the left are used to behaving like nasty, spoiled children now, and they need somewhere to put all that trembling anger. If they feel it’s necessary, they’re fine with destroying our Constitution and our justice system.

As one of Harris’s hosts wondered, “If you destroy democracy in the process of protecting democracy, what then?”

We do have to wonder if they’re really thought that through. But it seems they honestly don’t care. They’ve demonized the other side so thoroughly, they don’t realize that if they want to look at a real example of what they profess to hate, all they have to do is look in any mirror. But as Devine says, “Every time they denounce Trump and his supporters as subhuman threats to democracy, they demonstrate that they are a refined species of American unfortunately forced to inhabit this vast land with a bunch of white supremacists and nascent domestic terrorists with bad teeth and dangerous ideas.”

“Watch MSNBC for a day,” she observes, “with its increasingly extreme defamations of Trump and his supporters, and you can’t help but recall the radio station in Rwanda that blared out regular denunciations of the minority Tutsi as “cockroaches” in the prelude to the 1994 genocide.”

The American left has an obsession with “stigmatizing and dehumanizing Trump’s supporters, which has echoes in some of the darker periods of 20th-century history,” she says. “The dozens of Trump supporters held in a DC jail without trial for months and even years over Jan. 6 offenses, many nonviolent, would be recognized immediately as political prisoners by Amnesty International if they were detained in a country like Russia.”

(NOTE: Tomorrow, in a Part 2, we’ll have chilling examples of this “justice” from Julie Kelly’s book, JANUARY 6. It’s clear from certain court rulings ruining the lives of January 6 detainees that judges have based decisions on their own dislike for Trump --- and anyone who might support him.)

So we have the censorship of the laptop story, the prosecutorial abuses from January 6, and also now the raid on Mar-A-Lago. Some legal analysts –- and even the WALL STREET JOURNAL editorial board –-are starting to go on record with the view that there’s no legal justification for what the Department of ‘Justice’ has done in conducting this raid. Even the magistrate judge in the case, Bruce Reinhart, is standing up to the DOJ, now that they’ve tried once again to keep their affidavit under seal. Apparently, being allowed to make redactions themselves before turning it over isn’t good enough for them. Judge Reinhart denied their motion, citing the “intense public and historical interest in an unprecedented search of a former President’s home.”

Investigative journalist Paul Sperry has done outstanding reporting on the raid, and Lars Larson featured him on his show to discuss the same phenomenon we’ve observed: the agents whose names are cropping up now are the same ones involved in the Russia Hoax.

Tristan Justice at THE FEDERALIST has put together an outstanding analysis of the FBI’s gross abuses of power over the past six years. All of it will be familiar to readers of this newsletter, but it’s stunning seeing it all laid out. I think America –- not counting the terminally Trump-deranged, of course –- might finally have had it with the culture of corruption at DOJ and the Bureau.

As for Trump, he’s only getting stronger, knowing he has the law and the Constitution on his side. When the DOJ came out against both the unsealing of the affidavit and the use of an unbiased “special master” to look at the material taken from Mar-A-Lago, Trump saw their same old techniques at work, and he is now suing the government for violating his 4th Amendment Rights against unreasonable search and seizure with their “shockingly aggressive” raid on his home. “Politics cannot be allowed to impact the administration of justice,” the lawsuit reads. He’s calling out the FBI for treating him “differently than any other citizen” and asks for the return of his property.

If, for whatever reason, the mantle does fall to DeSantis, he’s making it clear that he’ll meet leftist media strategies head-on.



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  • Robin Rebhan

    08/25/2022 04:42 PM

    RE: "Afghanistan: One Year Later". I speak a little pashto and urdu. In upstate New York I have met a fair number of Afghans who have made it here. So far not one is pro Biden or even neutral. None have anything good to say about him. The ones who have been here awhile felt President Trump was the best hope they had of being able to go back home and rebuild. And I have met a couple Muslims from Afghanistan who really hate America, me and any American, with a really bitter hatred and contempt.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/24/2022 11:05 AM

    Nixon was the jerk and liar who fought for and won Civil and Voter Rights for Blacks and got 60% of their vote. And what were FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton , the Bushes and Obama ? Jerks and liars.

  • Jerry

    08/23/2022 08:46 PM

    Biden is building Ukraine’s military while a secret army is being assembled in the United States by Biden’s open border people coming in and relocating thru out the country the citizens of the us are just listening to media sounding outraged and some just keeping its heads in the sand the administration may have their wings clipped in Nov. it will unleash the secret army before biden leaves office

  • Joseph Orsini

    08/23/2022 08:40 PM


    We are being invaded!

  • Charlotte Kingsdale

    08/23/2022 05:31 PM

    I have other good news!

    John Wood, the former U.S. attorney for the Western District of MO who was senior investigative counsel to J6 Vice Chair Liz Chenney, entered into Senate race as an Independent on 6/29/22.

    He called himself a mainstream Republican who has misgivings about the direction of GOP but also about the agenda of DNC leadership which he thinks doesn't be in line with the views and values of MO voters. His campaign was indorsed and heavily funded by former Senator John Danforth (R-MO), a "W" candidate as VP running mate in 2000.

    On 8/23/22, John Wood withdrew his candidacy because "there is not a realistic path to victory".

  • Jerry

    08/23/2022 04:54 PM

    The mayors of DC NYC Chicago Minneapolis Baltimore just look at a democratic run city the low threshold of intelligence these mayors have will never be able to solve the city’s sanctuary design one begs for national guard help, another opposes national help, facts are facts stupid people are not going to solve any complex problems caused by ignorant democrats to begin with the decline of the city society is viewed by intelligent people that will not visit the black hole mentality of its streets the mayors of democratic run cities do not understand wealthy people have worked hard for a good vehicle to have car jacked or to have a purse or billfold or personal property taken with violence or shot by a thugs errant gun play let sanctuary cities care for their own criminals and the arrival of illegal migrants

  • James

    08/23/2022 04:07 PM

    Keep the "Good work" up!

  • Paul Kern

    08/23/2022 03:11 PM

    I recently read that "Save Our Allies" hass brought out 17,000 of our people and allies from Afghanistan. They work alongside "All Things Possible" Both led by real Christians. Also Christian Nationalism is a progressive religious left name for all Bible believers!
    Whenn I hear the word "democracy" bandied around I look to the DRNK as we never were a democracy, but. Republic! We need to be clearer and understand what we talk about. I have a conservative pagan friend who still believes " Christians are the evil empire!

  • Firewagon

    08/23/2022 02:58 PM

    The thing I am worn out to the eyebrows about is how "We The Serfs" have allowed the minority to take control of this country and we DO NOTHING about it except whine and gnash our teeth! The whacks can lock up conservatives, but conservatives can not get one of theirs into court. What now do we just accept that there is "NO EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW" in America? How soon then should we just accept ANARCHY, and it's every man for himself?

    We prove daily that all those claiming that "The American People Are Not Stupid" are stupidly deluded. What part of 5th-grade level smart is it to have allowed this America to decline and destruction?

  • Anne Turner

    08/23/2022 02:37 PM

    I am afraid that Trump did a lot of disservice to himself. But what people have failed to do is separate an uncontrolled egotistical personality from actual accomplishments. Looking back Nixon was a jerk and a liar but he did open up China to us in many ways. People are flawed. I disliked Carter, thought he was a lousy president and, while not disliking him, I thought Obama was a harmful President, but nevertheless they were Presidents of my country. I would never have shown wither one of them disrespect. Disagreeing with policy is not disrespect. When I hear my friends and neighbors rant about
    Trump, I know nothing will ever change their minds. Hate is an amazing thing. It blinds us to reality.

    As to Chaney, the best thing would be to stop giving her any attention. She is a foolish woman who is not worth the waste of time.