July 26, 2018

“Progressive” Thinking 101:

Illegal immigrants with violent criminal records? “Welcome to San Francisco!”

Plastic straws? “Get out, you threats to humanity!”

DC: A city of glass houses

It would be embarrassing enough for them simply to be hurling that rock through their hothouse walls if it weren’t for these two pieces of breaking news.  Satellite photos show that North Korea is dismantling a launch site used to test long-range ballistic missiles…

And on Friday, they are expected to return the remains of 55 service members to the US, as Kim promised Trump…

Luckily for Trump’s ever-ready boo chorus, those embarrassingly positive stories were drowned out by others, both empty scandal stories like the Cohen tapes and Trump’s meeting with a European Union delegation.  Unfortunately for his critics, that meeting was followed by his announcement that they had agreed on a framework to avert a trade war.  European officials agreed to increase imports of US soybeans and liquefied natural gas, to work toward the goal of "zero" tariffs and subsidies on non-auto industrial goods, to reduce bureaucratic obstacles, work toward reform of the World Trade Organization and limit unfair market practices and to "resolve" recent tariffs that both sides have imposed.  Or to put that last one another way,  Trump held firm and the EU caved.  Trump said, "This was a very big day for free and fair trade.”

I admit that even I was concerned about some of Trump’s tariff threats possibly sparking a trade war that would hurt consumers, but I also understood what he was doing and that it might require toughing it out through a transition period.  The same type of self-proclaimed experts who allowed other nations to impose unfair tariffs on American goods for years assailed Trump for using the same tactic, accusing him of undermining free trade. 

But in fact, we didn’t have free and fair trade; we were playing with the deck stacked against us.  Trump made it clear that that was going to stop, and despite all the sneers from abroad and the howls here at home, he stuck to his guns.  As he told the Europeans, he would love to see no tariffs at all, but we’re no longer going to tolerate tariffs largely stacked against the US.  And it appears that he’s won the European round.  In response to the news, stock markets soared.

I wonder how many of the people attacking Trump for not knowing how to conduct trade talks were also attacking him for not knowing how to deal with North Korea?  You’d think his critics would at least grudgingly come to admire his resolve in ignoring their bad advice.  It’s as if he just won a high-stakes poker tournament, even while his mother-in-law was standing behind him, screaming, “You’re bluffing! You’re going to lose! Fold! Fold!” 

Might I politely suggest that all the people who’ve been screwing up trade deals and foreign policy for the past few decades stop going ballistic every time Trump tries something different than what they did that failed?  Let him finish playing poker with China now.  He’s good at it.  Maybe you could go play bridge instead.  That’s a game that requires dummies.



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 Facebook suffers consumer backlash

In my essay on socialism and why it stinks like last month’s leftover halibut, I noted that when the government provides services for you, you have no choice; but under capitalism, even the biggest corporation can be brought to its knees by its customers if it doesn’t please them.  Little did I know that within 24 hours, I’d have an example of that.

Wednesday, Facebook warned of weak revenues, and its stock price dropped by as much as 24% before it recovered enough to close down 17%.  There are various reasons given, such as the effects of new privacy policies on revenue.  But it boils down to consumer choice: Facebook is struggling because it got too big for its britches.  It decided that as the almighty social media platform, it could violate your privacy, mess around with your news feed, snoop on your friends, decide which type of political speech was allowed and which type was taboo (guess which was which?), and so on.  They never imagined that users would respond by simply leaving, migrating to other social media sites or even going outside, squinting into the sun, and doing something else with their lives. 

It’s too early to tell whether this warning shot will put the fear of consumers into the self-anointed demigods of Silicon Valley, but if not, then they’re in for more rude awakenings. Two of the greatest things about capitalism are that it can make a pauper with a great idea into a billionaire; and that if said billionaire forgets that the customers are the boss, he can become a pauper again.



If you’re wondering why there’s not much weeping in conservative circles about Facebook’s stock bloodbath – or if you’re wondering why they are suffering some of the problems that led to that stock bloodbath – then maybe this story will offer a clue.


 News media outrage

News media outlets are expressing outrage against President Trump (yeah, I know, and it’s also Thursday, what else is new?), this time over the banning of CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from an afternoon Rose Garden event.  Even Fox News expressed “strong” solidarity with CNN to protect a “free and unfettered press,” with the rest of the media joining the usual chorus in claiming that Trump is trying to destroy the First Amendment and crush freedom of the press.

Before we all set our hair on fire and run around in circles any further, let’s discuss what actually happened.  Like too many reporters, Collins was being a bit too unfettered.  She acted disrespectfully and unprofessionally, shouting irrelevant questions about the Michael Cohen tapes at President Trump while he was trying to hold a joint press conference on trade and tariffs with the EU’s representative.  I’m sure her anti-Trump antics were very impressive to her fellow “Democratic operatives with bylines” (as many journalists are referred to on the Instapundit blog), but what she did was not “journalism.”  It was “heckling.”  Even at a comedy club, that’s considered intolerable behavior.  If you do it anywhere but the White House, you get thrown out, and nobody frets over whether your free speech was being violated.  In fact, people usually applaud your ejection.      

Was CNN or any other media outlet actually banned from the Rose Garden event?  No, the White House made it clear that they were free to send anyone they wanted who was professional enough to know how to behave in public.  Sorry, but I don’t think that’s too much to ask, unless CNN simply doesn’t have anyone like that on the payroll anymore.

I’d find the media’s protestations that they are just being watchdogs rather than partisan attack dogs more believable if they’d ever acted like anything other than lapdogs during the Obama Administration.  Back then, the White House Press Corps understood and even enforced the rules of professional conduct.  Sean Hannity dug up a rare tape of a reporter asking tough questions of Obama, and fellow journalists were so outraged, they acted as the bouncers themselves.  

I think some of these reporters could use the same kind of time-out we give to five-year-olds who don’t know you’re not supposed to throw a tantrum in public.  There’s no shortage of professionals who can do their job even more effectively without tarnishing their employers’ reputations with childish, partisan behavior.  Besides, a little time on a non-White House assignment might give them the chance to wash the taste of Obama’s shoe polish off their tongues.


 More bad San Francsisco news

Among the many crises in San Francisco that are directly attributable to loony leftwing governance, add the lack of affordable housing.  Leaders like to make excuses, like a lack of developable land, but that’s nonsense.  There’s plenty of land for housing, but it would easier to saw through a petrified redwood tree with an eco-friendly hemp drinking straw than to hack through all the government paperwork and “no growth” restrictions that keep anyone from building there. 

To keep up with population growth, San Francisco needs to be adding 5,000 housing units a year.  Instead, they’ve averaged 1500 a year for decades. Result: a recent real estate report found that just to afford the median-priced home in San Francisco, a buyer would need to be making $303,000 a year.  No wonder there were so many people living together on the sitcom “Full House!”

This has led to all sorts of other odd problems, like a waiter shortage.  The $15-an-hour minimum wage means restaurants can’t afford to hire waiters, and even if a waiter gets a job at that rate, it’s not enough to be able to afford to live there.  On the bright side for residents, maybe some of the violent criminal illegal immigrants welcomed to the “sanctuary city” by its leaders will leave when they can’t find a place to live. 

There’s more such Bay Area buffoonery detailed at the link.  And remember: all you have to do is vote for “Progressive” Democrats in November, and you can enjoy this kind of leadership nationwide!


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Story to Make Your Day:

President Trump was speaking at the VFW Convention in Kansas City when he recognized 94-year-old World War II veteran Sgt. Alan Q. Jones of Pennsylvania.  Jones had four brothers who also served in World War II, the oldest of whom died in battle in Italy.  He’s given 70 years of his life in service to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  But Trump didn’t just acknowledge him, he surprised Jones by bringing him on stage and giving him the microphone.  Jones used it to make a very special request of Trump.  And without a second thought, the President granted his wish.  To see what it was, click the link.


Congressional oversight moves towards impeachment of Rosenstein

 Whatever makes the Trump administration look good this week, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s spectacular congressional hearing Wednesday in which he slapped down those who tried to politicize it, or the positive meeting on trade with the head of the EU, or perhaps the anticipated Friday announcement of stunning GDP growth, will no doubt by drowned out by mainstream media screams about unintelligible Cohen tapes and/or the pressing need for John Brennan to have a security clearance.  For this reason, I even hesitated a moment before writing about the news of congressional Republicans calling for deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s impeachment.  Sigh.  MORE noise?  MORE swamp?  MORE scandal?

But every day, I get letters from readers who can’t understand why something isn’t done about the mess at the FBI and DOJ.  Now that the 412-page application for a warrant to surveil Carter Page has been released –- mostly redacted, of course –- it’s obvious that the Steele “dossier” was part of a set-up from the start.  (One thing that was conveniently left out of that application, ace reporter Sara A. Carter reminds us, was that the DOJ’s Bruce Ohr –- spouse of Nellie Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS, which hired Christopher Steele –- said that Steele “would do anything to keep Donald Trump from being President.”)  We know Rosenstein signed off on the third renewal of the fraudulent application based on unverified material for a warrant to spy on Carter Page.  That, along with other huge conflicts of interest such as his authorship of the memo advising President Trump to fire then-FBI Director James Comey, renders Rosenstein unfit for responsibility over the “Trump/Russia” investigation.  He can’t oversee it AND be a potential witness for it.  So somebody needs to grab a crowbar and pry him from that role.

On Wednesday, articles of impeachment, the real deal, were filed against Rosenstein by a group of 11 congressional Republicans led by Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Jim Jordan of Ohio.  On Laura Ingraham’s FOX News show Wednesday night, Mark Meadows explained that “it’s all about transparency so the American people can decide.”

Ingraham told them that even Andrew C. McCarthy of NATIONAL REVIEW –- one of my favorite go-to legal minds –- didn’t think much of this idea, saying that Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray work for Trump and that by his inaction Trump is allowing them to do what they do.  “...The President is empowered to give his subordinates a direct order to comply with Congress’s demands, and to fire them immediately if they fail to do so,” McCarthy said.  But the President has been placed in a unique position in which his hands  –- at least in the minds of his attorneys –- have been legally tied.  Any move Trump makes that’s remotely connected to “Russia,” such as firing Rosenstein, will surely have to be defended against charges of “obstruction,” no matter how warranted it may be.  (Remember, that’s what has been done to Trump over Comey’s richly-deserved firing.)  I think this is why Trump hasn’t fired the whole lot of them.

Gregg Jarrett of FOX News reported back in February that Rosenstein had threatened House Intelligence Committee staffers when they were just trying to do their job of oversight; Meadows and  Jordan stand by the accusation.  Jordan brought up another factor:  the DOJ has hidden mountains of information from them by way of massive redactions that had nothing to do with national security.  “We’re tired of the Justice Department giving us the finger and not giving us the information we’re entitled to to do our constitutional duty.  More importantly, the American people are sick of it.  That’s why we filed the resolution.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan has not given his consent for the motion, but according to Meadows and Jordan, it could come to the floor as a privileged motion on Thursday without requiring that.  Trey Gowdy isn’t backing it, either, at least so far.  Come on, folks, get your act together.  This is the one way you have of holding the reins on an out-of-control FBI  --- charging Rosenstein with contempt will do as much as good as it did with Eric Holder.



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  • michael j. howard

    07/28/2018 09:36 AM

    I have not much money, but I will pray for you.

  • Waylon Bush

    07/27/2018 03:50 PM

    Plastic straws: Like everything else, follow the money (food wars, Rx Wars, product wars, educational testing materials, etc.). Someone looks to make a mint if they can get rid of the plastic straw (by government ban through effective lobbying) and then gain the market for their "straw" product.


    07/27/2018 03:32 PM

    Always love reading your newsletters.
    Rosenstein should be hung by his tooties, yes that is what I said and along with all the others that have colluded against President Trump.
    Brennan, Comey, Clapper, the entire Deep State, oh don't forget his majesty Mueller!
    And further, the President should take away all security clearances, they don't work for us any more either!
    Love your show on Sundays, great way to drift off with out any violence!

  • Gary V. Sappenfield

    07/27/2018 03:15 PM

    Well, you've finally upset me. Calling bridge players 'dummies'. I wholly support what Trump is doing in the trade negotiations and I'm sure I'm not the only bridge player feeling that I sure wish you had picked on some other example of folks to compare to those that do not feel as we do. Be careful in the future. Us 'dummies' may trump your next lead!

  • Amelia Little

    07/27/2018 02:36 PM

    I can't remember where acosta works (hmm--haven't seen anything about him for a while now) but, isn't it cnn? Maybe he is a mentor to this gal--"who cares what a press conference is about, find some 'embarrassing' issue and yell out (over and over) inane questions." And, under obama, wasn't a whole NETWORK banned from press conferences? Where was the outrage then? Oh, wait, that was a CONSERVATIVE network--different, you know, than banning one single reporter, but letting the network send other "reporters" or whatever they aspire to be. I would think other reporters would be embarrassed by the actions of acosta and this gal and other who also ignore there was a response to their questions-just not the response they wanted--and ignore that it is now another reporter's turn to ask a question. I have seen some of the be RUDE, when Sarah Sanders has moved on to another reporter, but the one (like acosta) doesn't want to take turns, but to be the show.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    07/27/2018 08:25 AM

    It is true: I see all types of ads from Liberals posted on my wall and always delete them as well as report them...but NOTHING FROM REPUBLICANS...NOT on single bit on FACEBOOK. I do not do twitter but these people need to be sanctioned due to their bias. One is stating he will tax BULLETS to pay for officers at schools...buying my reloads now! They are promising the world and the informed public can wade through the BS and know one cannot place a 23% tax on anything in FL without the consent of the voters and legislature, let alone food and meds! We also hear they will fully fund Planned Parenthood and up the teacher wages, etc...etc....where they majority of the young voters will vote for the rally, they do not take the time to look up the facts...EVEN one Republican is running attack ads here. He's been a career politician since the age of 27 and spewing a few untruths...he has done the same things in his 10 years in congress! So tired of this and the media bias!

  • carolyn naselli

    07/27/2018 07:21 AM

    You cut through the junk and get right to the point, and you are funny too. Love reading your column. Thank You
    And your daughter is spectacular in her job. Thinking about joining you in Israel in Feb 2019. Keep up the good work. Dennis Miller said, "by time Trump is done, the S.C. will look like a republican convention. Thought you would get a kick out of that if you didn't see it.

  • Kathy Wingate

    07/27/2018 12:30 AM

    PS: Re security clearances...they should all be revoked, and don't forget Peter Strozk, who, during his open hearing, did state that he still held a security clearance, and since he had FBI attorneys advising him, he's still on the payroll!! GET HIM OFF THE PAYROLL!! Sleaze.

  • Kathy Wingate

    07/27/2018 12:17 AM

    I believe I'm against the impeachment idea, also...having listened to many of the various opinions and options on Fox News, I'm believing Trump would be in less trouble to order the papers to be declassified, which he has the right to do as POTUS. Then we can see all the embarrassing material the swamp is trying to hide, and THEY will be in trouble, not POTUS. It's really fishy that the FISA warrants passed inspection by judges, if the judges knew the origin of it, which I'm rather sure they didn't. I also believe declassifying the documents could also end the whole Russian collusion affair, which has gone off the deep end, and I really feel Mueller has gone too far afield
    of the original reason for the investigation in the first place...if he keeps digging, tweets, whatever else he thinks of, he keeps adding reasons to look further, he hasn't found Russian collusion, it needs to stop now...
    Praise God, Rev. Brunson is home (in Turkey) on house arrest!!! OUT OF PRISON

  • Todd Matosic

    07/27/2018 12:05 AM

    Mike, I’m sure that you are friendly with Jeff Sessions. He seems to have made many fine acquaintances in Washington over the years, so I don’t mean to disparage him as a person. But as an AG, he couldn’t be worse. He spells big trouble for our country. So, for the sake of country, I hope that you can put the friendship aside to do what you must to have him removed ASAP. We need your leadership to get this done.

  • Dorothy McReynolds

    07/26/2018 11:14 PM

    I believe Albert Einstein is credited with the saying, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". I've had that little sign on my fridge for the past few years as a reminder that if I'm not happy with the results, I need to change what I'm doing. Thankfully, our President understands the need to do things a different way to get different results and this country sure was ready for some different results - well enough of us anyway!

  • william fuhrer

    07/26/2018 09:05 PM

    handicap parking: there have been two news stories this month starting with non-handicap persons ..parking in HANDICAPP PARKIN that ended up with tragic concequences

  • John Johnson

    07/26/2018 08:58 PM

    Congress needs to impeach Jeff Sessions. He may be Trump's worst enemy!!!

  • Gretchen Rodriquez

    07/26/2018 08:39 PM

    I didnt think congress was going to break in August, didnt Goodlatte say so because nothing is getting done???

  • Georgina Molnar

    07/26/2018 08:34 PM

    Hi Mike:
    I feel NO sorry for Facebook. During the election Facebook opened my personal information to the world. Even my phone number that I never gave Facebook. I was wondering why I was getting so many phone calls from people I didn't know.spamming people like myself a senior citizen.
    So I don't answer my phone unless it is programmed in my phone. After I once answered it and got spammed.
    One day I would have Democratic on my news feed and the next day it was Republican during the election process.
    After I realized my private information was given away, and that was before Zuckerberg had to go before the congress I stopped using Facebook. He betrayed my trust in his company and when someone betrays my TRUST they are done.

  • John Johnson

    07/26/2018 08:17 PM

    Jeff Sessions must be the dumbest AG of all time! Maybe it's time to do away with the FBI and let the US Marshals take over their duties. Trump needs to fire everyone in the DOJ and hire back only the ones that can prove that they are not corrupt or biased. Most of the Republican Congress and Senate are so sorry and corrupt we may as well elect Democrats. At least we know where they stand. I and other Republicans are so disappointed with them fighting against Trump every day on every thing will probably sit out the midterms or vote Democrat. I absolutely will not send any more money to the RNC until they can get their act together. I'm a Deplorable that is ashamed to be an American because of these stupid clowns. I support President Trump 110% and it's way past time for all Republicans to do the same or keep their stupid mouths shut!

  • Charlotte Cobb

    07/26/2018 07:35 PM

    Perhaps Megan should look at some old tapes of the "ladies" on The View and see how they treated her dad and his lovely wife.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/26/2018 07:23 PM

    SF woes: Good unemployment, feces in streets & No to straws & NO more tourisim to city, No big events now being cancelled.
    Good show
    Thanks FB Please lose 400M more OK then start layoffs, & downsize & reorganize whole Co.
    Rename FB Pravada & set up office is Moscow OK or Beijing.
    I can take a fired employees used Tesla, Thanks, ship it to So CA (details later).
    Or should FB lose 1B.