September 4, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- Breaks my heart to say it, but Sessions needs to go -- Kavanugh hearings begin -- "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" -- Second Man speaks out -- Colonel Sanders -- Of funerals and forgiveness: recall that McCain gave Trump "dossier" to the FBI -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse



One obstacle frequently cited by those who don’t see the urgency of replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions is that it would take a long time to get a successor confirmed by the Senate. No doubt the Democrats would make it as difficult and drawn-out a process as possible, but is that reason enough not to fire Sessions?


Judge Jeanine Pirro, in her “opening statement” Saturday night on FOX News, talked about this, noting that Sen. Chuck Grassley has said he could schedule Senate hearings to confirm a new attorney general and also that Sen. Lindsay Graham has predicted Sessions will very likely be replaced. The President has said he wouldn’t fire Sessions before the midterm elections but was noncommittal about afterwards.

But Judge Jeanine went on to talk briefly about something more...



Mike Huckabee

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Kavanaugh hearings begin

By Mike Huckabee

Pop some popcorn and call in sick to work: the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh kick off today, and you won’t want to miss a single minute of the slanderous action!  It all gets rolling at 9:30 a.m. DC time, when Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley makes the opening statement, followed by ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein, and then statements by all 21 of the remaining committee members.  

After a lunch break to recuperate from the excitement, at 2:30 p.m., Sen. Rob Portman, Condoleezza Rice and Supreme Court lawyer Lisa Blatt will each make statements introducing Kavanaugh, who will finally get to say something just before the committee adjourns for the day.  The questioning doesn’t get underway until tomorrow.

Ken Klukowski at reports that the Senators have been supplied with 12 years’ worth of Kavanaugh’s DC Court of appeals opinions, running about 10,000 pages; over 100 pages of written answers to their questions with 17,000 pages of attachments, and over 400,000 pages so far of “additional document pages associated with Kavanaugh from his years of public service.”  Yet Democrats still complain that they haven’t been supplied with enough documents!  Do you seriously believe any of them  have even made a dent on reading the documents they have?  The Affordable Care Act was only a couple of thousand pages, and they had to pass that without reading it to find out what was in it. 

Just spend two minutes reading over Kavanaugh’s resume, and you’ll see that he’s one of the most staggeringly well-qualified people ever nominated to the Court.  Yet outside the Senate, protesters who know nothing about him (and who apparently don’t even have jobs to go to on a Tuesday morning) are carrying signs vilifying him, while inside, his qualifications for his job will be attacked by people whose qualifications for their own jobs are virtually nonexistent. 

This is how we vet Supreme Court Justices now.  I credit the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, who made the name “Bork” into a verb.


"Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan"

By Mike Huckabee

In case you think that it’s an exaggeration to say that “Progressives,” “Social Justice Warriors” and the like are actively hunting 24/7 for something, anything, to be offended over, then take a look at their latest OUTRAGE target. 

Vanity Fair printed a review of the new  Amazon Prime TV series, “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” titled “Jack Ryan Is A Patriotic Nightmare.”  Writer Sonia Saraiya boils over in rage at the spy character’s “masculine American heroism” and “white male entitlement,” and writes that “both its protagonist and its plot are based on the foundational, unquestioned notion that American-military might — the best-funded killing infrastructure in human history — is helping to save the world”…it assumes “that we — Americans, and America — are doing a good job. Talk about a fantasy.”  She further huffs that “watching this show feels like falling down a Fox News rabbit hole.”

Okay, that does it!  I’m adding this show to my “Watch” list!  As for poor Sonia Saraiya, who thinks American military might hasn’t helped save the world, I couldn’t help noticing that she doesn’t write her drivel in German.  I will do her a favor, however, and suggest that she never watch a James Bond movie.  That might actually make her head explode.


Second Man speaks out

By Mike Huckabee

Neil Armstrong’s sons are defending the upcoming movie “First Man” against criticism over the director’s decision not to show Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon because, according to star Ryan Gosling, they wanted to convey that it wasn’t so much something America did as a “human achievement.”  (Interesting side note: to this day, that US flag is the only flag on the moon because no humans from anywhere other than America ever made it there.)

Rick and Mark Armstrong issued a statement praising the film and seeking to calm the controversy.  It reads, “This story is human and it is universal. Of course, it celebrates an American achievement. It also celebrates an achievement ‘for all mankind’, as it says on the plaque Neil and Buzz left on the moon.”

Say, speaking of Buzz Aldrin, who was actually there at the time, what does the “Second Man” to set foot on the moon have to say about this?  He tweeted one picture that’s worth a thousand words.


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Colonel Sanders

By Mike Huckabee

So proud of my daughter Sarah!  It isn’t every dad who gets to brag that his daughter is now Col. Sanders of Kentucky.  I guess she knows this means that from now on, she has to bring fried chicken every time she visits me.


Of funerals and forgiveness: recall that McCain gave Trump "dossier" to the FBI

By Mike Huckabee

It was a weekend of funerals and Trump-bashing, simultaneously.  Of course, everything now is about Trump, and hating, and hating Trump, and almost no one is acting like an adult these days.  I don’t know what Aretha Franklin’s personal politics were, or even if she was very active politically at all, but she deserved better than to have her funeral hijacked by politics.  Does every occasion have to be about that?  Every bit of sentiment at that event should have been focused on Aretha and the glorious voice she shared with the world.

As for John McCain’s funeral, it’s true that neither Trump nor Sarah Palin got an “invite” to John McCain’s funeral.  (By the way, when did people start issuing/withholding invitations to funerals?  What would Miss Manner say about this?  It sure isn’t a Southern thing.  In the South, everybody comes, everybody goes to the house afterwards, and everybody brings food.  But I digress.)  On the other hand, Trump surely wouldn’t have wanted to be there, anyway.  I imagine that, to Trump, a sit-down with Robert Mueller might have been preferable.  So the best thing to do was to follow the advice of fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy and stay classy.



Evening Edition - September 3

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

- Hebrews 11:1

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  • Mike Smith

    09/04/2018 10:57 AM

    Hi Mike,
    This was a total shock for me today. I had no idea you read Vanity Fair! :)
    ( Amazon's Jack Ryan is pretty good. We're on episode 5 now and it appears to show insight from both sides. )