September 22, 2016

Millennials have been sold quite a bill of goods by the left.  The media have made it their mission to push the idea that Obama is the epitome of cool, and no young person would want to risk unpopularity with their peers by not hopping on the “progressive” bandwagon.  But gradually, over the past eight years, cracks have started to appear in that narrative.  Young voters were noticeably less enthusiastic about Obama in 2012 than in 2008.  By 2016, many refused to swallow his DNC-anointed successor. Too many thought the best alternative to Hillary was socialist Bernie Sanders, but we can chalk that up to leftist professors filling their heads with economic nonsense that we hope will be dislodged once they get into the real world and have to earn a paycheck that they’d like to keep a little of.  New polls show that Trump is actually gaining ground among Millennials, many of whom are fed up with seeing their 30th birthday approaching while they're still stuck in their parents’ basements, surfing the net and working two part-time waiter jobs to try to pay off their student loans. 

And if anything will boost Trump’s support among Millennials, this is it: Trump has come out against Obama’s plans to turn over control of the Internet to a globalist body at the UN.  For eight years, the Democrats have assumed they had a lock on the youth vote, even as they made the country less secure and hampered job creation and wage growth, which harms young people just starting out the most.  But allowing China or Russia a say over what we’re allowed to see or post on the Internet?  That may be the last straw!



Defenders of the Clinton Foundation urge the media to ignore the shady donors, the questionable accounting procedures and the stink of government corruption, influence peddling and pay-to-play, and look at all the good that the Foundation does for the poor and needy. Okay, let’s ask the former President of the Haitian Senate about the great things the Clinton Foundation did for the poor, suffering earthquake victims of Haiti:


A new Gallup poll illustrates why Hillary Clinton's tsunami of negative ads against Donald Trump isn't raising her poll support.  Even $50 million worth of ads in one month can't sell a defective product, and that's how most Americans see her. 

Gallup asked which words people remembered hearing in descriptions of each candidate.  By far the #1 word associated with Hillary was "email," with other top words including "lie," "health" and "scandal."  The top words people associated with Trump included "speech," "immigration" and "President."  That last one will terrify Democrats because they know something I've been saying for months now.

Hillary can't get above 50% by winning over more voters because there is no big pool of voters who just don't know her yet.  She's been around so long that everyone knows her only too well.  That's why the countless reintroductions of her are futile.  Her only hope is to convince voters that Trump would be even worse.  Hence all the attack ads.  Those may not be the waste of money they seem; without them, Trump might be ahead by 20 points by now.

This is why liberals who claim Trump faces a high hurdle at the debates and will crash there are deluding themselves.  All he has to do is come across as someone viewers could conceivably envision as President without fainting (which is why his numbers soared after his press conference with the President of Mexico.) 

Democrats and the media have spent many months and millions of bucks painting him as a deplorable, irredeemable, sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic cross between Hitler, Hannibal Lecter and Jabba the Hut.  If he just comes across as slightly better than that, a lot of voters may say, "Eh, at least he's better than Hillary."



You can always count on White House spokesman Josh Earnest to make justifications for President Obama’s policies and actions that are so absurd that like Baghdad Bob, you wonder if he even believes himself.  And his latest is a triple-decker whopper with extra cheese:


In trying to refute Ted Cruz’s attempt to block Obama’s October 1st handover of control of the Internet to an international body, Earnest claimed that a small government conservative shouldn’t be arguing for federal control of the Internet.  He actually implied that the takeover of the Web by a board controlled by multiple foreign governments, some of them quite authoritarian and censorious, was a form of limited government. 


I would strongly suggest that Mr. Earnest go search up the meaning of “limited government” on Google, while he’s still able to.



When you get all your news from sources that do nothing but mock anyone who disagrees, you have to expect that they’ll occasionally make a mockery of themselves without even realizing it.  And so, Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” did that thing they always do – mocking some dumb rube for thinking you can stop terrorists by posting a “No Muslims” sign – without realizing he’d just obliterated the entire basis of his leftist audience’s faith in “Gun Free Zones.” 


Noah ridiculed the poor sap for not realizing that never in history had anyone been dumb enough to try to dissuade a killer by posting a “no killers” sign.  But that wasn’t true: he’d forgotten about Columbine High School; Sandy Hook Elementary; that Aurora, Colorado, movie theater; the Pulse nightclub in Orlando; the civic center in San Bernardino; Fort Hood…the list goes on and on.  You’ll find it here, along with much more about how “The Daily Show” accidentally threw a pie in its own liberal face.

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