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March 23, 2022

Part 1 observed that some of the names from Trump’s first impeachment, mostly from our own embassy in Ukraine, were the same as those involved in the Trump/Russia Hoax as revealed in special counsel John Durham’s indictment of Clinton/DNC attorney Michael Sussmann. We wondered why that might be.

Before we continue with that, here are a few updates on the Hunter laptop story:

Monday on Jesse Watters Primetime, investigative reporter Peter Schweizer reiterated what he’s said about Hunter being close to criminal indictment. He said The New York Times “got a lot of cooperation from Team Biden” before they ran the story on Hunter that included their admission that the laptop was, indeed, real. He says Biden’s team were “trying to position themselves.” Of course, this case isn’t really about Hunter but the President of the United States, and a criminal indictment would open up “that whole can of worms” concerning dad’s connections to dirty money and the associated tax issues and huge national security concerns.

So, “does Hunter Biden become the sacrificial lamb?” Schweizer asked. “Does he end up taking a plea deal that might even mean jail time in order to protect his father?”

Also, Margot Cleveland has a new piece detailing eight Joe Biden scandals revealed in Hunter’s laptop that have been finally been confirmed in mainstream media as real. She echoes Schweizer, saying, “These scandals are not about Hunter Biden. They are about now-President Biden.” These are areas that an honest media would ask about, she says –- the implication being that they won’t. Her piece a must-read.

Now, to Part 2. Yesterday, as a way to help understand Ukraine and the Bidens’ activities there, we recommended Chapters 2 and 8 in Dan Bongino’s book “FOLLOW THE MONEY: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump Cabal. Let’s pick up there…

According to Bongino, the hard-working Ukrainian people are “desperate for honest leadership” but “have been consistently let down by a broken political class eager for power and riches.” Ukraine and Washington DC are the two centers of a group he calls Scandal Manufacturers of America (SMA), which dedicated itself to a takedown of Donald Trump. These people helped come up with the Russia Hoax, and later, when that failed to take him down, they assisted with his first impeachment. That’s why we see some of the same names in both.

(Side note: The New York Times caught some richly-deserved grief from Candace Owens when they accused her of copying “Russian state media” when she “advanced the idea that Ukraine is a corrupt country.” She informed them she’d learned of Ukraine’s corruption from The New York Times, offering as one example an NYT editorial called “Ukraine’s Unyielding Corruption.” We bring this up so as not to also be falsely accused of working on behalf of Putin when we point out the deep well of Ukrainian corruption.)

Bongino calls Paul Manafort “ground zero for all the manufactured Trump scandals.” Manafort was a consultant for Trump’s campaign and then the chairman, bringing with him tons of baggage from alleged dark dealings in Ukraine. What we have always wondered --- perhaps Bongino has the answer --- is this: exactly how did someone who was so notorious as a shady lobbyist get to BE chairman of Trump’s campaign? It was just soooooo convenient for Trump’s enemies to have Manafort, of all people, in that spot. So we suspect there’s more to this story. His baggage was made to order for anyone looking to derail Trump’s campaign. Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner, was with the campaign as well, as deputy, and later became a cooperating witness for the special counsel in Manafort's trial.

Manafort lasted with Trump for about six months. Ironically, what brought him down –- in five days –- was FAKED evidence in the form of a “black ledger” of supposed payments from a pro-Russia political party. By continuing to hound him after he left, Trump’s enemies thought they might bring Trump down, too. The ledger had nothing to do with the Russia hoax; it was a red herring, to cast a cloud over the campaign and provide a pretext for ongoing investigation.

George Soros, probably the most influential man in Ukraine, is a big part part of this story, too. He gave $1 million to the humorously-named Democratic Integrity Project, headed by Daniel J. Jones, a former FBI analyst and staffer for California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Jones had started the nonprofit (seems pretty profitable to me) after Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS approached him with the idea of forming the organization. Then, after filling its coffers to the tune of $7 million, Jones turned around and wrote a check to Fusion GPS for $3.3 million! I am not making this up. The same players keep turning up again and again.

Fusion GPS’s task: to research how Russia intelligence operations were affecting elections around the world. And they brought in Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta to help. Still not making it up, my friends. This was after Podesta’s and the DNC’s emails had been purloined (the narrative became that they were hacked by Russia) and published by Wikileaks, to the DNC’s embarrassment.

(Incidentally, John's lobbyist brother Tony was under investigation at that time for “cashing in” in Ukraine. He was paid $1.2 million to promote a plan conceived, ironically, by Manfort and Gates.)

Then there’s the story you know, the investigation of Burisma by prosecutor Victor Shokin until then-Vice President Biden got him fired by threatening to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee. By now everyone has seen the video of Biden bragging about it before a live audience --- without mentioning Hunter was on the Burisma board.

There’s much more, involving Soros and an investigation by Shokin’s replacement into a Soros-funded organization, the ironically-named Anti-Corruption Action Center (AntAC). This was when the new U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch (remember her from Trump’s impeachment?) gave the prosecutor a list of people not to prosecute, including a founder of AntAC. Second-in-command George Kent had already tried to discourage the prosecutor from investigating. According to reporter John Solomon, their message to Ukraine officials was this: “Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an American presidential election in which Soros was backing Hillary Clinton to succeed another Soros favorite, Barack Obama.”

There are others in Ukraine tied to both the Russia hoax and Trump's impeachment. California Rep. Adam Schiff, running the impeachment, trotted out our diplomatic “experts” from Ukraine to talk about Trump and his “impeachable” phone call to President Zelenskyy. Those were Americans, our diplomatic corps, who'd been telling Ukrainian prosecutors who they could and could not prosecute and treating a Soros-funded organization like some sort of sacred cow. Soros supported Hillary and was Trump’s political enemy. He funded an organization conceived by Glenn Simpson. Something smells like bad borscht.

Of course, if our own FBI hadn’t withheld Hunter’s laptop, the justification for Trump’s phone call would have been clear.

Oh, the muck in the swamp gets deeper. Looks as though there will have to be a Part 3.

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Comments 1-10 of 10

  • rodney burke

    03/28/2022 10:44 AM

    disgusting. The depths of corruption the dems are willing to stoop to. Legal and moral depravity are unprescedented. I don't recall Tammany Hall in NY that corrupt. Maybe Joe and Hildog were taking lessons. How about Chicago? To this DAY a model of utter corruption.

    What we have is a documented party of slime, corruption and utterly devoid of any redeemable qualities. Well God work in strange ways. It's about time! Cat's out of the bag

  • Ed Thompson

    03/28/2022 09:23 AM

    Hunter Biden gets indicted—daddy plays the National security card— daddy gives sonny a pardon— Hunter writes a book— dumb people buy it— Hunter gets richer—Daddy? writes(?) a book— dumb people buy it— Daddy gets richer— end of story till fifty years later then a “brave news reporter” publishes a bombshell story—no one cares! The End!

  • tom jeffs

    03/28/2022 07:45 AM


    o o o o o o oh, if only this were still true; it hasn't been since you grew the beard and created that website but if only it was still true - - - - - - -

    I fondly remember when you were easy to converse with - - - - - - -

    you see, I was 1 of 4 'regulars' on the Huckabee Show in NYC as per Jennifer Ruth who was the audience producer - - - - - - -

    I'm probably the only veteran of Israel Experience 2012 whom David will probably remember, even now - - - - - - -

    AND, I'm the guy who donated all those red Huckabee45 polo shirts you guys wore in Iowa back then (dya still have them?) - - - - - - -

    side note Mike, didja ever wonder why Dick Wolf named the Law & Order District Attorney after the US representative from Hollywood, a guy named Adam Schiff as I have ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    keep smiling Mike, I still love you - - - - - - -

  • Edward Major

    03/28/2022 07:29 AM

    Mike, I'd just like to say that we the people have been following You and these stories, amazing, simply amazing, how {anyone} can follow all the players or perhaps I have some forgetfulness. All those that are a part of the deep swamp are "regulars" and players put into place by Satin for times just as we are going thru. But the "distractions" they put out exceed the value and just add to the circus. Keep it up you and just a few of honest people we have left on this planet keep us informed. Thank You for what you do!

  • Sally Duncan

    03/28/2022 03:23 AM

    Oh the corruption goes so very deep in our country. I have to keep making myself to remember God IS in charge! I do what I can on the local level, but who will drain the swamp. Only a Godly man or men called to do so and that may never happen.

  • Cherry Richardson

    03/27/2022 09:14 PM

    I keep thinking, "Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive." Many eyes are being opened, that they may see, and ears, that they may hear. Thanks be to God.

  • Valli Saliba

    03/27/2022 09:08 PM

    I read them!

  • Bonnie zHickman

    03/26/2022 09:48 PM

    Part 3 cannot come soon enough!! We need to get Biden out and flip the house so our Beautiful USA can survive! They’re doing all they can to kill this country.

  • Philip L horner

    03/23/2022 08:27 PM

    Trump sprang Manafort.
    Manafort needs to come clean before he hangs himself.

  • Jaye

    03/23/2022 08:02 PM

    I recall it was the Mercers who brought in Manafort and Kellyanne Conway to give substance to Trump's very disorganized 2016 campaign - they put in the discipline and strategy that pulled off his highly unexpected victory.

    The Conway connection by marriage to the ruinous Lincoln Project RINOs is another story that deserves more investigation. What was the Mercer's intention - was it just to support Trump, support a viable conservative or something else?

    In 2016 - the Trump campaign was a fast moving front, but he did put together a credible engine that took the Democrat machine down. Trump was hobbled by not having a governance network, nor realistic appreciation for the sabotage capacity of the deep state in DC. Give him a second term with what he learned in the last four years, and formidible things can happen. We can reverse the deep state takeover of our country and put power back to the people - as the Founders intended