June 14, 2017

While Senate Democrats and the media were performing their own anti-Trump Shakespearean production yesterday (“Much Ado About Nothing”), the House made some real news by passing long-overdue reform of the Veterans Administration. The new bill would help protect whistleblowers and make it easier to fire VA employees found guilty of wrongdoing. It’s a desperately-needed response to one of the worse scandals in history, in which VA employees have been exposed for unconscionable wrongdoing, even allowing veterans to die on medical care waiting lists and falsifying records to cover it up, yet in some cases were not fired and even retained their bonuses. The bill was already approved by the Senate, so now, all that remains is for President Trump to sign it.

One sidenote worth mentioning: only 55 Representatives voted against the VA reform bill, 54 of them Democrats. I assume they’ll be home at some point to run for reelection. Be sure to ask them to explain that vote.

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  • Pat Thomas

    06/23/2017 12:23 PM

    I am a Veteran and I applaud what has been done, but I think we can all agree that this is just the beginning. I, for one, have been trying to get in touch with the new head of the VA that our President appointed. I have several issues I need to discuss with him. The first being that the VA doesn't take care of the Vet's dental problems. Only if they are service connected. This is very wrong. A person's health is more than the body from the neck down. One can have dental issues that can cause death. Yet, my VA in Prescott, Arizona, has this very large and fully functional dental department with dental techs---and I have seen them sitting around, doing nothing, with thousands upon thousands of dollars of equipment going unused, while most of the veterans I see, including myself, have horrible mouth conditions and nothing is done. I am under FULL care at the VA, but my FULL CARE, does not include dental. I cannot afford to see a dentist, so the best I can do is brush the teeth I have left and hope I don't have an abscess.

  • Amelia Little

    06/15/2017 09:12 PM

    I wonder what their reasoning was against the reform? It didn't go far enough? They can't deny that the state of the Veterans' Administration is not only dismal, but downright shameful. I was appalled several years ago when the VA was saying how they didn't have enough money for this or that, yet spent an overly generous amount on artwork. Aesthetics in the work place seemed to take precedence over actual care of the veterans. In most businesses, if you don't perform your job correctly, you are fired, no pension, no bonuses, no severance pay. It should be the same in government. Of course, those of the lowest ranks are generally following orders from further up the line, and those people (further up the line) should be fired, no pension, no bonus, no severance pay.

  • Joel Blight

    06/14/2017 10:04 PM

    I guess I am not that shocked that there were representatives that voted against taking care of our vets. We have a lot of reprobate minds in our government. Maybe those that voted against the bill will indeed lose their meal ticket come election time. I will look up the lone Republican that chose to join ranks with vet killers. God Bless and keep our Vets.

  • Mackie Braden

    06/14/2017 07:29 PM

    Our poor wounded vets are long overdue for the preferential treatment that they deserve as our warriors. Their oathes never expire, does everyone understand that? The VA Hospital in Houston is one of the WORST. Houston is a world wide renown medical center---I expected a superior VA.

  • Linda Niederkohr

    06/14/2017 07:14 PM

    How do we find the names of these 54 + 1 ?