July 25, 2016

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Friday, WikiLeaks released another 19,000+ Democratic National Committee emails stolen by the hacker or hackers known as Guccifer 2.0. Aside from proving that both the DNC and Hillary Clinton share the same competence at maintaining cyber security that you’d expect from Barney Fife, they also prove that the Democrats blatantly rigged the primaries for Hillary, colluded with the media to do so, and were willing to stoop to any dirty tactic to achieve their goals, including slandering both Republicans and Bernie Sanders. All these revelations would be shocking to anyone who just arrived from another planet and had never seen the Democratic Party or the liberal media in action before. Here’s just some of what these emails allegedly reveal: 

DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda secretly leaked a private Sanders campaign letter to a Wall Street Journal reporter, and the following week, used his connections to that same reporter to kill complaints from the Sanders’ campaign about the people the DNC chose to write the platform.

DNC staffers also discussed ways to plant false stories with friendly media, questioning Bernie’s religious beliefs, since being an atheist would play worse with Southern voters than being a Jew, because of the “Jesus thing” (that one managed to combine lying, anti-Semitism and slandering Southerners and Christians: the modern liberal trifecta!)

But that was Boy Scout stuff compared to what they planned to do to Donald Trump. The emails detail an outrageous plan to smear Trump by impersonating the Trump Organization on Craig’s List and placing employment ads seeking hot women (not working moms, because they’re too focused on their children) who would “not gain weight on the job.” Applicants would have to tolerate sexual harassment, such as letting the boss “grope you under the meeting table” (if that’s a disqualification for the White House, why do they want to send Bill Clinton back there?) Of course, this is illegal, childish, and easily spotted as fake. But it would’ve caused a distraction and reinforced their phony narrative that Trump is a sexist pig among people who don’t pay close attention to the news – and that’s the DNC’s target demographic.

Their communications director Luis Miranda (see above) responded to this juvenile plan not with reprimands or firings, but by writing, “As long as all the offensive s**t is verbatim I’m fine with it.” If the fake ad never ran, I have to assume it’s either because someone with a brain nixed it, Craig’s List blocked it, or nobody at the DNC could figure out how to use a computer.

(Incidentally, if you haven’t heard much about all this, it’s no surprise. Coverage in the big media has been sparse. Twitter was even accused ot deleting the #DNCLeaks hashtag as it was trending, before user fury forced its return. Why, it’s almost as if the liberal media are in collusion with the DNC! Color me shocked.)

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks already said that he plans to release enough evidence to get Hillary Clinton indicted because such an enemy of the First Amendment must never be President. The flaw in that reasoning is that we recently learned there simply is no such thing as “enough evidence to get Hillary Clinton indicted.” We can only hope and pray that by November, the voters will have finally seen enough evidence to decide for themselves that she must never be President of the United States.

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  • Patti Vlasak

    08/01/2016 06:47 PM

    Sadly the general public don't take the time to research anything themself and believe everything they hear in passing from friends or the limited media they take in. Most people are not involved in researching the "facts" they hear before believing and passing it on. So if a negative was started about Trump, many would believe it, without watching or looking for further proof. First impressions are very important to young millenials. But believe that DNC staff started it? Never!