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August 13, 2021

Good morning! 

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Colossians 4:2
  • "Shhh!!" The most underreported story: Day 3 WRAP-UP
  • The Taliban Continues To Advance
  • America The Beautiful
  • A Glimpse Of The Truth About Our Southern Border
  • Drama In The House


Mike Huckabee


2 Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;

Colossians 4:2

"Shhh!!" The most underreported story: Day 3 WRAP-UP

By Mike Huckabee

“There are so many ways to defeat a legitimate ballot.” That’s the first big take-away from Mike Lindell’s election integrity symposium held this week in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Experts clearly showed the combination of factors making election outcomes vulnerable and open to question, potentially leading a targeted candidacy to “death by a thousand cuts.”

There should be agreement at this point that electronic voting systems are NOT guaranteed secure. I’m not a cyber expert, but it sure looks as though these systems can indeed be connected to the internet and hacked by any geek who knows how. Anyone who says there’s “no evidence” of this is either covering something up or willfully blind to the obvious.

Though Lindell must now admit he can’t just drop some big bombshell and get Donald Trump reinstated as President --- he got destroyed in the media for suggesting that --- he did bring concerned people together on the critical issue of election integrity. Talk about patriotism and perseverance; Lindell has withstood enormous obstacles to do this.

The media have been savage in their comments, even some on the right. As Brad Slager in points out, “the press wants desperately to smear conservatives as conspiracy nutters, claiming that Republicans are hanging on every word delivered by an unknown internet crank [NOTE: I guess he means “Q”?] and an unhinged pillow tycoon.” The only people who are really talking about these “crackpot” theories, he says, are on the left, so they can ascribe them to the right. And Mike Lindell, he thinks, has played right into their hands.

Repeated hacks from the very start of Lindell’s symposium delayed his event and threatened to take him offline. “They took down three platforms --- but I had four,” he told the crowd. As I’ve said, the hackers succeeded only in illustrating the point Lindell was making about how easy it is to hack.

Wednesday, after the symposium, Lindell was assaulted. We have few details so far, but as Jim Hoft reported in THE GATEWAY PUNDIT, he was punched in the ribs at the close of the day. (“I’m okay but it hurts,” he said later.) And on Thursday morning, he related another story of heavy-handed opposition, saying that it wasn’t just Tina Peters, the Mesa County, Colorado, county clerk, who got raided, but also a colleague of hers, at his home. He was there with his four kids when state officials came a-knocking and confiscated all his electronics, even the kids’ computer games.

Col. Phil Waldren then advised the crowd that Lindell's “Red Team” of cyber experts had begun receiving threats a couple of weeks ago, and that the conference itself had been infiltrated. (Does this surprise anybody?) “We’ve got [really radical] folks exchanging badges in the parking lot, press badges," he said. "We’ve identified those agents and provocateurs by photo imagery, validated by their social media platforms. The big end game is to discredit all of the state legislators who are here to listen.”

He also told the crowd he had alerted federal authorities to an attempt to insert faulty data into the conference. I’m sure the feds will get right on that.

So, just because voting equipment CAN be connected to the internet, can we determine that it was? One whistleblower, anonymous due to fear of retaliation, brought a photo taken at the TCF Center in Detroit (Wayne County), of a computer used to process absentee ballots at a recent local primary election. Election workers had been instructed to keep all devices in the counting facility on “airplane mode,” but when the whistleblower turned that off, several internet connections appeared on the screen. Even if this was some internal network, it still would have been vulnerable to other devices.

Jim Hoft reports that evidence of this phenomenon was also seen in Michigan in the 2020 election, citing attorney Matthew DePerno’s observations from June 2021 about how the EMS (election management system) in Antrim County was successfully logged into remotely, at two different times. He called it fraud (as opposed to “human error”), accused officials of lying about it and said the election in Antrim County should be decertified.

Not being computer geeks ourselves, we can’t independently verify this claim, but it’s just one of so many that I don’t see how faith in electronic voting can be maintained. Always, no matter who wins, the other half of the country will refuse to accept that “winner." (One big difference: when the left wins, the media will celebrate; when the right wins; the media will delegitimize.) America as a democratic republic can’t continue this way. So electronic systems must be scrapped. Fortunately, some of the experts at this symposium had good ideas for creating a new, secure system in which people can actually verify that their vote was counted as intended.

One of the participants compared this event to the Normandy invasion in World War II. It didn’t end the war, but it was the way we started to end the war. There was much more hard work to do.

The next critical step for participants is to find out NOW if the voting equipment back home has already received a post-election “maintenance call” from their friendly, helpful voting systems company. If it hasn’t, then forensic copies --- not just back-ups --- must be made, as Tina Peters did in Mesa County. That’s the only way to prove that data went missing. Otherwise, it’s gone without a trace.

Peters returned Thursday to ask some provocative questions: WHY aren’t elections more transparent? Why all the roadblocks and “scorched-earth tactics” such as these raids? (“Children’s electronics taken from them last night? What was that?”) Somebody seems awfully determined to hide something.

Lindell is one courageous guy. With all the threats, he says, he can’t even go visit his grandchildren. At times on Thursday, his voice was almost gone. He pleaded with journalists –- at FOX NEWS especially –- to risk losing their jobs and have the courage to address the issue of election reform. “We need to be heard!” he said.

Some have wondered why he’s risking his company. (Unbelievably, Dominion accuses him in their defamation lawsuit of doing this to sell MORE pillows.) His answer is that if this country goes down the drain, he doesn’t have a company.

Oh, and someone brought up an interesting point: The majority of people who don’t vote but find out someone voted in their names are Democrats. I don’t know the source for that, but this is an issue that should unite both parties. And, increasingly, it does, as according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 71 percent of Republicans want forensic audits --- and 55 percent overall do.

There is a national security aspect to this as well, because of foreign interference. But just one U.S. Senator attended, though that person wasn’t identified. It was mostly state legislators, who to their credit are enthusiastic enough to have formed a nationwide “Election Integrity Caucus” nationwide. They’ll collaborate to present a united front for having election audits in “each and every state.”

The Taliban Continues To Advance

By Mike Huckabee

With the Taliban rapidly moving in and taking back control of Afghanistan in the wake of the US pullout, the Biden White House announced that the US will deploy 3,000 troops to evacuate our embassy in Kabul, plus 1,000 to Qatar to help process Afghans fleeing the country with special immigrant visas.

The Taliban claims to have seized Afghanistan’s third-largest city, Herat, and second-largest, Kandahar. With his usual prescience, Biden declared at a press conference on July 8, “The jury is still out. But the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.” Of course, he also thought it highly unlikely that illegal immigrants would overrun this country if he reversed all of Trump's border security policies.

Much like our border, the economy and the domestic oil industry, this appears to be another case in which Biden inherited a stable situation from Trump, promptly reversed all his policies out of sheer political pique and brought on chaos. The article at the link details this, and reminds us that this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

During his many, many years in the Senate, Biden consistently voted for policies that brought about many of the problems of the 1970s that are suddenly returning, including inflation, dependence on OPEC and the chaotic Vietnam pullout and evacuation of Saigon. He was known for being on the wrong side of every major issue for 40 years, so why not make him President? What could go wrong?

This is why some pundits are starting to refer to his Administration as “Welcome Back, Carter.”

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about North Cascades National Park, visit its website here.

A Glimpse Of The Truth About Our Southern Border

By Mike Huckabee

I know many of my readers assume that President Biden and those around him have deliberately created a dangerous, wide-open Southern border so that millions of illegal immigrants can stream into the US, then be given amnesty, followed by citizenship, followed by Democratic Party membership cards. In essence, Biden did to our border security what the EPA agent in “Ghostbusters” did to New York City by shutting down the containment chamber. Naturally, top Democrat officials deny all this and insist they’re trying to get control of the situation that was under control until Biden removed all the controls.

But every so often, you inadvertently get a glimpse of the truth: even some of them realize how badly they’ve botched this. Like in this leaked audio of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas talking to border patrol agents and admitting that “if our borders are the first line of defense, we're going to lose and this is unsustainable. We can't continue like this, our people in the field can’t continue, and our system isn't built for it."

With nearly 213,000 migrant encounters in July alone, up 13% from June, Mayorkas said the federal government's system wasn’t designed to handle such an influx of migrants, he’s "very well" aware that the sector recently came close to "breaking," and “it’s our responsibility to make sure that that never happens again.”

So one person in Washington actually knows the obvious truth. Now, how about telling it to his boss?

Drama In The House

By Mike Huckabee

Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema aren’t the only moderate Democrats who are balking at passing the $3.5 trillion spending orgy…sorry, “budget resolution.” Nine House Democrats sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi saying they will not vote for the $3.5 trillion bill until the $1.2 trillion bipartisan “infrastructure” bill passes and is signed into law. That’s more than the Democrats' slim House majority. Meanwhile, far-left Democrats are threatening to oppose the $1.2 trillion bill unless the $3.5 trillion bill passes first. (To paraphrase Senator Everett Dirksen, a trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.)

As this story puts it, “That injects a strong dose of drama into the process of the House passing the budget resolution, which Pelosi warned earlier this week should happen ‘without drama.’"

I think the term “drama” is well chosen because I’ve seen this particular piece of political theater before. How many times have I heard that “moderate Democrats” were going to take a stand on principle, only to see them all fall into line and vote in lockstep with whatever Pelosi wants? It's not only theater, it's tired, predictable theater.

No matter what you may hear in the media, remember that America will not be safe until these people no longer have control over the House, Senate and White House. So pray for America and work like service dogs to win the 2022 elections.

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Comments 1-10 of 32

  • Joyce Kanlan

    08/15/2021 03:35 AM

    Drama in the house. ????, ??Democrats are working diligently to break our financial backs! They locked a free people down, many lost jobs, now DEPENDENT on corrupt democrat dictatorship, some lost their Businesses! Democrats masked a free people up with pathogen filthy masks & breathing in unhealthy CO2! Democrats have been testing the power&control since obamas, illegal, unaffordable healthcare that tripled in Arizona for example. OUR MONEY America! Democrats are urinating OUR MONEY! Stop the dismantling of America, our freedoms rights& liberties already! Speak out! Stand up! Push back together! Gather friends family coworkers neighbors and acquaintances all across America, call, Write Email Visit Bombard your representative&DEMAND they support defend protect ????& the legal citizens already! STOP the unsustainable spending!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    08/15/2021 03:19 AM

    Biden & the situation he has caused is not funny. He must be IMPEACHED along with his administration for complete FAILURE to uphold our Constitution, safety&security law&order God&Country. This is, what appears to be Obamas 3rd term, as he whispers in Biden’s ear. 200,000 illegals, MS13,Cartel ILLEGALLY IN our country, Unvetted, COVID CARRYING INTO OUR State, City, Neighborhood due to BIDEN& his corrupt administration! With the 200,000, come THEIR Illegal, Stolen, Black Market WEAPONS killing legal citizens! Up is murder, Up is rape& home invasions WHILE Democrats want DEFUND POLICE & SPEND some 70,000.00 of OUR TAX DOLLARS on PERSONAL ARMED SECURITY for THEMSELVES! IMPEACH BIDEN& his administration!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    08/15/2021 03:11 AM

    Why can’t we return to ALL legal voters, legal Americans go, in person, I.D. In hand, (every one requires I.D. To rent, buy, lease or use a bank)….use the “old fashioned” paper& pen. Check in at desk with I.D.- Fill out your name, your address& check the person you choose. Place that paper yourself into a ballot box observed by observers. Might take a minute, but when the polls close, paper is counted, recounted by a second pair of eyes. STOP using computers, use Human Hands.

  • Nancy Fitzpatrick

    08/14/2021 10:00 PM

    I am shocked at how gutless you are. Keep dancing and you will never be relevant. Its no small fact that if we do not challenge the illegalities that took place in the last election your future as a candidate is over, unless you get paid off and switch parties. The election was rigged and Mike Lindell has balls. Do you?

  • Carl T Smith

    08/14/2021 08:24 PM

    I will repeat this until someone listens! COMPUTER+SOFTWARE+MODUM+ HUMAN INTERFACE= CORRUPTION!
    Sorry for the CAPS but I am past irritation. Did I serve for 8 years to see my and thousands who gave ALL go for naught?
    If the upcoming election does NOT turn out all the ANTI-AMERICANS I think the gutters will run red!

  • Shauna dickerson

    08/14/2021 03:42 PM

    As you've written here, it's fairly common knowledge that Biden has voted on the "wrong side of the issue for 40 years" that he has been in government. Now he's forcing us back into the dopiness of the 70's. Up to this point I, and many others I talked to have blamed Biden's handlers on the demented policies. But now we see, as you've pointed out, Biden has always been this Wrong!!!! Why didn't his voters realize this before?

  • William Fuhrer

    08/14/2021 11:45 AM

    Lessons learned from the January 6 affair. First lesson is that the left and right use different rule books in their political action. Go outside those rule books and expect to pay the consequences. Political action should be a level playing field. However it is not. People are treated differently. It is not fair. Rules of the left? The Marxist system is one of political opportunism. In measure something approaches the left's goals is that ,the political end justifies the means, even if it be illegal, criminal, immoral or false

  • Stephen Russell

    08/14/2021 11:35 AM

    TN story: need to verify:
    Just read where TN state intends to round up citizens & place in FEMA camps for NonVaxxing??
    Fake story or planning for, FEMA camps nationwide
    Use police & NG to round up ciitzens

  • Jerry

    08/14/2021 09:06 AM

    Biden’s begging tour continues crawling on his belly like a reptile this cowardly is begging opec for oil when we have our own oil now begging for safety for Americans in Afghanistan in a war he wanted Biden is the complete poster child to describe an imbecile so unfit so unAmerican and pro CCP

  • Jerry

    08/14/2021 03:18 AM

    The one party America’ has allowed miserable incapable cabinet members just shows how badly compromised the congress is. The open borders is the tip of the problems this country is going to endure these new people are going to breed the million here now are going to multiply who will care for that new population one can listen to Fox News and never hear about the long term effects open borders are going to have with unlawful immigration the country already has a problem with Americans not able to read add the problem of a non speaking English population what will those effects have? a country that is dissolving