Where is this Teflon Republican?

June 9, 2016 |

At long last, the 2016 Presidential nominees are settled…or are they? For a while there, all Americans had to learn the magic number 1237, as opponents schemed to block Donald Trump from reaching that many delegates so he would lose on the first vote and a different candidate could be chosen at the convention. Now, he will have far more than enough delegates, but some conservatives are citing the racism allegations over his criticism of the judge in the Trump University case as cause for the party to simply change the rules to deny Trump the nomination. Among them, radio host Huge Hewett and writer Amanda Carpenter. The “how” is vague, but you can read their arguments in the link. Of course, doing that would infuriate voters who supported Trump, but if the GOP establishment had cared about pleasing its base over the past decade or so, they wouldn’t have ended up with Trump in the first place.

I agree that Trump’s comments were ill-considered, and I’m glad he’s vowed to say no more on the matter. But how many times have we heard over the past year that something Trump said disqualified him, only to have voters shrug it off? Even some top Republicans can get caught up in media-created frenzies and feel they have to turn on fellow Republicans or be perceived as racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. themselves. They forget that while Trump has often made the attacks too easy, liberals would have called the Republican nominee a racist no matter who it had been (and that probably includes Dr. Ben Carson). It goes with the job. Do a Google search: you’ll find that every GOP nominee back to and including the patrician Thomas Dewey was compared by Democrats to Hitler – except one, Dwight Eisenhower. I’m sure they would’ve loved to compare Ike to Hitler, if only he hadn’t been the guy who actually defeated Hitler.

So if you really think there’s some trick of parliamentary procedure that can deny the Donald the nomination without alienating most GOP voters and install a Republican who won’t be tarred as a racist/sexist/homophobe by the liberal media, fine. But first, please share with us the name of this miraculous, fictitious Teflon Republican.

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  • M.A. Pietanza

    06/10/2016 07:49 AM

    I totally agree with everything you said. I happen to believe Trump was justified in his comments though; politicians forget that while they live in an isolationist world in government, that Donald Trump is a street savvy, street smart individual with no shortage of common sense. His supporters back his logic because they know he is spot on. I think even you know that his comments weren't racist; they were indicative of the conflict of interest that does exist because of his illegal immigration plan to build a wall with a country that happens to be the place of ancestry of the judge, a judge who aligns himself with organizations that highly assist Mexican migrants and proudly promotes Mexican culture. In the interest of reality, anyone would recognize that the Judge may find it difficult to be impartial in a case where a presidential candidate is targeting "his people" as offenders of immigration law, whom he wishes to legally deport. To deny that is to say that one is being untrue, totally ignorant, or simply being politically correct. I say "his people" because one does not disregard the heritage of their parents so quickly just because of being born in the States. I, like him, have parents from Italy. I recognize myself as Italian-American, yes. But the Italian part of me is who I identify with more, so if I'm asked what my ethnicity is, I always say 'Italian'. The name is, the languages spoken in my home were, and all of the tradition and customs were, and still are, Italian. I love my ethnic country; I visit there often and enjoy the lifestyle, conjuring images of my families' lives there. I defend my parents birth country to those who don't look favorably upon it. It was interesting to note how the NY Times, wishing to bash Donald Trump as usual, didn't fact check that the judge's father NEVER became an American citizen, and his mother only became one in 1968, after her husband had passed away, and long after her son was born. So technically, the judge is Mexican, by way of anchoring, and if Mexico's laws are anything like Italy's, one can become a citizen of Italy as long as one of your parents was not an American citizen at the time you were born. I'm sure the judge considers himself to be Mexican, and despite the atrocities of the Mexican government, still loves the origin of his roots, or else he wouldn't belong to so many Mexican organizations. I also will wager that he speaks Mexican, too. Aside from all the other nonsense, like the donations to Clintons, etc., one would have to believe that bias will play a role in this case. Having said that, however, I admire your dedication and loyalty to our presumptive nominee, unlike Newt Gingrich, who has successfully worked himself back into the unworthy, distrustful, backstabbing politician that we are all sick of, and why we are backing Trump. Thank you, Mr. Huckabee. I hope you are Mr. Trump's selection for Vice President.

  • Timothy Hellings

    06/09/2016 03:10 PM

    the only candidate I see coated in media produced teflon is Killary ...... she could get dipped in a septic tank and her supporters just put clothes pins on their noses to avoid the stench