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February 26, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • What We Didn't Hear
  • DeSantis At CPAC
  • The Real Low-Information Voters
  • Biden Strikes
  • A Reader Writes...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



What We Didn't Hear

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden and Vice President Harris just marked 50 million COVID-19 vaccinations in their first month in office.

Here are the words conspicuously missing from their comments:

“Thank you, former President Trump, for your unprecedented Operation Warp Speed program that developed multiple vaccines in record time. We sincerely apologize for mocking you and saying it wasn’t possible. Also for obviously falsely suggesting that you had no plan in place to distribute the vaccine when we took office, because nobody could have possibly started from scratch and vaccinated 50 million people in one month. You’d have to be an idiot to believe that.

Oh, and speaking of idiots, sorry for calling you xenophobic for shutting off travel from China so early in the pandemic.”

DeSantis At CPAC

By Mike Huckabee

On the subject of who actually got the pandemic response right and who got it wrong, here are Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ remarks from Friday’s CPAC conference.

Florida’s Governor didn’t get an Emmy Award, but then Florida also didn’t get a ruined economy or a Governor being threatened with impeachment. They did get intense media abuse, but COVID results no worse than the blue states and a lot of new residents who moved there from the blue states, if you can call that a plus. We’ll find out in the next election if those folks have learned anything.

Bonus: he also has some words about Establishment Republicans that you’ll want to hear.

The Real Low-Information Voters

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden accused President Trump of being like Joseph Goebbels and telling a “Big Lie” so many times that people believe it. Ironically, the best example of this in years is the Democrats’ lie that Trump said there were “very fine people” on the side of white supremacist rioters in Charlottesville. He actually said there were probably very fine people on both sides of the argument about renaming or removing Confederate parks and monuments, but that the neo-Nazis and white supremacists should be “condemned totally.”

That fact didn’t keep this Big Lie from being repeated so many times that Biden claimed hearing Trump say it inspired him to run for President (impossible, since he never said it.) And no matter how many times it’s been corrected (I’m tired of typing the same words myself), Democrats refuse to stop repeating it.

Here’s Republican Rep. Andy Biggs going to the videotape to school Rep. Sheila Jackson lee after she repeated it in Congress yet again:

And here's my favorite headline of the week: "Princeton president says 'false ideas' are 'inconsistent' with university's values...then spreads false idea about Trump.”

Guess which false narrative he repeated?

And they claim Republicans are “low information voters” who believe in things that aren’t true? They need to hire some real fact-checkers.

Biden Strikes

By Mike Huckabee

After just over one month in office, President Biden ordered his first military strike early Friday, an F-15 assault on an Iranian-backed militia in Syria. This was in retaliation for recent attacks on American and coalition personnel in Iraq, and “intended to deter Iran and its militia from launching rockets at U.S. forces in the region.” Other ways to deter Iran might include to keep sanctions on them, not grovel to them, not collude with them to undermine US policy and not give them planeloads of cash to fund terrorism and their nuclear program. But I digress.

Biden is taking a lot of heat over this from the left and right. The left is accusing him of being a warmonger and violating the sovereignty of Syria, while the right is blasting him for hypocrisy. In 2017, when Trump launched a similar retaliatory strike on Iranian-backed forces in Syria, Biden’s now-spokesperson Jen Psaki called Syria a sovereign nation and demanded to know Trump’s legal authority for the attack. And Biden himself tweeted that Trump’s “erratic, impulsive decisions endanger our troops and make us all less safe.” Later, in a speech, he said the strike shows with “devastating clarity”…“just how dangerous this President is.”

Biden also put out tweets saying Americans don’t want another war in the Middle East, and that he would only use military power “responsibly and as a last resort” (for the record, Trump was the first President in 40 years who started no new wars.)

Once again, this is an example of my prediction that Biden’s biggest problem once in office wouldn’t be Republicans but reality. For four years, the Democrats and their media handmaidens constructed a scary straw man version of Donald Trump and flailed wildly at it every day, accusing it of being dumb, evil and WRONG about everything, even as the economy was booming and peace was breaking out all over.

Biden had a choice once in office of bowing to reality, admitting Trump was right and keeping his policies, or rescinding them and screwing everything up. So far, he’s opted for the latter. If he actually yields to reality in this one area and it helps protect our troops, then I’m not going to criticize him too much over it. I don’t know if this strike was justified or necessary, but if it was, I’d rather he be a flagrant hypocrite and act to protect our troops than try to save face by leaving them hanging. And who knows? Maybe if he yields to reality in this one situation, he’ll eventually try doing it somewhere else.

A Reader Writes Back...

Thank you, Mike, for providing such wholesome insight into current events. It is impossible to watch regular news these days. Keep up the good work. God bless you and your family!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Joshua Tree National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-17 of 17

  • Joyce F Birch

    02/27/2021 07:22 PM

    Thank you Governor for all your trustworthy articles/news. They are spot on.
    Love the daily Bible Verses (they're close to my religion, Catholic) & all of God's creations, America The Beautiful!

  • Mary Jones

    02/27/2021 05:50 PM

    I just love your news site and the daily verse really helps to get my day started on the right foot . Your news is truthful and honest.
    Thank you and God Bless you and you staff


    02/27/2021 02:33 PM

    Thank you for your prayer as a beginning and your level headed approach to our current events. B..en will never be my president nor will I recognize as such. Please keep up your good work !!!!

  • Dianne Kaffes

    02/27/2021 01:50 PM

    If God does not intervene we in America actually the world are in big trouble , America is going down hill fast , Pelosi and the top Democrats are to blame , their hatred of Trump put us in this position and there lust for power
    , all these illegals coming in will effect every American Citizen , i have no problem with any race coming but do it legally BC i for one want to make sure your not a terrorist or a rapist or a serial killer or a child pedophile .or maybe you are a Cartel that will bring in so

  • Jean Townsend

    02/27/2021 12:59 PM

    It’s refreshing to get honest news. Thank you for keeping us up to date with reliable comments.

  • Floyd Unger

    02/27/2021 12:51 PM

    Thank you

  • Debra Gilbert

    02/27/2021 11:36 AM

    Thank you for continuing to share the truth along with a little humor! God bless America and God bless you!!

  • Jerry

    02/27/2021 09:51 AM

    The use of Federal tax dollars to give corrupt run states a bailout should be given to the American citizen let the tax payer use the funds to help themselves the tunnel and bridge to nowhere the funds should be given to the taxpayer give the 1.9 million dollars to the taxpayers and u will not need this bill in the first place. Open up the country entirely and let the country stand on it's two feet. I am not sure what the check would be for each individual taxpayer would be I do believe it would be more than 1400 dollars shut the border down this country can not and will not take care of its own so fix America back to the standard of 2019 America has to keep Washington DC in its prison and silenced until healthy people with healthy mental health and be installed this administration has psychotic issues that needs repair or removed this oval office house's the insanity tear down the fences and let the people in white coats and body restraints take these patients to a proper facility.

  • PAUL920920356 SCHABER

    02/27/2021 08:53 AM

    This alleged attack on the Iranian Militia Base along the Syria and Iranian border in my opinion was just a sham. How come only 1 died and few be injured. I would like to know if someone in BIDEN-KERRY Administration did not call ahead and tell to get out ahead of the strike.

    Is it not strange that the New Leader of the Bin Laden Group is presently living in Iran and getting assistance from the Iranian government and prior to this sham of a attack, The Iranians had all those pre-conditions to ever resume talks on the Nuclear deal.

    Remember sitting in Israel is the Plains of Armageddom, where the doomsday will happen.

  • Norma Brown

    02/27/2021 05:51 AM

    re Goebbels and his supposed line, a lie told often enough is the truth. The man who actually said that is Vladimir Lenin, and Mr. Goebbels stole the line as his own. And that is no lie.

  • Linda Olds

    02/27/2021 05:44 AM

    I like the prayer at the beginning of your newsletter; it calms me down.
    I still can't accept people calling B____ president. He's not my president, nor will H_____ be my president.

  • Robin Casselman

    02/27/2021 01:07 AM

    Love reading your newsletter. He best trustworthy info I have found to read and enjoy. Thank you! Love and prayers.

  • Tom Gerhardt

    02/26/2021 11:05 PM

    Your daily newsletter is so "right on topic" that I wish that I had signed up months ago. If you ever need help with anything in Virginia, call on me!
    Tom Gerhardt

    PS - I am praying for you daily!

  • James Drury Jr

    02/26/2021 07:31 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    02/26/2021 07:30 PM

    My heart is heavy for America and what is going on. All I know to do is pray and support those who support America. I am old but have grands that President Biden and Congress are ruining the America I grew up in.

  • Dave Smith

    02/26/2021 06:29 PM

    Comments about Florida 'doing it right' with respect to Wuhan Flu are absolutely correct and our state has been maligned in the press. What most leave out is the narrow victory over democrat Andrew Gillum was just 34,000 votes. I can imagine Florida might be in the same league as California or New York had the election gone the other way. Elections have consequences and to avoid bad consequences, it is important for every voter to evaluate issues and candidates based on sound information, not drive by media hype and propaganda. Thank you Governor Huckabee for being a source of sound information.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/26/2021 06:21 PM

    2 Re Open Schools:
    Hire new teachers
    No Union
    Hire outside Union contract
    Take back teachers who have"love" to teach.
    Hire teachers as Indie employees
    Chap 7 Union
    Seize Union Hqs
    Fire Union staffers admin
    apply Nationwide
    Or Blue States