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April 13, 2023

In the seemingly never-ending crusade to charge Donald Trump with 10 crimes before breakfast, the Washington Post reports that “people with knowledge of" federal agents who are STILL investigating January 6th and who “spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing criminal investigation” (translation: “illegal leakers poisoning the political well”) claim that Trump is being investigated for alleged wire fraud. You might want to sit down because when I tell you why, you might fall over laughing.

They’ve reportedly subpoenaed many people in Trump’s fundraising operation in hopes of making the case that it was a federal crime for Trump to send fundraising emails making “false claims of election fraud,” because it is “illegal to make false representations over email to swindle people out of money.”

As anyone who regularly receives political fundraising emails can tell you, “making false representations to swindle people out of money” is a good description of a large percentage of them. When I was running for office, fundraising was always the part I hated most, and I especially have no respect for people who knowingly lie and fear-monger to raise money.

In Trump’s case, however, they’d have to prove that he doesn’t really believe the 2020 election was crooked, and good luck with that. On the other hand, how many millions of Democrat fundraising emails have been sent that claim Republicans want to slash Social Security and Medicare, bar black people from voting, kill “trans youth,” and bring back slavery (why would we want to bring back a Democratic institution that our guy Lincoln fought a war to end?) Privately, they have to know that all of that is outrageous hooey, but it separates the suckers from their money. Incidentally, they also love to claim that any election they lost was rigged. How much money did Stacey Abrams raise off of that lie?

So if we’re going to start charging political fundraisers with wire fraud, then let’s apply that law equally. But we might have to build a lot more federal prisons to hold all the dishonest leftwing con artists.

If you think I’m exaggerating, visit for columnist Derek Hunter’s archives. He subscribes to all the leftwing fundraising email lists (as I say on “In Case You Missed It,” he reads that stuff so you won’t have to) and writes regular round-ups of the latest hysterical attempts to bilk or guilt people into donating. A typical title for one of his columns was “Democrats Hunt the Wallets of Dumb People.”

Unfortunately, a lot of those are subscriber-only, but if you're not a VIP member, he’s got lots of fun stuff you can read for free (no donations necessary!), like this one just posted today, and it’s also about shameless political money-grubbing:

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