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May 4, 2023

I’ve had my differences with Sen. Ted Cruz, but he deserves kudos for what he did Tuesday during the Senate Democrats’ hearing on “Supreme Court Ethics Reform.” It’s just a transparent front for smearing conservative Justices, particularly Clarence Thomas, with bogus ethics charges in an attempt to either force their retirement or impeachment (to quote Dana Carvey’s George Bush impression, “Not gonna happen”) or stack the Court to politicize it.

The Justices themselves see this, which is why Chief Justice John Roberts refused to show up and dignify it by testifying, and why all nine judges signed a letter denouncing the attack on Thomas and affirming that they already follow stringent ethics rules. Besides, Senate Democrats questioning Supreme Court Justices’ ethics is like Hunter Biden calling someone a bad father.  

Anyway, the Senate Democrats brought in Kedric Payne, the Senior Director of Ethics for D.C.’s Campaign Legal Center (yes, that's a real job title!) to smear Thomas, and Cruz was well-prepared to gut his claims like a carp.

Cruz cited examples of liberal icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer doing the same thing they’re smearing Thomas for and asked Payne if they were corrupt. Well, homina-homina, of course not. Cruz replied, “Let me be clear. I’m not suggesting Justice Breyer is corrupt. What I’m suggesting is this committee is corrupt because this is a Kangaroo Circus.”

He then went on to call out Senate Democrats for threatening to cut off funding for security for the SCOTUS when their own overheated rhetoric is inspiring their followers to make death threats and launch assassination attempts against conservative Justices.

Congratulations to Sen. Cruz. This committee was supposedly going to expose unethical corruption that merited officials losing their jobs, and he actually found some!


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