The Democrat debates

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August 2, 2019

The TV ratings are in for this week’s Democrat debates. While they did beat out the other reality shows, game shows and sitcoms on TV that night, it wasn’t by much. Part one drew 8.7 million viewers (down from 15.3 million for part one of the first debate in June), while part two drew 10.7 million (down from 18.1 million in June.) That’s understandable: I wouldn’t have watched if it weren’t my job, the same way it was Ed Norton’s job to go down into the sewer every day.

So the bad news for the Democratic Party is that not that many people saw the debates. Of course, the good news for the Party is also that not that many people saw the debates. Because the reactions from those who did ranged from unimpressed to horrified, and word of mouth isn’t helping.

Those of us who have to keep up with politics for a living often forget that most people’s lives don’t revolve around who’s in Washington or who’s up or down in the latest poll, or what innocuous old tweet that’s now politically incorrect has been dragged up out of mothballs to hurl at a candidate like Moe Howard throwing a pie. In short, most Americans have lives. They don’t pay serious attention to politics until after the conventions. These candidates are pitching their appeals to the hardcore base who actually show up to primaries, and in the Democratic Party these days, that means they’re appealing to angry, Trump-despising, blame-America-first, socialist nutjobs.

This is why the debates are bad for the Party’s hopes in 2020. Normally, it would be great exposure so the public can get to know the candidates. But this time around, many in the general public who are just tuning in for the first time are shocked to discover just how mean, angry, strident and far-left these candidates are.

There’s an old saying that most voters want a “happy warrior.” Did anyone on that stage look happy? Elizabeth Warren seems perpetually enraged at such injustices as “white privilege” (like white people who claim to be Native American to get employment breaks?) Bernie shouts and looks like he’s about to turn his sprinklers on you if you don’t get off his lawn. The rest look out at a land where unemployment is at record lows, wages are rising at the fastest level in years, and no major wars are raging, and see nothing but “GLOOM, DESPAIR AND MISERY!!”

Pollster Frank Luntz noticed the level of open hostility on display. The candidates didn’t even attempt to hide it, as they reveled in the idea of punishing businesses and “taxing the H*** out of” wealthy people. Biden would imprison insurance executives who disagree with his health care plan. They would go to war against drug companies for wanting to make a profit on drugs they spent years and millions of dollars developing. To them, corporations are evil, profits are evil, and only the government is capable of exhibiting morality. Luntz said the message he got was that economic freedom is under attack and they’re out to get every CEO and business executive in America.

Luntz said, “This is not just about politics. This is not just about winning the Democratic nomination. This is about changing the structure of the economy in the United States, and they are determined to turn it upside-down.”

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  • Cherise Miller

    08/02/2019 10:18 PM

    I'm sick of the Dem debates and sick of all the evidence coming out about Comey and the others. Just like the Clintons, nothing will be done. I do hope I'm wrong. I'd much rather have my cup of coffee and be watching my Hallmark movies!!!!! God Bless.

  • Lynda Schwemmer

    08/02/2019 08:46 PM

    The disconnect that I don't understand is that despite how these radical dems promise to punish capitalism, so many major American companies are still so happy to fly the progressive flag. Are they crazy? Hoping to virtue signal enough to earn dispensation once the socialists are elected? Head scratcher.

  • Mike Gebhardt

    08/02/2019 05:36 PM


    I love most all of your commentary, but please refrain from suggesting things such as the following:

    "Maybe Democrats want to keep our immigration laws loose so that refugees from blue cities can qualify for asylum in red states."

    There's enough of that going on already without giving the even less informed any more ideas.


    Mike G.

  • Samuel Smith

    08/02/2019 05:02 PM

    The only reason these clowns and idiots get any attention is because of doming down of civics in the government schools system. You want to clean up our government you start with the voting both then the home and schools!

  • Thomas Cooper

    08/02/2019 04:54 PM

    Dear Mike,

    When referring to the party of the Democrats, please use Democrat Party, not Democratic Party. There is nothing 'democratic' about their party, and it is important to make that distinction with every reference. Thank you very much.

  • Michael

    08/02/2019 04:41 PM

    Governor: In your evening addition for today's date (Aug.2) you give statistics for our economy, jobs, etc. These are the types of "tweets" that the President and his staff need to be tweeting more of. And the President needs to hold campaign rallies in the Midwest and provide these stats, plus many more of all the successes and results these past 2 1/2 years. It would be difficult for the Democrats to contradict these statistics, but of course they will try. The President needs to tell us Americans about the crisis at the southern border (though us conservatives already know), the President needs to talk about the results of rescinding the Obama era regulations that were hurting small businesses and the economy, etc, etc. But the President should not be doing it alone. Where are the rest of the Republicans who should be sending similar messages and "tweeting". It is time to start "tweeting" or stating the positives and they could obtain so many of those statistics from all that you have been writing about.
    I did not watch the Democratic debates, but read your articles and obtained some clips from some conservative websites and all of them should frighten Americans. There is not one of them who would be good for our nation. I hope and pray that a huge majority of Republicans, patriots, conservatives and even so called moderate Democrats who will wake up and see just how frightening it would be. And I am like some of your other readers, I will not vote Democrat in any political race at any level (federal, state, local) as I have seen their misrepresentation once they are elected and on the same page with Nancy Pelosi and all the other lose screwballs!

  • Kevin J Cook

    08/02/2019 04:14 PM

    This comedy show is hilarious I don’t think I’ve seen anything this dopey since the stooges

  • Melinda Joy Sykes

    08/02/2019 04:12 PM

    I wish someone would ask the candidates questions such as the ones below:
    1) Do you own more than one home?
    2) If the answer is yes, how did you make the money to buy them considering what you are being paid?
    3) If you are for socialism why do you own more than one home and why arent you on Obama Care?
    That would be the questions I would ask the Democrats.

  • Arlen Johnson

    08/02/2019 03:53 PM

    This group of people along with the House are focusing their hatred on President Trump, but really telling half the voting citizens of the United States how much they hate them for voting for him.

  • Ellen Klapperich

    08/02/2019 02:56 PM

    I'll be laughing as their determination turns into defeat. These people are dangerous and need to be removed from office.

  • Robbie Mize

    08/02/2019 02:39 PM

    Well they all scare me to death. They talk about us as conservatives being hate filled and racists and deplorable and ignorant ....when I hear what they say, it sounds to me like they can't see the forest for the trees.

  • William Taylor

    08/02/2019 02:36 PM

    You have now read, as you stated you would, and responded twice to my comments/questions so here I am again. I would like to add that I may seem to come from a Democrat perspective but I consider myself an independent who is seeking answers to issues of concern for our country. I try to avoid ‘echo chambers’ as a source of answers.
    While I was disappointed in the ‘answers’ of the recent Democrat debate discussions, they did suggest some questions that need answers from Republicans e.g. 1) why is insulin approximately 10 times more expensive in the US than it is in Canada (per Bernie Sanders) and why are ‘market forces’ not quickly resolving this issue? 2) Is the idea of ‘man made climate change’ still called a ‘Chinese hoax’ by the President or what is the current position of the President on this? 3) Can we, as a country, pay for our infrastructure needs with new taxes or additional debt?

  • Gustavo Vergara

    08/02/2019 02:09 PM

    It was a two day boring experience.
    Only one "candidate" was normal, Mr. Delaney. He is also an inaceptable leftist.
    The rest range between clowns and despicable villains. Happy to see that the "dems" present so many morons and idiots.
    I know we will choose none of them, ever.

  • Janice Kujawa

    08/02/2019 01:46 PM

    I did not watch them but saw clips of them on local news (I live just outside Detroit). If this is the best the democrats can do, heaven help us all if one of them should become the next president. If I were Mr. Trump, I would shut down my Twitter account, campaign heavily in the midwest (Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc.) and remind those who are leaning democratic, that this economy is really good and even more prosperity can happen in the next four years. A lot of people (some die hard republicans too) are turned off by the twitter rantings which are reminiscent of kindergartner's squabbles. Tone it down, act the like the dignified man he really is, and run to win again. Most of the above states were won by a slim margin and state elections have already been won by democrats. I don't want to see the 2020 presidency go democrat either.

  • Claude Lumpkin

    08/02/2019 01:42 PM

    I watched all 4 debates, not because I support these candidates but to see if any of them show any evidence of supporting our country or its founding principles. Only John Delaney and John Hickenlooper showed that they value what must be preserved. Sadly, only the most extreme and radical among them appears to have a chance of being nominated. This is disturbing.

  • rodney burke

    08/02/2019 01:19 PM

    It is time we faced the rality of the 21st century. The communists/socialists hate America and everything it stands for and profit, self reliance and ambition ot get a ahead are tops on the list. We hae a party that wants a USSR or a Cuba. There is a word for that and I am sure we have a punishment for it. Time to EXECUTE it on the libs. They want to destroy American just like MOST muslims do Ask Pam Geller, Dinesh D Souza.
    Watch the big 4. They hate America and want it destroyed.. What are Somali doing in MN? Dearborn, NY the compound in NM. Wake UP people. We have two sworn enemies who are NOT hiding their hatred and their desire to destroy us. When are we going to fight back? When there is a fuol scale invasion? Is that what it will take? Do the "sleeper cells" have to attack before we do to defend our country against the enemy foreign and domestic? What will it take, when we have hatred every where? If it takes combat in the streets just to defend us then I guess that is what we have to do

  • David Caddy

    08/02/2019 12:58 PM

    Governor Huckabee, Common sense tells me not to vote Democrat. They can't see good because of their hate for President Trump. I am 73 years old and lived through several presidents. None have come close to fixing our economy as much as Trump. He's not afraid to tackle any situation that comes up. Trump for 2020. And thank you for standing behind the good for America. God Bless.

  • John Bergman

    08/02/2019 12:54 PM

    I think that the Democrats are having a Family Feud's like nobody really
    cares about the U. S. citizens....(nothing new)
    A question I have about the "medicare for all".... Will congress accept Medicare as their Insurance ???? Probably NOT.... so why do they want to FORCE it on others ????

  • Joanne Schmidt

    08/02/2019 12:47 PM

    The bad news for the Democrats is not just that voters see how extreme they are in these debates, but that the debates are forever recorded to be re-used in ads during the general election. While the Dems are forever calling President Trump racist for simply disagreeing with them, they continue to ignore the anti-Semitism, anti-white bigotry of demagogoues like Al Sharpton and Elijah Cummings while defending the "Squad" despite their open hatred for the United States.

    It's obvious to anyone watching the Dem debates that the media prefers Elizabeth Warren to be their candidate. Keep a timer and you'll see that she gets way more time than anyone else on the stage. In the meantime, Tulsi Gabbard has her fund-raising website censored by social media when people look her up.

    So my question is: why are we all discussing Russian collusion in American elections while the Socialist media has a stranglehold on 90% of what we read and see on the news?

  • Leslie Dimmling

    08/02/2019 12:46 PM

    What is really disturbing is that there are so-called AMERICANS who actually believe what the DEMs are shoveling. That instead of taking advantage of a world class educational system and making good on their own, that their only way up the economic ladder to to rob OTHERS of what they have earned. They are forcing their often depraved ideas into the center of American life, indoctrinating small children, suppressing free speech, especially conservatism, expunging American History on which this great nation was founded, and promoting the idea that you are guilty until proven innocent, even if the charges are decades old and CANNOT be proved one way or the other. Unproven accusations are the order of the day, with people blasted without evidence of being racists, rapists, or otherwise traitors. There are indeed real consequences to elections. Some have failed to learn that those consequences are impossible to reverse. Those who vote DEM vote to continue the decline of democracy, freedom and civilized behavior, and will have the blood of the country on their hands.

  • Helen Corey

    08/02/2019 12:37 PM

    Didn’t watch Dems’ debates. Didn’t want to subject myself to carnage of democracy and promotion of socialism.

  • Larry K Morphew

    08/02/2019 12:37 PM

    "Nut Jobs" is the perfect description of these people

  • Jamie Goddard

    08/02/2019 12:05 PM

    AOC may be dumb like a fox. Where else can a bartender get elected to Congress even if it is one term she has a great income from us for the rest of her life. Enough so she could choose to never work again. Sounds like a pretty smart move!

  • Cynthia Braziel

    08/02/2019 11:55 AM

    Check out James Dobson’s article, What the Bible Says About Socialism

  • Jack Pasch

    08/02/2019 11:46 AM

    The Democratic platform is Satanic and the democratic candidates have lost all common sense.
    The bible tells of this type of movement would happen but I just did not think it would happen this quick.
    God Bless America