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November 23, 2022

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Thus says the Lord,

your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:

“I am the Lord your God,

who teaches you to profit,

who leads you in the way you should go.

Isaiah 48:17 ESV

Bill Barr attacks Trump again

Former Trump attorney general Bill Barr appears to be working overtime to damage Trump ahead –- far ahead –- of the 2024 GOP nomination for President. Though he says (to his credit) that he could never vote for a so-called progressive Democrat because of the damage such a person might do to the country, he is very much against Trump being the Republican nominee.

Last week, his anti-Trump rhetoric got so vehement that on Monday, we played a game called “Who Said It --- Bill Barr or Peter Strzok.” It really is quite challenging these days to tell the difference between what Barr says about Trump and what disgraced-and-fired FBI agent and Russia Hoaxer Strzok says. These were quotes from interviews that both took place on Friday, which happens to have been the day Attorney General Merrick Garland announced his appointment of Jack Smith as the new special counsel to investigate Trump over the Mar-A-Lago documents and his role in the January 6 riot. (How did you do on our quiz?)

On Monday, Barr spouted even more quotes in case we wanted to do an updated version of our game, in an op-ed for the NEW YORK POST headlined “Trump threatens to burn down the GOP, it’s time to move on.” Tell me, did Trump really threaten to burn down the GOP? I didn’t hear that, or anything close to that, and I don’t think he wants to do that, but let’s set that sensationalistic headline aside for the moment and take a thoughtful look at Barr’s commentary.

Barr does allow that Trump has strengths: he’s “clear and direct” in staking out a position (and, yes, that’s so refreshing!); he confronts difficult issues head-on; and he diagnosed and gives voice to the frustration of so many voters fed up with “progressive” Democrats, the elites and the media. Trump, like us, was sick of watching them preside over the decline of America.

Supporting Trump was an act of defiance, he points out, and that is true. Supporters liked the fact that he was over the top. “His voters felt that the left was taking a wrecking ball to the country,” he writes, “and they wanted to strike back with their own.” Also true.

Barr gives Trump credit for substantive achievements, such as “tax reform and deregulatory efforts” that “generated the strongest and most resilient economy in American history --- one that brought unprecedented progress to many marginalized Americans.” And Trump had begun to restore America’s military strength.

“[Trump] correctly identified the economic, technological and military threats to the United States posed by China’s aggressive policies,” Barr acknowledges. He brokered peace deals in the Mideast, accomplishing what many had thought impossible. He pulled us out of “ill-advised and detrimental agreements” with Russia and Iran. He finally fulfilled our promise to move our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Yet, with all that he’s given Trump credit for, Barr can’t settle for what he did on the issues. Trump was petty and “made everything about himself,” he says. “If Trump had run his re-election campaign on that platform,” he says, “and dialed his churlishness back just a little, he would have won. But he lost because he insisted on running a campaign centered on whipping up his “base,” with a steady diet of “red meat.” Barr thinks that Trump isn’t really interested in broadening his appeal, that he’s “content to focus on intensifying his personal hold over a faction within the party.”

“The threat is simple,” Barr says, and here’s where NYP editors got their headline: “Unless the rest of the party goes along with him, he will burn the whole house down by leading ‘his people’ out of the GOP.” “Trump’s willingness to destroy the party if he does not get his way is not based on principle,” Barr says, “but on his own supreme narcissism. His egotism makes him unable to think of a political party as anything but an extension of himself –- a cult of personality.”

Unfortunately, it seems to be personality that Barr himself is mostly looking at. He says that in 2016, he “did not see [Trump] as our party’s standard-bearer.” Trump was “grossly self-centered, lacked self-control, and almost always took his natural pugnacity too far.” He found himself “cringing at his frequently juvenile, bombastic and petulant style.” Ah, Trump’s tweets.

And he’s still uneasy with Trump’s “wrecking ball style.” Never mind that in the years since Trump was first inaugurated, and especially since he left office, we’ve seen more and more that needs a wrecking ball taken to it, notably the DOJ that Barr led for some time. (Barr says Trump “failed”; what did Barr do to purge the DOJ of the deep-state bureaucracy that plagues it?)

As we noted on Monday, Barr said he thinks the special counsel will likely have enough evidence to indict Trump on charges related to his possession of documents at Mar-A-Lago. Never mind that the President has THE final authority over what documents are classified or declassified, which means the raid should never have taken place. Barr, of all people, should know this, so imagine the case of Trump Derangement Syndrome he must have to be able to ignore something so basic. He also seems to have ignored the blatantly partisan choice of this particular prosecutor; so far he’s said nothing.

Perhaps Barr is projecting his own TDS onto the voters when he says Trump himself lost the 2020 election and risks losing it all for the GOP in 2024. That seems to be his main concern about re-nominating the former President. He accuses Trump of tailoring his campaigning to his base --- that's such a condescending term, “base” --- and supplying them with the “red meat” they need. Sorry, I don’t agree. I and millions of others who supported Trump were not looking for “red meat.” If he wants to know why we voted for Trump, he should just look back at what he wrote himself about Trump’s strengths.

Many factors influenced the 2020 election. Covid, perhaps more than anything, and the logistical changes to the election process for which covid was the mere pretext, greatly affected the outcome. The collusion between the deep state and the dishonest media that suppressed stories damaging to Joe Biden was another huge factor. We don’t need to re-hash all that right now. For Barr to blame Trump’s loss in 2020 on his personal style is incredibly simplistic.

I think most of us in the GOP are taking a wait-and-see approach to the 2024 election; after all, it’s still two years away. We need to look at every candidate, and Trump might or might not be our eventual nominee. On the issues, though, we have consensus that he was a superb President. And given all the dark forces that have tried to take him down, it’s amazing –- almost superhuman –- that he is still standing and going strong. Perhaps he’s even learned to tone down his bombast when he sees it getting in the way of a particular goal. But Barr is trying so hard right now to talk us out of supporting him, one has to wonder if there’s something else behind it.


This is a lengthy but brilliant article by Victor Davis Hanson about how America came to be plagued with an uber-wealthy class of Silicon Valley billionaires who are completely out of touch with the lives and needs or regular Americans, but who think they should be able to control all our lives according to their super-privileged, trendy socialist political views.

Hanson examines several key figures in a “long line of Bay Area social-justice hypocrites and frauds” who “talked like Eugene Debs while living like Marie Antoinette,” as they funded Democrat politicians into office and publically virtue-signaled about their superior progressive morality to con the media into believing they were altruistic, Ivy League geniuses. That is, until their Ponzi schemes collapsed and cost investors billions, like convicted biotech fraudster Elizabeth Holmes, or cryptocurrency con man and Dem megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried, aptly described by Hanson as the “Bahamas-basking, tax-avoiding, polyamorous sybarite, and heartthrob of progressive moralists.”

You should read this for the writing style alone, but the damning facts are the icing on the cake.

The Washington Post tries to ruin everything

As part of the left’s never-ending crusade to ruin everything enjoyable, Washington Post food columnist Tamar Haspel wrote an article listing the “climate impact” of all the traditional Thanksgiving meal dishes.

Tell you what, if you’re that concerned about damaging the climate, skip the baked beans. Or you could just choke down some plant-based fake meat. That’s “healthy,” right? Uh, about that…

Stop the presses!

Stop the presses! We have a first! A Democratic Senator just admitted that President Trump was right about something!

Story for Georgia Run-off Voters

You know about the low-income apartment building owned by Sen. Raphael Warnock’s church where he’s pastor and CEO, the one that’s attempted to evict people for being as little as $28.55 behind in their rent. Turns out there are also rodents, bugs, mold and other issues. One 69-year-old black Vietnam veteran said he’s been threatened with eviction for being $192 past due on rent and that “They treat me like a piece of (bleep.) They’re not compassionate at all.”

Well, Warnock does have compassion for some people. The Washington Free Beacon reports that as Senator, he helped steer a $16.4 million earmark to build pedestrian and bike trials to a company that shares ownership in the apartment complex.

Florida college of medicine pushes woke agenda

According to a report by the group Do No Harm, the University of Florida College of Medicine is the latest to be exposed for indoctrinating medical students with Critical Race Theory, DEI, social justice activism and other “woke” leftist propaganda that has nothing to do with teaching people how to be good doctors.

The administrators of these schools had better get woke to the fact that nobody cares about the race of their doctor, they just want one who ensures that they will wake up alive after an operation. And for any school where teachers prioritize racially-divisive politics over medical science, its diplomas will soon earn a reputation as the sheepskin equivalent of a skull and crossbones label on a bottle of poison.

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