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April 27, 2023

I’ve written quite a bit about the big push by the left to force everyone into electric vehicles, warning about how their ranges and charging times make them impractical for most Americans, the safety issues they present, that the power grid can't handle them all, the many problems related to obtaining the resources needed for the batteries, and the issue of how to safely dispose of all those batteries. Well, here’s another problem that nobody seems to have thought about until now: their weight.

Addison Smith at reports that too many EVs could start collapsing parking garages. We just had a garage collapse in New York City, killing one person. That was related to age and unresolved structural problems. But many garages were built decades ago and are starting to show cracks and stresses, and they are not ready to handle a switch to electric cars that weigh considerably more than gas-powered cars due to their heavy batteries.

How much more weight are we talking about? He cites a few examples:

A Rivian EV pickup is 1,000 pounds heavier than the heaviest Ford F-150. A Vauxhall Viva built in the ‘60s when many garages were built weighs just under 1,700 pounds, while a comparably-sized Audi E-tron weighs nearly 5,200 pounds. A new Hummer EV weighs 9,000 pounds with a third of that being the battery.  

And if you think that’s going to put a strain on parking garages, imagine what it’s going to do to highways, bridges and overpasses.

Like so many bright ideas from the left, if you look closely, this one collapses under its own weight.

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