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April 14, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • MUST-READ: How we'll expose and defeat the LYING LEFT
  • More to CNN propaganda story
  • SURVEY: Swing voters are against Biden Agenda
  • Angry "Squad" Member calls for ending police and incarceration
  • Fighting Back Against “Woke” CEOs
  • Reader Writes...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee


MUST-READ: How we'll expose and defeat the LYING LEFT

By Mike Huckabee

In yesterday’s newsletter, we featured a letter that reflects the way many of us who favor the rule of law, conservative values and the Constitution are feeling right now. Here it is…

I agree that voters would be outraged about what the Left is doing but only if they KNOW what the Left is doing. The reason why Trump lost the last election is because so many people simply absorbed the curated media/celebrity propaganda. I currently see no reason why that would change in 2022. Most people, especially young people, just aren't paying enough attention. Your newsletter is great for those who bother to read it, but can't break through the information curtain of Big Tech and MSM.

With the bad news as relentless as it has been in recent days, many of us are naturally disheartened and have lost hope for a turnaround. Yes, it’s true that the preponderance of false media images cause poorly informed people to identify as “woke,” and that was a factor in Trump’s 2020 loss. But since then, the left have taken their effort so far, so dishonestly, and there’s been so much violence and racial unrest (urged on by white leftists), that more people than you might think are wising up.

The backlash is coming. Look for it.

It’s coming in the form of new social media platforms that allow free expression. Media-savvy young people will discover these, and the more independent-minded will use them. Also, the growing number of people who’ve been “canceled” for uncomfortably truthful comments –- labeled “misinformation” –- will need other places to go. Those places are gearing up now.

The obvious one is what you are reading right now—the twice daily newsletter from that I hope you pass on to your friends and urge them to sign up to receive. If you aren’t already listening to my podcast, “The People’s Podcast” please subscribe at where you will hear extended interviews with newsmakers, policy experts, and others with depth not possible on typical radio or TV shows. And I sure hope you’re watching my weekend television show on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) where you will get news and analysis, but where you will also get entertained and encouraged from a wholesome, old-fashioned variety show that isn’t ALL mind-numbing politics. My guest this weekend (Saturday 8/11pm ET; Sunday 9pm ET, and on Newsmax Sunday at noon ET) is President Trump. I know he will be his usual straightforward self!

Already, there is Rumble, where we watch daily podcasts by Dan Bongino (and others). There is, where we read Glenn Greenwald (and others). There’s also, where we like to watch Scott Adams (and others). As we recently reported, Mike Lindell is about to launch, created to fly under the radar of the censoring twits at Twitter.

And is back, building its brand and working to counteract the left’s lie –- yes, another lie –- that it was instrumental in carrying out the January 6 Capitol Hill security breach. The truth: those involved in that breathtakingly stupid mistake were coordinating on Facebook and Twitter.

Direct email is another way to get around Facebook and Twitter, which think they can act as the gatekeepers of our minds but can’t. For example, as I mentioned earlier, I would encourage you to pass along the free Mike Huckabee newsletter to everyone you know or have ever met!

College students who stand for independent thought are forming campus conservative groups, such as the one at the University of Chicago we reported on a few days ago. Leftist universities have gone way too far with censorship and “safe spaces” and the immersion of students in toxic “anti-racism,” and there is pushback.

For a long time, late-night TV has been a wasteland of lame leftist drivel, but Greg Gutfeld has a new show that’s competing directly with that. Viewers have been starved for wit –- genuinely funny entertainment that isn’t driven by tiresome Trump-hate or a predictable leftist lines –- and you’ll be happy to know that Gutfeld is off to the races, ratings-wise.

As Gutfeld soars and CNN craters, FOX NEWS is justifiably crowing.

For leftist “news” outlets such as CNN and MSNBC to maintain their narrative, they need a monopoly, and they don’t have one. And CNN has been exposed as a partisan propaganda machine, a joke. Check out the latest video expose from Project Veritas, just released yesterday.

A Project Veritas undercover reporter, posing as a Tinder date, recorded CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester bragging that they actively worked to get Biden elected, by presenting healthy, “young geriatric” images of him in aviator sunglasses, and that they totally made up stories about Trump having health problems, even bringing in medical people. He said it was to “[create] a story there that we didn’t know anything about. That’s what, I think that’s propaganda.”

“I am 100 percent going to say it,” he said in the video, “and I 100 percent believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have gotten voted out. I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that.”

“Our focus was to get Trump out of office,” he said. “Without saying it, that’s what it was, right?" Next on their agenda: climate change.

“[Covid] will taper off to a point that it’s not a problem any more. Climate change can take years, so [CNN will] probably be able to milk that quite a bit...Climate change is going to be the next covid thing for CNN...Fear sells.” He said Jeff Zucker and his “council” decide where to go with topics.

That was just Part 1; Part 2 is expected on Wednesday. Of course, Project Veritas has had to find a way around Big Tech to get their reports and video evidence out. Again, going straight to email is a great way to do it. Sign up and let the fun begin.

Anyway, CNN’s cover is blown. Sure, there will be a lot of chuckleheads who still believe their outrageous lies and stay in that media bubble, but anyone with a brain will regard them with disdain.

There’s also a growing realization that the left’s agenda is at odds with what most people really want. Take voter ID, for example. Most people favor it.

And here’s why they do, stated beautifully.

The left’s main problem: they’ve taken their brazen lies and “cancel culture” too far. Right now, corporations are virtue-signaling to the left –- another example of the radical left using fear and intimidation –- but the slogan “get ‘woke,’ go broke” was coined for a reason. Coca-Cola might have avoided getting canceled by the left, but I’ve canceled any plans to drink one; haven’t you? Trump got 75 million votes (minimum); without them drinking Coke, “Woke”-a-Cola would quickly go flat.

One theory about why corporations are embracing BLM and going full-on “anti-racist” is that they’re trying like the devil to distract from some of their other business practices.

Finally, we have NO IDEA what’s going to happen between now and November 2022, let alone 2024, so it’s impossible to predict where we’ll be as a country then. You’ve probably heard of the term “black swan” to describe a totally unanticipated and even unimagined event that up-ends everything. Covid was 2020's black swan.

So here’s what we do now: stand up and join the strengthening backlash against the lying left. I see the beginnings of a huge pushback. Sure, they’ll still lie their heads off, trying to fool enough of the people enough of the time, but as we find ways to get our own messages out, we can stop them.

More to CNN propaganda story

By Mike Huckabee

I wrote elsewhere today about the “dog bites man” “revelation” that CNN deliberately aired anti-Trump propaganda during the election. But there’s more to the Project Veritas undercover video of the CNN executive bragging about how they they’re Democrat operatives with cameras, and naturally, it’s not just something they did last year. It’s an ongoing mission, and one of their current crusades is to “get” Rep. Matt Gaetz, because they see him as standing in the way of passing leftist bills in the House.

I still don’t know exactly what to think about the current accusations against Rep. Gaetz, but I’ll say this: if any of them come from CNN, I’ll be even more skeptical than I already am. Of course, you could say that about virtually any news story.

SURVEY: Swing voters are against Biden Agenda

By Mike Huckabee

It’s no wonder some Democrats are so desperate to expand and pack the Supreme Court, legalize vote fraud, and cram through massively “transformative” (socialist) legislation on a party line vote while they can. They have to know that the way they’re driving the nation over a cliff in just a few short months is not playing well with swing voters.

Latest proof: a new survey by Heritage Action for America on immigration and the border, taken in battleground Congressional Districts in 15 states and in swing suburban counties. It found that across the political spectrum, voters in swing areas are heavily opposed to what President Biden has done on the border and to various Democrat immigration wish list items.

By heavily, I mean margins of 2-1, 3-1, and in one case (letting illegal immigrants vote), opposed 90-8% in swing suburban counties. They also strongly agree that the surge of immigrants has become a serious public safety issue due to the influx of violent criminals, that we have to get control of the border because we can’t afford to spend billions on services for illegal immigrants, that it’s unfair for them to get social services ahead of US citizens, that applicants should have to wait outside the US to be processed, that those who try to enter fraudulently should be deported, and that they should establish a desire to assimilate into American culture before being granted citizenship. Also, voters oppose ending funding of the border wall or tearing it down by 67-24% in swing counties.

In fact, the narrowest margin of all was 56-40% in Congressional battleground districts and 57-38% in swing suburban counties on the question of whether Biden is to blame for the catastrophe on the border because he eliminated Trump’s border security policies. Frankly, I’m amazed that one wasn’t 100-0%. I can only assume that the 38-40% who don’t think Biden is to blame are comprised of partisan Democrats, members of the media (same thing), people who haven’t been paying attention, and people who sincerely believe their kids when they find them standing next to a broken lamp and saying, “I didn’t do it!”

Angry Squad Member calls for ending police, incarceration

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s some more on “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s call for ending all policing and incarceration, calling it “government-funded murder.”

I’ll just respond the same way I always do whenever someone on the far left advances some suicidally-stupid proposal: “You first.” Let Rep. Tlaib give up the protection of the Capitol police and personal bodyguards, and put out the word that she will not call the police while she is at work, commuting or at her home. After a year, we’ll check in and see how her year-without-policing is working out. I have a feeling it would be like the leftist city council members in riot-torn blue cities who voted to defund the police for everyone else but assign them to special duty to protect council members. Or the one in Portland, Oregon, who called 911 over a dispute with a Lyft driver just days after voting to cut $18 million from the police budget. The Internet never forgets, and neither do we.

While we’re on the subject, Rep. Tlaib and the other “Squad” members should also stop lionizing the police who dealt with violent protesters and protected them at the Capitol on January 6th if they’re going to condemn all the other cops dealing with violent criminals and protecting the public everywhere else. Reminder: the only violent death at the Capitol that we know of was caused by a police officer shooting an unarmed female protester who was crawling through a window at the time. That seems to fit Rep. Tlaib’s description of “government-funded murder” (the DC coroner even ruled that a “homicide,” yet we still don’t know the name of the cop who fired. The officer in the Daunte Wright shooting has already been named, despite the obvious danger to her and her family.)

So if you want to do away with all policing and jailing of criminals, then give up your own police protection for a while and then get back to us on how it’s going.

Fighting Back Against “Woke” CEOs 

By Mike Huckabee

I already told you about, the new group created to blow the whistle on corporations that try to use their market power to inflict their leaders’ leftist politics on consumers. Now, there’s already a second group to watchdog these companies, and to let conservatives know when their dollars aren’t welcome and Republican lawmakers know who isn’t worthy of the tax breaks and other benefits they want from citizens whose rights they don’t respect.

The new group was founded by the American Conservative Union and it’s called the Center to Protect Voters and Their Voices.

So, two new groups in a week to fight leftist corporate tyranny. I’d call that “a good start.”

A Reader Writes Back...

I agree with your reader's comment: not enough Americans do not pay attention to what's goin on in our governements (National, ate & local) and schools. Perfect example: man-on-the-street interviews by some well-known TV show hosts show just how ignorant many people are about our history, as well as our current government and events. Some don't bother to vote (PTL) and others vote informed only by the liberal MSM. Educating the masses is the most important goal for conservatives.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Lake Clark National Park & Preserve, visit its website here.

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  • Ed Pfitzner

    04/16/2021 11:27 AM

    What is wrong with the sign up "capcha"???? It will NOT let me creat a new account!

  • Tom Gilliland

    04/15/2021 12:15 PM

    The left are talking about the so-called legitimacy of the officer to shoot Babbit.
    How about firing a warning shot in the air first, that would have got her attention and she’d still be alive today.

  • Joe Webb

    04/15/2021 10:54 AM

    I made a mistake and put this comment on an earlier edition. A suggestion has been made to show power of conservative (anti-woke) voices, pick one day a month to 'boycott' left wing social media and woke corporations. That will be more effective than trying a general boycott. It will take widespread publicity to gain necessary strong support, and the first day suggested is 15 May, tho' that's a Saturday.

  • Jack Grimshaw

    04/15/2021 10:23 AM

    You might consider a thumbs up for AMAC in you newsletter. A conservative alternate to aarp that is doing things to help our cause.

    I have no connection to AMAC other than being a member.

    Thank you, have a blessed day (week,month, years)

  • Michael

    04/15/2021 09:22 AM

    This comment is about the 2nd amendment being protected from federal government over-reach. Nebraska's governor just signed legislation that Nebraska is a 2nd amendment sanctuary state. All red states need to do this. Start fighting fire with fire. The Dems and the media wanted and got their sanctuary cities and states to protect illegals and criminals. It is way over do that red states start becoming assertive in using "sanctuary" legislation against the Communist loving Dems and MSM. The red states should be " thinking out of the box" and all of them acting together. Republicans have to learn to stop being on the defensive and be on the offensive. The weak Republicans have been cowards to the Dems for far too long. Let's change this game and go offensive against the intentional destruction of our nation, actually Republic- if we can keep it. Can't keep it by being lily livered wimps and appeasers. No more play along to get along!!!! If we continue on this course of the evil Dems wanting rule, power and control ovrr the people- we are done and the U.S. soon will no longer be a Republic or the land of the free!!

  • Jerry

    04/15/2021 08:58 AM

    With the MSM tied so tightly to the Biden administration the chance for a public service to explain what to do when stopped or questioned by law enforcement will not happen. This biden administration seeks community unrest it is cover for its action to strip basic and constitutional rights from the American people. Keeping children part time students, attempt to keep business form operating at 100% selves are becoming bare in stores supply and demand are at the consumers disadvantage petroleum products prices are increasing daily this administration is crippling the country at most of its venues.

  • Joan Johnson

    04/15/2021 08:48 AM

    I have a concern about a website you recommended,, as I went to it and it required my home address in order to send Facebook a reprimand. Do you believe this is a safe site? Thank you in advance and best wishes.

  • Linda Olds

    04/15/2021 12:06 AM

    I agree that many people are not understanding what the left is doing, but often they think that they're well-informed. They think that by watching a variety of TV news networks, they take away a "fair and balanced" view. But the problem is that they don't understand that most of what they're watching is propaganda; they give it all equal consideration.
    And many of them don't find conservative networks like OAN, or conservative newspapers, or they think that a conservative news outlet means far-right extremists.
    There's definitely a need for getting the conservative point of view to more people.
    I enjoy reading the Bible verses...they help me keep calm.

  • Jerry

    04/14/2021 11:20 PM

    The federal government brings in other countries people and locates them in a voting district and they elect to congress the agenda of the country they came from take Omar the feds set up a voting block in Minneapolis and congress has a never American voter Biden is doing it again by allowing millions of illegals in and will
    Give them a a right to vote without being an American towns and more cities will be set up for foreign elections and the-bright becon on the hill grows dimmer and dimmer

  • Joe Healy

    04/14/2021 11:10 PM

    In reference to the second paragraph, first story, above: Trump did not lose the election. The unethical, "power by any means necessary", Democrats stole it.

    Additionally, the Democrats are not "advancing their agenda" they are seizing power! They may succeed before the '22 election.

  • William Fuhrer

    04/14/2021 11:03 PM

    Since you have Jewish friends wouldn't one of them call out Jerry Nadler for being in an anti GOD party since he graduated from a very religious school

  • Carl T Smith

    04/14/2021 10:38 PM

    Spot on Coverage, as usual. I think the conservatives would be better served if you all pulled the same set of oars on both sides of the boat. otherwise, you are going in a circle. Ever hear of the Circular Firing Squad? ALL the POD cast for $$, all the websites, Blaze, Redstate, etc. all $$$. I'm already strapped by my cable company for $200 a month for 800 channels of garbage, so add in all the sites I search for the TRUTH and I'm spending a 1/4 of my SS. I Use E-Mail and have divorced myself from Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Fox Nation is good but once again more$$.

  • Joe Webb

    04/14/2021 10:22 PM

    A smart suggestion was made on Fox Business this morning. Instead of pushing a general boycott of leftist companies, get the word out for a one day blackout for conservatives to stay off leftist social media and products. The date of 15 May was mentioned but to work it'll have to have wide publicity (and that's a Saturday if another day would be better). Repeat such a practice on a monthly basis and it'll send a strong message of conservative strength.

  • William Fuhrer

    04/14/2021 09:16 PM

    Karl Rove on FOX BUSINESS says bring it on! Karl is ready to debate with statistics that the new Georgia voting law will be fairer than voting laws in at least 6 Democratic state...including Colorado. Should also have the ignorant head of baseball at the debate

  • Harold Levi

    04/14/2021 08:01 PM


    A little Nikita.

    “Your children’s children will live under Communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy; until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”
    Nikita Khrushchev – 1959
    1st Secretary of Communist Party

    We are there! Thank you Marxist-Democrats!

  • William Fuhrer

    04/14/2021 07:51 PM

    Hershel Walker says that athletes who want to demonstrate do NOT belong on the United States olympic team. China after an attack on the CIVILIZED WORLD certain does not belong there

  • James Drury Jr

    04/14/2021 07:48 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Kim Yochum

    04/14/2021 07:25 PM

    Please quit saying Trump lost! The Dems cheated! Not many voted for Biden. Trump won!

  • William Fuhrer

    04/14/2021 06:38 PM

    Two different opinions from police one officer said that an officer could not make a mistake between a pistol and a stun gun and the one analyst at FOX hoped with 26 years she would get her pension. Like in boxing size matters the police chief does not know how many times he was not awoke at night because Chauvin could easily handle situation, but seem ready to throw him under the bus

  • Floyd Unger

    04/14/2021 06:30 PM

    Thank you

  • Paula Tammaro

    04/14/2021 06:18 PM

    It would be great to bring this link out in your column...
    From Florida ---Isolation Kills Too....Mary Daniel on Becoming a Dishwasher to See Her Husband; Advising Gov DeSantis...

  • PAUL920920356 SCHABER

    04/14/2021 05:56 PM

    This is to the WOKE AND CANCEL CULTURE. If you read your history books and knew your European History you would have awoken to the fact those tactics that Mark Zuckerburg and the Main Street Media are using are a duplicate from the book called Mein KAMPF , written by ADOLPH HITLER and utilized by his party called the NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY (NAZIS). So now you know how unawake you are really.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/14/2021 05:25 PM

    Fighting the Left:
    Mike Lindells MyStore
    Pres Trumps social media site due.
    Rules for Radicals Tactics.
    Best bet