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October 27, 2022



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For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

Romans 1:20

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President Biden kicks over a hornet's nest

President Biden kicked another hornet’s nest with one of his weird off-prompter remarks, this time by claiming that it’s racist when airlines charge “junk fees” for extra room in airline seats.

No, he didn’t mean “junk in the trunk” fees. He was talking about charging more for seats with extra leg room. Exactly how that punishes minorities and marginalized communities more than tall white people is a mystery known only to Joe. Robert Spencer at PJ Media attempted to unravel what he was talking about and found it was complete nonsense from top to bottom.


What happens when autonomy goes nuts

Do you really think that having no respect for the sanctity of life is limited to abortion? We went from first trimester only to right up through the ninth month to denying care to babies already born during “botched” abortions. And now, Canada is expanding this concept even further, and from the other end of life. Canada has allowed medically-assisted suicide since 2016, supposedly for those with a “grievous and irremediable medical condition.” But who’s next? How about helping the mentally ill kill themselves? Or allowing “mature minors” to be euthanized by government doctors without parental consent?

A medical humanities professor told Tucker Carlson, "This is what happens when autonomy just goes nuts,” and medical care is based on cost-benefits analysis instead of respect for the sanctity of life. I might say this is what happens when you let the government decide whose life is worth saving and whose is disposable.


Skin-deep politics

The leaders of the Democratic Party talk a LOT about “Diversity and Inclusion,” but their tolerance of diversity is literally skin-deep, and if you diverge in any way from their political dogma, you are not included. Just ask Republican Rep. Mayra Flores, whose recent victory in a heavily Hispanic Texas border district caused a political earthquake and made her one of the most celebrated and inspiring figures in the rising Hispanic Republican wave.

Flores, the first Mexican-born woman ever to serve in Congress, applied to join the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and was rejected.

She said she thought it would be a “constructive way to build bridges and work in a bipartisan manner on behalf of our constituents. I was wrong. This denial once again proves a bias towards conservative Latinas that don’t fit their narrative or ideology.” How ironic that Hispanic Democrat politicians aren’t interested in building bridges, only in building walls.

Of course, she shouldn’t be surprised at the attitude that if you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t really black or Hispanic, since it was notoriously expressed by Joe Biden in his outdoor voice. Black Republican Rep. Byron Donalds was also recently barred from joining the Congressional Black Caucus, even though neither of these groups officially requires any particular party affiliation to join. It’s just that once Democrats take over something, real diversity dies. Witness how they’re now accusing blacks and Hispanics who reject their insane political ideas of somehow being “white supremacists.” Well, that would certainly be self-defeating of them.

Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit had a good suggestion: Once the Republicans take over Congress, either accurately rename these groups (“The Hispanic Democrats Caucus”) or abolish them for discrimination and bigotry.


A Pro-life Democrat!

Someone alert the EPA! I’ve spotted an example of a species thought to be nearly extinct: the pro-life Democrat! Louisiana State Sen. Katrina Jackson was on the Dr. Phil show, and she had some eloquent comments after someone in the audience compared any legal restrictions on abortion to barring someone from receiving medical treatment for lung cancer because “abortion is health care.”

If you can imagine someone who would compare a baby to lung cancer, then you can understand the sickness of the soul in today’s radical pro-abortion movement. That’s why they’re constantly having to invent fuzzy euphemisms for abortion (apparently, “choice” is out and “health care” is in.) If they told everyone what they’re really talking about, anyone with a heart would be absolutely horrified.



Hopeful sign

The Washington Free Beacon spoke to voters in uber-liberal Oregon and found many lifelong Democrats who say they’ve had enough. One woman who recently dropped her party affiliation after 40 years said, "I don’t like the Democratic approach to anything that’s happening.” That includes tossing government money to everybody instead of only those who really need help.

They complain that their Democrat office holders have abandoned the general public to kowtow to radicals and made living there unaffordable. And with their slashing of police budgets and coddling of criminals, people are scared even to drive through Portland.  A recent survey found that 60% of Oregon residents want the police to crack down on offenses like public urination and homeless camps. And 52% trust the Republicans to deal with crime more than the Democrats.

I know, experience should have made that 100%. But this is Oregon, so even 52% is a miracle.




Elon Musk and Twitter

Elon Musk is expected to take ownership of Twitter by Friday, and he rubbed that fact in for the leftist employees who are in hysterics over having to allow users to exercise free speech. Musk posted a video of himself entering Twitter headquarters for the first time, carrying a kitchen sink, with the caption, “Let that sink in.”

Apparently, the Twitter staff's open letter demanding that he let them keep their jobs and benefits and respect their radical politics has not persuaded him to drop his plans to fire 75% of them. Normally, I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, but one could argue that what they do all day hardly qualifies as a “job.”

Despite some ridiculously large six-figure salaries, it’s a mystery what actual “work” most of them do, other than banning anyone who posts a conservative thought or a biological fact. If they were hoping to drum up sympathy from other American workers, this video that went viral isn’t helping. It was posted by a Twitter employee to show what a day in her life at the Twitter offices is like.

Aside from a couple of meetings, it looks like she spends her day enjoying an incredibly expensive day spa, complete with frappuccino bar, gourmet lunch room, yoga studio, espresso machine, meditation room, break room (break from what?!) with foosball table, rooftop sun deck with lounge chairs, and red wine on tap.

As one commenter noted, it’s no wonder these people act like they’re still college students. This is just like being in one of today’s spoil-the-students-rotten universities. After watching this, anyone who wondered how Musk can run Twitter if he fires 75% of the employees might wonder instead why he’s not firing 90% of them.


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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • Paul Kern

    10/29/2022 11:11 AM

    I am grateful for the few truly honest and ethical reports yours and a few others put out. My state of Washington is finally in the news. The most heavily taxed state in the Union. Also Joe Kent recently asked his supporters to vote on the voting day. The governor's minions are known to take ballots and change the votes. Why mail in ballots worth less as a wooden nickel. Also Fox affiliate already sent out election results stating the Left's candidate won! When confronted told that AP sent this out to them! Fox was the one that called the 2020 election hours early. It is becoming a left wing mouthpiece! We must be vigilant. In prayer and take the battle to the enemy!
    Also it has come to my attention that Soros has planted his people in CPAC and TPUSA. Why no vetting?

  • stephen russell

    10/29/2022 09:28 AM

    Pelosi Assult:
    Wheres the video from cameras
    No sensors
    No silent alarms
    & place was hit by vandals some years back

  • Jerry

    10/29/2022 09:24 AM

    Democrats do not change its color a lot as the the 17th century indicates Plantation owners did not allow the Black Slaves to read, write or have access to education. The shade of the Democrat has change a little it has allowed Blacks an education however it is designed to hate America and desire to teach Reading, Math, Science is kept to a minimum making it easier for the democrat to sway a voting block to keep them from understanding the Dream to a more elevated lifestyle that includes more wealth and prosperity and a release from government control. America is more powerful when all peoples are working for the same goals the Democrats have anchored groups of people to sub standard living and that keeps the Democrats in control and look at this countries and the world today does one feel the the sub standard living today for most of our groups of people today? Seniors, Families of all sorts, our streets , our mental health of people from coast to coast all see and feel what Democrats have done . How do you like the change that has occurred in less than two years????????????????

  • Jerry

    10/28/2022 03:47 PM

    I am not very concerned with the Pelosi intrusion as I am with the people incarcerated by trespassing on Jan 6 at the Capital I believe Nancy had a a huge part in preparing the scam of "insurrection" that day,a just another hoax, only to have an innocent person of a death, a non- qualifying action, I must say, murdered just to keep Trump from being able to pursue the Presidency of the US. Nancy Pelosi has always been a miserable person people from many decades will testify too, and I suggest that she may have had something to do with Paul being attacked she has all the knowledge of how to get that done. Take away the security and let an attack happen while she is away; sound familiar?

  • Jo Anne Rush

    10/28/2022 11:17 AM

    A question for the liberal, woke left: How many of you, back in 2019, when gas was less than $2 a gallon, offered a gas station operator or offered to the US government an aditional $2.50 to $3.00 PER GALLON, saying I want to pay $5.00 a gallon each time I fill my gas need the money more than I do. I'd bet the farm not one single liberal left made the offer and yet now that their so-called elected, liberal, left, woke, lying leader has mandated that we all pay the price, those same leftists complain just as loud as the sensible right and yet continue to support the non-sensical , irrational programs of the left. Sometimes praying for change is not enough. God has given us all a brain and a backbone - now put them to good use and praise God for the courage to make the changes to bring our nation (and the world) back to Him.

  • stephen russell

    10/28/2022 09:48 AM

    Musk Twitter Outcomes:
    o Apply to other Big Tech firms
    o shake up Silicon Valley area
    o Expand base
    o end random censorship rules
    o Link to Truth Social, Parler, Gettr

  • Anne Turner

    10/27/2022 07:40 PM

    I think there need to be Congressional bi-partisan committee to investigate who is making Presidential decisions and writing the Presidents speeches. All Presidents have speechwriters, of course, but the President usually provides the policies, hoped for legislation, etc. In this case we need to know who provides content to the speechwriters and makes Presidential decisions. I think the American people having voted for, and elected, a president have the right to know who is making the decisions. Who decides what to do if Putin lobs of a little nuke? China invaded Taiwan? NK shoots a missile over Japan? No one in their right mind can honestly believe that President Biden is any longer capable of making major policy decisions.

    Do you think the DNC will persuade Kamala to resign and nominate a new VP? It is very hard to picture her as POTUS. Then, again, she might surprise us. I don’t think any sane person really believes Biden will finish out his term. I am not a against age, . I am 82. There is a scenario that is interesting. Biden resigns due to health considerations after Kamala resigns because of DN.c pressure. GOP, takes Senate and House. Senate does not approve any of the VP nominees before Biden resigns. GOP speaker becomes President. Scenario 2: GOP, does not take either House. Kamala resigns. Hilary appointed VP. Biden resigns. Guess who is POTUS? Meanwhile, Russia, China and North Korea are licking their chops.