January 11, 2017

Like President-elect Trump or not, you have to give him credit: he’s a genius at trolling the media. He called a press conference today, and reporters no doubt arrived raring to go after him on the Russian issue (and the latest ridiculous non-issue) and his alleged financial conflicts of interest.

Instead, he quickly dispensed with the tax and Russian questions (also deftly disarming the reporters by praising the professionalism of those who debunked the latest sordid tale and telling them his estimation of them had gone up). Then he immediately introduced an attorney to explain how he is going beyond legal requirements in turning over his business to his sons and completely separating himself and his daughter Ivanka from all business decisions. It was even illustrated with a table piled high with a mountain of folders full of legal documents that not only served to illustrate the immense gravity of the separation but also implicitly mocked the reporters, practically daring them, “Go ahead, read all this and try to find something shady!”

I think maybe part of the reason why people in show business hate Trump so much is jealousy. He is so much better at theatrical staging than they are.

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