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December 8, 2023

Donald Trump is celebrating a positive ruling by a New York appeals court, pausing the judge’s order to dissolve his businesses in New York state.

It’s a corporate death penalty that would affect thousands of employees, ordered by a blatantly partisan judge before he heard a single word of arguments or testimony. And over the past week, the testimony has pretty well blown apart Attorney General Letitia James’ real estate fraud narrative.

First, a Deutsche Bank executive testified that there was nothing unusual after the loans they made to Trump or their disagreement with him over property values. Then, Trump’s attorneys called New York University accounting professor Eli Bartov, who looked over the loan documents and testified that he found “no evidence whatsoever of any accounting fraud,” and that Trump’s financial statements “were not materially misstated.”

The prosecutor attacked the witness' character, calling his testimony “pure speculation from someone they hired to say what they want.” An angry Bartov fired back, “You should be ashamed of yourself, talking to me like that. I’m here to tell the truth.” Unfortunately for all these Trump prosecutors, the truth is very harmful to their narratives.

The appeals court, however, refused to halt the trial, which is what the judges in all these bogus cases should have done on day one. They’re all transparent selective prosecution and election interference on an unprecedented scale, and we shouldn’t have to put the defendants and the taxpayers through all the time, agony and expense of appealing all the way to the Supreme Court before finding a judge who has the integrity to say, “How dare you bring this garbage into my courtroom?”

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