August 17, 2016

It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall when Hillary and her top campaign advisors were cutting down their “short list” for running mate.

“Okay, Mrs. Clinton, next we have Tim Kaine. We’ve gone through all the reasons you might want to pick him, and we all think he’d be great on the ticket, except for this one little thing. Back in 2002, he made passing reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal and said Bill should have resigned the Presidency over that.”

Hillary sat up straighter on her pillows. “Kaine said what??”

“Well, he said, ‘if the allegations are true, he definitely should resign.’ Those were his exact words.” He was already on record as being against impeachment, but he did say Bill should resign.”

“Well, come on, that was years ago. It’s old news and we must move forward. And I’m sure he understands now that neither Bill nor I would back away from power for any reason no matter what ghastly thing we had done or been associated with. We’d scratch our way out of the mess somehow. We always do, and we always will. That’s why you’re on my team, right? Besides, the media will make this go away --- they always come through for us! Kaine it is.”

“Really, Mrs. Clinton? You mean you want to run with Tim Kaine anyway?”

“Sure. It’ll be fine.”

Now, I wasn’t a fly on the wall and can’t say for sure how this went down, but I can certainly imagine the conversation going that way. It either happened like that, or else Hillary’s campaign (like the current White House) just doesn’t care about vetting at all.

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