November 17, 2020

To everyone who has been suspicious of Pfizer’s delay in announcing their new vaccine –- waiting until six days after the election although they reportedly knew in October –- and even telling Biden’s people about it first, here’s some information about a Biden-Pfizer connection that might go a long way towards explaining that.

It’s in a report about a “charity” –- I’m very sorry to have to use the quotes around that word, but I think I do –- called the Biden Cancer Initiative, which, incidentally, gave out ZERO grants and spent ZERO money on cancer research.

(By the way, the DAILY CALLER story I linked to above falsely refers to Biden as “President-elect,” while the NEWSMAX story correctly does not. Just giving credit where credit is due, and that would be to NEWSMAX.)

In the NEW YORK POST’s report on this same story, there’s a lovely two-shot at the top of the page, showing Joe Biden on the right and a man named Greg Simon on the left. It’s from 2016, and at that time, Simon was the executive in charge of Obama’s “Cancer Moonshot Task Force.” That was shortly before this healthcare lobbyist went to work for the Biden organization, where he did very well for himself. Simon was paid $429,850 in fiscal 2018, and that was almost twice what he made the first year of their operation for fiscal 2017. The Biden Cancer Initiative spent most of its donations on salaries and, let me stress, gave out NO research grants.

When asked about this, Simon defended it, saying the main point of the charity was not to give out grants (!) --- that its goal was to find ways to accelerate treatment for all, regardless of their economic or cultural backgrounds. Oh, I see, he’s saying its goal centered around identity politics and “access” to treatment, not fighting cancer per se.

Simon might want to look at the stated goals of the organization, which are to “develop and drive implementation of solutions to implement progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care, and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes.” That last thing, “reduce disparities in cancer outcomes,” refers to the more identity-politics aspect, but what about the “research” and all those other goals? Are they just there to implement the implementation? I’ll bet people who donated to the Biden Cancer Initiative thought their money was going to fund research grants.

Anyway, here’s how this possibly ties into Pfizer choosing to delay its announcement until after the election: Greg Simon is a former top executive for...drum roll, please...Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer took federal money to be part of President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” and create a vaccine as soon as humanly possible, and then when it said it had one, initially even denied it was part of that project. Later, this had to be corrected.

Incidentally, NEWSMAX pointed out that Joe Biden’s tweet congratulating “the brilliant women and men who produced this breakthrough” and “the frontline workers who are still confronting the virus around the clock” failed to give any credit whatsoever to President Trump. The goal is no doubt to have President Trump written out of the narrative entirely. I apologize if it turns out that Biden has thanked the President elsewhere, but if he has, I haven’t seen it.

But back to the main point. Now, I hesitate to criticize something called the “Biden Cancer Initiative,” especially since it reportedly was inspired by the death of Joe Biden’s son Beau from brain cancer and because it has also been reported that Simon himself is a cancer survivor.

But one doesn't have to look very far to see how political Biden’s “charity” was. Millions taken in, millions paid out in salaries and travel expenses, with absolutely no money given out in grants. The man in charge, a “longtime healthcare lobbyist” as described in the NEW YORK POST, making close to half a million dollars in one fiscal year.

Greg Simon goes way back with the Democrat Party. He was chief domestic policy adviser to Al Gore from 1993 to 1997. A blurb from Wikipedia describes him as “an American political aide who supported Joe Biden and Al Gore. His private sector work is concentrated in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and telecommunications sectors.” He was on the Obama-Biden transition team and then joined Pfizer as a senior vice president in charge of policy and patient advocacy.

When we looked him up on Wikipedia, we saw to our great interest that his page had last been edited on November 15, 2020 (just the night before). That in itself doesn’t tell us anything, but it does make us wonder what might have been changed.

According to, Simon was also the lead staffer for the Clinton-Gore administration for the development and passage of the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996 as well as development of the National and Global Information Infrastructure. (Hey, maybe he helped Al Gore invent the internet!) Before joining Pfizer, he represented Gore on the National Economic Council, helped negotiate the U.S.-Russia agreement on the International Space Station, and oversaw a number of key programs etc. etc.

Would it surprise ANYONE that in the weeks leading up to the Trump-Biden election, a company that had just developed a vaccine effective against COVID -19 –- with money from President Trump’s initiative –- might have delayed announcing it until six days after the election? Especially if someone very tightly connected with this company was a highly political supporter of the Democrat Party and, specifically, Biden for President?

Anyone at all?

As we reported yesterday, the CEO of competing pharmaceutical company Moderna, which has just announced a vaccine of its own that's proven in stage-3 trials to be 94.5 percent effective (Pfizer’s was 90 percent), specifically thanked Operation Warp Speed.

I can’t help but wonder if the announcement of a vaccine BEFORE the election might have garnered Trump some thankful votes, for the fulfillment of a major promise. (That’s Trump: “Promises made...promises kept!”) I certainly get the impression that some associated with Pfizer assumed it might.

We’ll never know, but recall the recent survey that said 36 percent of Biden voters didn’t know about his and Hunter’s business dealings with China before the election, and if they had, 13 percent of them (4.6 percent of Biden’s total) said they wouldn’t have voted for him. That's enough to change the outcome.

This is why the media try so hard to control the narrative, and why we have to do everything possible to stop them.

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  • Laura L VanDerMaas

    11/18/2020 08:53 PM

    I know we have a hard road to keep Trump in office..but I know he the process it would be nice (great) to Have all these fakers being ousted in PUBLIC VIEWING ..only my wish...keep up good work...aslo Whitmore did something in Michigan to hurt she is punishing us the people of Michigan..everytime we question her or call her out...more hurt and punishment...she is a sick control freak govenor....

  • Misty Brown

    11/18/2020 04:15 PM

    Fantastic article!!!

  • Vicki Smith

    11/18/2020 03:44 PM

    I have to say that I’m SICK of all of this. Nothing will happen with the election fiasco to our President’s favor. This is reminiscent of years of watching Hannity with his tireless investigative reports on Hillary Clinton, the dossier, the coup...and the many guests that say “indictments are coming.” No indictments, nada! (Where is Robert Durham’s report?!!!! Nowhere to be found!) In my eyes, these legal battles pertaining to fraud or whatever else took place, will come to nought just like everything else the Democrats have perpetuated on the American people. Let them investigate what happened, but believe me, they won’t find the half of it. Nothing will change and this is another roller coaster ride that we, who voted for Trump, are made to ride. I have turned off Fox and I refuse to be swayed by comments from Newsmax, current senators, his lawyers and his base that the election isn’t over or that he won. This is just too much drama and we’ve had fours years of it! There is not enough fraud (that you will find anyway) to impact the investigate to expose what you can and concede. I have voted for our President twice, but we are responsible for our behavior, regardless of how we are treated or what battles we have faced. That said, I hold him accountable for his behavior (no one held a gun to his head), which furthered the division we already had as a country with his tweets, name-calling, foul language and refusal to listen to his many constituents (instead of his base, who ooo-rah his behavior) who said “stop” the airing out of every little thing you feel. He lost this election because of that behavior and was his own worst enemy. It has diminished his many great accomplishments, because day after day, it’s been hell. Perhaps, he will reflect and acknowledge some responsibility for what happened on November 3rd. I am so angry that we are in this place (because of his daily ranting) that we now have the worst agenda we’ve ever had with a Biden-Harris administration. Many went to the other side and for that reason alone. This election outcome is a referendum on the United States....

  • Cindy Barker

    11/18/2020 03:43 PM


  • Ramona Reinhardt

    11/18/2020 03:15 PM

    Me again.. so we read article after truth, fact finding article - we need to know WHAT if anything ever gets done about these crimal activities?!

  • Debi McClure

    11/18/2020 02:44 AM

    The question for the Biden Cancer Initiative is how much of the donations goes to the “big guy” and/or the Biden family?

  • Ruth Perryman

    11/17/2020 05:30 PM

    Here's a link to Greg Simon's Wikepedia page before it was updated on November 15th -

    According to Way Back Machine, it's only been updated four times since 2006, two of those updates occurred in 2020 -*/

  • Jean Carter

    11/17/2020 12:20 PM

    No surprise here. The biden/harris administration is all part of the same swamp as the oboma/biden/clinton machine.

  • Bill Graham

    11/17/2020 09:30 AM

    Following the money always seems to yield results. As with the Clinton Foundation, Biden's Cancer initiative raises money from donations which are used for big salaries and nothing to research or medical assistance. It's painfully clear the forces aligned against President Trump have very deep pockets and major control over our national news mechanism, with a 90%+ bias favoring Democrats. The thumb is always on the scale in their favor, no matter what the issue, no matter what the consequence. It's remarkable to realize the extent to which so many people in this county have been misled, and literally brainwashed to believe a propaganda driven narrative which
    denigrates all things Trump. Finally, continuing to insist we have a pandemic is disingenuous at best, and flat out false on it's face. People are not dying like they were when this thing first emerged. Testing positive is by no means a death sentence. Quite the contrary, in all past annual outbreaks, being exposed triggers immune responses in people which as it builds, leads to herd immunity. This is what arrests the infection and eliminates it as a major threat. All the actions being taken now, such as lock downs, widespread mask use, social distancing, barring gatherings, denying rights under the Constitution, on and on, only delay the normal course of herd immunity. Believing that a vaccine will replace natural herd immunity is wishful thinking, at best. Our best way forward would be to lift all restrictions on public, return to normal, protect the vulnerable, staff and keep the hospitals supplied and capable to treat patients, and let this thing run it's course now. We are doing irreparable damage and harm to our Republic, our economy, our people by continuing
    this farce of a pandemic.

  • Carol D Kruse

    11/17/2020 09:27 AM

    The lobbyists are always in the pockets of the democrap party. It's so obvious the Pfizer stole our tax money (Warp Speed) with no intention of giving Trump the credit. Now the only thing left to do is vet Moderna to make sure it's not another democrap donor. See if they have any links back to Bill Gates or wife Melinda Gates. We know Fauci is.

  • Michele Eichelberg

    11/17/2020 09:24 AM

    I’d like to receive ur newsletter.

  • Virginia Chastain

    11/17/2020 09:00 AM

    I just love your honesty!