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April 23, 2023

I’ve noticed left-leaning media outlets have been bending over backwards lately to try to debunk the claims that offshore wind farms are causing environmental damage and deaths of marine creatures, including a number of whales beaching themselves. They treat the stories as if they’re crazy, right-wing conspiracy theories unsupported by any evidence.

I wonder what they’ll say to debunk this: It’s been revealed that last August, the executive directors of three federally-established fishery councils on the East Coast wrote a letter to the then-director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. It warned of their concerns over the dangers of offshore wind turbines and that approving multiple ocean wind farms “will have cumulative and compounding effects on our fisheries."

Over on the West Coast, the Pacific Fishery Management Council also wrote a letter to the BOEM warning that multiple offshore wind energy projects could negatively impact the ecology of the marine ecosystem. Small commercial fishermen, marine equipment makers, fish markets and others with expertise and concerns also complain that the government is moving ahead without listening to them.

Meanwhile, defenders of the offshore wind farms claim all the whale deaths are just part of a natural "unusual mortality event" that’s happened before, even though they’re on track to far surpass previous death figures. Calling the deaths of over 20 whales an "unusual mortality event" is like the phrase PJ Media used to describe yesterday's big SpaceX rocket explosion: "Rapid unscheduled disassembly."

The BOEM “didn’t respond to a request for comment” by Fox News. I guess they figure that if you want to save the planet, you have to be willing to kill as many whales and fish with wind turbines as you do birds.

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