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January 5, 2024

Shocking video hit the Internet Wednesday of Clark County, Nevada, felony battery defendant Deobra Delone Redden attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus after she denied him parole.

Moments before the attack, Redden asked for leniency, saying, “I’m not a rebellious person.” But when the judge made it clear she wasn’t going to let him go, the hulking Redden suddenly came flying over the bench and smashed Holthus into a wall. It took several male court personnel to punch and wrestle him into submission. Holthus was injured but declined hospitalization. Redden is now facing more felony charges.

A court spokesperson said they are reviewing all their safety protocols. Maybe start with having armed court officers on duty, just as every court should when dealing with violent criminals. 

I can’t help wondering if Redden is just the latest of many violent criminals who have been taught by lenient leftist DAs that they have a right to keep attacking people and being freed countless times, and that no matter what they do, they will never face accountability. He may be shocked to learn that in blue cities, criminals are only allowed to repeatedly attack private citizens, not members of the legal system that keeps freeing them.

Speaking of the public’s exhausted patience with coddling criminals, a story out of Texas has reached a surprise ending. We reported a year ago on the case in Houston where a robber entered a taqueria brandishing a pistol and demanding everyone’s money. As he was leaving, a customer pulled his own gun and shot him – nine times. The robber’s gun turned out to be a toy, but the customer didn’t know that. The customer left, but later turned himself in to authorities.

Liberal Houston has one of those Soros-funded DAs, so everyone expected the customer to be charged with murder for continuing to fire after the threat had been eliminated (it’s astounding how these prosecutors are always able to cooly determine the exact moment when a threat has been eliminated so much more accurately than the person who was actually facing the threat in real time.) But to prevent complaints of political retribution, the DA turned the case over to the Harris County grand jury, which is composed of randomly-selected citizens. They just reached a decision:

They found that shooting the armed robber nine times was not outside the permissible area for use of force and “no-billed” the shooter. He will not be charged. Welcome to Texas.

As the writer Streiff at observes, “Rather than indict, you get the feeling that the grand jury would have carried the shooter down to the bar and bought him drinks all night.”

While it’s tragic that anyone had to die for such a stupid reason, let this be a message to leftist DAs and to all Democrat office holders in general: decent, law-abiding Americans have had enough of their garbage and have reached their Popeye stage: “That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more!!”

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