March 22, 2018


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Today's Commentary: The Facebook data story -- White House Leaking -- Senator Doug Jones -- Another shady Clinton connection may explain more -- It’s Only A Scandal When Trump Does It -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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You’d think there would be enough in the news these days that really is shocking without seeing the stock market roiled by a giant wave of pretend shock over the “news” that details about users of social media platforms such as Facebook are mined and sold to companies that hope to persuade said users to do, buy or like certain things (for those who truly did just arrive here from the planet Antares, that’s known as “advertising.”) To use a reference from long before the birth of social media, all these shocked reporters and politicians are like the Police Chief in “Casablanca” who was shocked to discover gambling taking place at Rick’s Café, as the waiter brought him his winnings.

All social media platforms require huge amounts of money to get off the ground. They need highly-skilled staffs, computer equipment, massive amounts of bandwidth and many more things that all cost beaucoup bucks. They let you join for “free,” and even when their direct advertising income stream is barely a trickle, they go public on the stock market are suddenly valued higher than Reynolds Aluminum. Why? What is their product?


Mike Huckabee

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White House leaking

By Mike Huckabee

Earlier this week, when much of the left and even a few Republicans were freaking out over President Trump congratulating Vladimir Putin on his reelection during a private phone call, I pointed out that they were missing the real story: the congratulation was just pro-forma palaver, something Obama did routinely. The real scandal was how the Washington Post allegedly knew that Trump’s secret briefing book for a private phone call with another world leader had a line in it advising him not to congratulate Putin (by the way, it’s possible Trump never even looked at the book, since he reportedly talked with Putin about subjects on which he was already well versed.)

I was afraid that point might be buried in all the phony outrage, but fortunately, others have now noticed it, too. There are actually some in Washington who aren’t so blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they recognize the danger to American foreign policy of having a leaker that high up in the White House, sowing distrust in the President’s ability to keep conversations with other world leaders confidential. Whoever leaked that detail to the Washington Post needs to be identified and told, “You’re fired.” And as the linked piece makes clear, that might not be the last or worst repercussion for the leaker.



Senator Doug Jones

By Mike Huckabee

The Democratic Party is reportedly hoping to retake Congress by running “stealth candidates” in November: fresh-faced military (and many CIA) veterans who talk like moderate Republicans, and claim to be pro-life and pro-gun rights and opposed to reelecting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Well, maybe it’s time to change the Party symbol from a donkey to the Trojan horse.

I noted the history of these “blue dog” Democrats, and how they became an extinct species as the party moved so far to the left that most members now live on a narrow strip of the West Coast. I also noted that all Rep. Pelosi really needs to become Speaker is a Majority; the rest is just arm-twisting. Once in office, these candidates will be told that they can be “personally” pro-life and pro-gun all they want, but if they hope to get decent committee assignments and party financial backing for their reelections, they will toe the liberal line and vote accordingly.

If you doubt that the road to Washington for “conservative Democrats” now ends in a sharp left turn, then take a look at what Doug Jones (recently elected when conservative Alabamans decided to roll the dice on a Democrat due to a scandal over Republican Roy Moore’s alleged long-ago dating proclivities) chose to promote in his very first speech in the US Senate. Is this really what Alabamans thought they were voting for?

Before you roll the dice on a Democrat in November, you've been warned: the dice are loaded.



Another shady Clinton connection may explain more

By Mike Huckabee

A few days back, I steered you to a piece by Mark Tapscott, a writer with quite a talent for breaking out of the “herd” mentality that characterizes today’s so-called journalists, who typically just parrot what others in their illustrious profession are saying. (Maybe I should call it a “flock” mentality.) That article examined the timing of the question of whether to fire Andrew McCabe just two days before his retirement from the FBI, suggesting that it might have been engineered to damage Trump politically either way, like pieces on a chess board functioning as part of a larger game to keep the President in check. Pretty fascinating. Tapscott has done it again, this time with an article about something very different: another “oppo research” group tied to the Clintons that may be even more powerful and mysterious than Fusion GPS.

We all know what opposition research is --- it’s “raw intelligence,” meaning whatever can be dug up on an opposing candidate to make him or her look bad, be it nasty rumors and innuendo; sealed records of divorce proceedings; medical files; unfortunate business ventures; family discord; civil lawsuits; DUIs from decades past; dirt from ex-wives, old flames and past affairs; neighborhood gossip; recorded conversations; private notes found in trash bags; or even made-up stuff about kinky Russian prostitutes in a hotel in Moscow that finds its way into a fictional “dossier” that leads the FBI to spy on Americans and get a special counsel appointed. Sometimes it’s true, but none of it has to be true. Ever since George Washington retired to Mt. Vernon and the election was held to choose his successor, this kind of campaigning has been an inescapable part of politics. That’s one reason why I’ve said no one should run for office if he can’t stand the sight of his own blood.



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It’s Only A Scandal When Trump Does It

By Mike Huckabee

I’m thinking of launching a new wing of my newsletter called “It’s Only A Scandal When Trump Does It.” It would consist entirely of stories filled with faux outrage about something done by President Trump or one of his staffers or relatives that was ignored or even praised when Obama or some other Democrat did the same thing or worse.

If you think that couldn’t fill an entire wing, consider that I’ve had four such stories just in the past couple of days. We had the media meltdown over Trump congratulating Putin on his reelection (just like Obama did the last time he was reelected, and the media reaction was chirping crickets); the stock market-cratering frenzy over the news that Trump’s organization used data mined from Facebook users to reach voters (which Obama was praised as a genius for doing); and New York Times “economics” columnist Paul Krugman (he of the prediction that Trump’s election would tank global stock markets permanently) assailing Trump for imposing the same type of tariffs he had recommended that Obama impose. Now, a fourth example, and it’s only Thursday:

We’re all supposed to be in high dudgeon over a Washington Post “expose” that Trump EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, his staff and security team cost the taxpayers $30,000 for a trip to Italy that included - brace yourselves - a visit to the Vatican! A hat tip to Jazz Shaw at the Hot Air blog for digging into the details (they traveled there for a G7 summit meeting, not to sight-see and eat pizza), and comparing Pruitt’s travel costs to Obama’s EPA heads Gina McCarthy and Lisa Jackson. They did more globetrotting than Meadowlark Lemon, and the media never batted an eye.

Obama’s EPA heads traveled first class, too: Shaw tallies up 14 trips they made, each of which cost far more than Pruitt’s Italy sojourn. In 2011, one trip to China alone cost $155,763. McCarthy and her team also took a jaunt to Italy that cost taxpayers $56,192, nearly twice the cost of Pruitt’s trip. By the way, they also visited the Vatican, but as Shaw notes, it was to talk about “global warming” with the Pope, so that was obviously money well spent.

It’s nice to hear that WaPo has suddenly developed a late-blooming concern for wasted tax money. Now, maybe they’d like to aim their zeal at parts of the government that aren’t directly connected to Donald Trump. No? Didn’t think so.


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