March 3, 2018

In an age when Van Jones on CNN can make comparisons of the NRA to the KKK and not be called on it, it was good to see former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shock the women on “The View” by saying that she supports the Second Amendment because privately-owned guns saved her and her family from racists.

Click the link to read her harrowing account of how, as a little girl in mid-century Alabama, she and her family and neighbors were targeted by the White Knight Riders. Her father and his friends would stand guard at the head of their neighborhood and fire guns into the air to scare them away. She said they knew that Birmingham’s notoriously racist “Commissioner of Public Safety,” Bull Connor, and the police department wouldn’t protect them.

To deflate the hosts' misconceptions even more, Rice added, “I'm sure if Bull Connor had known where those guns were, he would have rounded them up. And so I don't favor some things like gun registration.”


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So just to clarify this history lesson for CNN commentators: The White Knight Riders she referred to were the KKK, an organization founded by Southern Democrats. Bull Connor: also a Democrat. The black people who asserted their Second Amendment right to own personal firearms to defend themselves when the government couldn’t or wouldn’t also formed chapters of the NRA to protect those rights (the NRA allowed blacks to join and form NRA chapters when many other organizations refused them entry). So you see, it was black NRA members against the KKK, not KKK-loving NRA members against black people.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of African-Americans using private firearms and forming NRA clubs to protect themselves from racists, here’s an in-depth article about it at Note that after his house was fire-bombed in 1956, Martin Luther King Jr. applied for a gun permit, which the State of Alabama declined to issue. Guess which organization fought state permitting laws that denied the Rev. King his right to protect his home and family from violent racists? I’ll give you a hint: three letters, and they aren’t K-K-K.


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