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June 21, 2021

President Biden and DC Democrats seem to want to keep subsidizing unemployment forever, or at least through September 6th, but many states are sick of it. Sunday, nine more states (Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming) will join Iowa, Mississippi and Missouri in cutting off the extra $300 a week in pandemic unemployment benefits.

With the pandemic ending and businesses reopening, 9.3 million jobs were created in April. But many employers say they can’t get people to apply because they’re currently paid more to stay home than to take an entry level job. The benefits are especially lavish in blue states. For instance, in Massachusetts, someone on unemployment can make up to $1,155 a week, or the equivalent of $60,060 a year for not working, plus state-paid food and medical support. Why accept a job and take a pay cut?

Biden insists that there’s no connection between these payments and continuing unemployment despite plenty of job openings, and Democrats claim there are still many people who can’t find a job and need the support. But we’ll soon know for sure, thanks to the laboratory of the states. By the end of July, more than half the nation (26 states) will have ended the bonus pay. Only one of those states has a Democrat Governor (Louisiana.)

By comparing the red and blue states, we’ll soon know whether unemployment remains higher in states that subsidize it. And if we see a sudden exodus of people moving from red to blue states, we can be pretty certain that’s the only reason.

Note to anyone seeking to extend unemployment: don’t move to California because even they’re tired of people taking money and not even looking for work.

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  • Dennis Farrand

    07/04/2021 08:05 AM

    The NC legislature voted to end the extra unemployment benefits, but Gov. Cooper (Democrat) vetoed the bill. Cooper said it would decrease revenues needed by the state.

  • Rose Anne Mack

    06/21/2021 09:23 PM

    Just wondering if anyone else noticed the American flag has been missing from the last few presidential speeches. The background used now has been a primarily blue graphic design. What country is Biden representing here?

    I miss America, the home of the free snd the brave. I long for the honest working men and women who love their neighbors and are proud of their country and the flag. The people who gave their word to their neighbor and it meant something because honesty used to be the measure of a man.

    Thanks for the truth reported on your show and on your website. You are a bright spot in my day.

  • Jim

    06/21/2021 08:14 PM

    Don't know how you are naming the states that no longer pay the extra money, but Tennessee is stopping it. I believe Gov Lee signed it, but it's not effective until 1 July.

    Thanks for your reporting of all this junk the left is doing.

    I don't believe God is going to put up with all this stuff much longer.

    Bless this nation, and Forgive our Sins.

  • Alfred B. Jernigan, Jr.

    06/21/2021 06:40 PM

    Mike, I believe the intent of the $300 federal unemployment payments was a backdoor way to raise the minimum wage. I'm sure that has been thought of by people like you, but I've not heard it in the media — even the conservative media. By keeping the additional $300 payments coming each week, people in Mississippi (where I live) make way more money by staying home. Our governor realized this and refused to accept the extra federal dollars. But in states where the people are still getting the extra money, businesses are forced to hire at a much higher hourly rate just to get people to come to work. This normalizes the higher wage and makes it much easier to raise the minimum wage later on. But, why bother with the minimum wage? In four years Biden can say, "Look at how much better off you are now than when I took office! The $300 caused the wages to go up." Of course, how will he explain the loss of buying power as inflation takes its toll on the paychecks of everyone — as it is sure to do now that wages are going to rise. I'm retired and living on fixed income. Biden will have really hurt my wife and I with the coming inflation… but what does he care, he knows people like me didn't vote for him.

  • Douglas Noel

    06/21/2021 05:45 PM

    It has been proffered that the reasoning behind the continued stimulus payments is just political ploy. Biden is seeking to use this, coupled with other earnings to claim that he pulled the greatest number of people out of poverty, them moving above the stated poverty level based upon total money acquired.

  • David Dick

    06/21/2021 04:34 PM

    Its time and has been passed it that the spicket should be turned off. Just too many slugs that are milking our country pay with money we can't even raise! I also just wish that Biden & Harris would just go away!m Far away and get lost~~~

  • Dee Hughlett

    06/21/2021 04:14 PM

    I live in Vermont and there are help wanted signs everywhere

  • Ed Johnson

    06/21/2021 03:53 PM

    Very simple, no work, not eat.

  • Tom Bennett

    06/21/2021 03:19 PM

    Biden is a senile liar and PIMP of the one world government.

  • Donald G. Davidson

    06/21/2021 03:02 PM

    Unemployment. I'm a retired Texas rancher. People are like cows. As long as I put out hay and range pellets my cows never even went further than 50 yards from the feed lot. When I stopped putting out feed within two days they were out in the pastures scrounging for something to eat. Fear and hunger are prime motivators. Stop all the government handouts. Let 'em go hungry a few days. They'll be knocking down doors trying to get a job so they can eat..
    Problem is Democrats don't give a damn about unemployed people. They're buying future votes with our money.
    Thanks. I appreciate that you provide for ease of reader feedback. So many do not provide feedbacks or they make it so difficult that people simply do not respond. Why bother?