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September 19, 2022



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15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise,

16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

Ephesians 5:15-16

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Constitution Day

Fed Up

As noted elsewhere in the newsletter, some FBI agents are fed up with seeing their agency’s reputation destroyed by the political animals who’ve been put in charge of it, and they’re speaking out despite AG Merrick Garland's attempts to silence whistleblowers. The Washington Times spoke to several current and former agents who complained that they’re being pressured by the Biden Administration to file domestic terrorism cases and find “white supremacists” to meet internal quotas, on the flimsiest of pretexts.

While Biden rants about all these alleged racist extremists who are threatening democracy, one agent said, “The demand for White supremacy” coming from FBI headquarters “vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy. We have more people assigned to investigate White supremacists than we can actually find.”

I'm not surprised. It hasn’t been that long since it was estimated there were only about a thousand KKK members left in the US. They were thankfully an endangered species, and every time they dared to appear in public, they were outnumbered at least 10-1 by protesters of all races. But it’s often been said that if there were no such thing as racism, certain people would have to invent it to keep their paychecks coming. This is how we got America’s most successful hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, falsely branding mainstream conservative and Christian organizations as “hate groups” to frighten donors and keep the moolah rolling in. It’s why the media gives huge play to alleged racist incidents, then quietly buries the news when many of them turn out to be hoaxes.

Standard disclaimer: Of course, I’m NOT saying that there is no racism anymore! But the idea that there is a rising mass movement of dangerous white supremacists is a dangerous McGuffin designed to frighten minority voters into reelecting Democrats since they have no successful policies to run on. They have to terrify minorities into voting for them because if they said, “Vote for us, and we’ll make every city in America like Chicago, Detroit and Portland,” they’d lose in a landslide.

These latest FBI revelations prove that Biden is following an ugly tactic described by H.L. Mencken a century ago, and still in use today because, sadly, it still works. Mencken wrote:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

A palate cleanser

As a palate cleanser for that last story of how the person who ran for President as a “uniter” is deliberately trying to divide the nation on racial lines, here’s a feel-good story about what Americans are really like. It’s about a nation where people do the right thing, look out for each other and go out of their way to help strangers, without any thought of their skin color.

New Orleans takes the lead

You might think from watching the news that Chicago is the murder capital of America, or maybe Philadelphia or New York City. But in fact, in terms of homicides per 100,000 residents, New Orleans just took over the top spot from St. Louis. Since the beginning of the year, the homicide rate in New Orleans is up 141% from last year, shootings are up 100%, carjacking up 210%, and armed robbery up 25%.

New Orleans has some unique problems to deal with going back to Hurricane Katrina, and there are details at the link. But that hurricane didn’t affect Chicago, Philadelphia, New York or St. Louis. So what is it that all these cities that are suffering huge surges in crime have in common? I guess it’s a mystery…

Oh, no, wait! Here’s the solution! It’s the gun makers’ fault…

“Careful What You Wish For” Dept

Instapundit reminds us that two major unions of flight attendants endorsed Joe Biden for President. Now, with the economy and airlines struggling, American Airlines is closing its San Francisco-area base, displacing over 400 flight attendants.

Joe Biden’s disastrous interview

Last night, “Sixty Minutes” aired an interview with President Biden, and not since the last ice storm in Texas has there been such a pile-up of crashes. The White House staff is used to rushing to do damage control every time Joe goes off the Teleprompter, but this sent them running around like the Keystone Kops to contain the damage.

The Liberty Daily compiled a good round-up of the most disastrous moments, along with some commentary and his staff’s attempts to roll it back.

Bonchie at also has some good commentary on this slow-motion train wreck.

A few of the high (or low) lights: Biden stated unequivocally that US forces would defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion, which sent his staffers rushing out to deny that there had been a change in US policy on Taiwan. He claimed his approval rating is so low because the pandemic made such an impact on Americans’ psyches that it affected their attitudes about themselves, their families and the state of the union, making it impossible for them to be happy. When asked about the 40-year-high 8.3% annual inflation rate in August that’s crushing working Americans, he dismissed it as just going up “an inch” month-to-month.  That’s sort of like telling a drowning man, “Relax, the water level is only an inch above your nose!”

And he admitted (saying it twice) that “the pandemic is over.” That blindsided his health officials who are still pushing various unpopular COVID policies, and gave critics of those policies plenty of ammunition. It’s telling that this Administration has to rush out “corrections” to Biden’s statements just as urgently when he tells the truth as when he lies.

And as Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review writes, Biden’s admission that the pandemic is over also renders illegal his rationale for forgiving all that student loan debt.

The President has no constitutional authority to transfer debt from one group of people to another (for instance, from underemployed Democrat lesbian dance studies majors to taxpayers), but Biden wildly stretched the 2003 HEROES Act to claim he could broadly forgive student loan debt because it was an active national emergency. But now he’s publicly admitted that the pandemic is over, so there is no active emergency, which means that even the microscopically thin reed of justification he offered for it does not apply.  

If anyone is preparing a lawsuit challenging that massive and illegal transfer of debt, Biden just handed them “Exhibit A” on a silver platter.

PS – That Biden interview was such a richness of embarrassments that Nick Arama at added a few more jaw-dropping moments that weren’t even mentioned above.


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  • Jpk

    09/20/2022 11:30 AM

    While working a high school football game the school had changed the name to another and an official was not aware of the change as the change was recent the original name was after a guy named Henry Sibley the school had its name for decades and had a high academic degree the official had asked a few players were the school was located because he thought the school was new and away the city the players could not tell the official were the school was located or what city it was located finally one of the thought the school was in this city and he was correct I was amazed the older students could not identify the city the school that had been in that city for decades. The final play of the game was announced a victory formation and they ran the ball unsportsmanlike and ignorance that is what American schools are becoming and in this instance here

  • stephen russell

    09/20/2022 10:23 AM

    Bidens London trip errors:

    o Used Limo when asked to use buses
    o 14 Min late
    o Sat with minor leaders from minor nations in Rear

  • Paul Schaber

    09/20/2022 09:54 AM

    After reading all those articles, I feel less safe due to the inept leadership we have presently in FANTASYLAND (Washington DC) . No one in there including the Republicans or RINOS or Democrats realize our true enemies are crossing the Southern border daily and bringing along all those illegal drugs and most likely armament left behind by this administration from Afghanistan also.

  • Jpk

    09/20/2022 08:05 AM

    With 3 months left to complete a 2 year session of biden and Obama change America does the population want to live like a slave to the the federal us government than if you want to be incarcerated by economically and without freedom of speech and don’t count out freedom of travel with the EV the government would turn off the electricity when ever it wanted then the Democratic Party is for you if not the population better look for aconservatives to vote for .another 2 or 4 years of this administration I don’t want to work theme will no longer be an option the socialist party will make you work for their government

  • Jerry

    09/19/2022 08:10 PM

    Every Conservative should turn most of the propaganda outlets off and get registered for conceal and carry a firearm or a stun weapon that will knock an attacker to the ground for 5 minutes. One should carry a pair of bracelets to keep an attacker from harming others and it self. Thugs with Rackets, Bats, steel gloves, mental illness, need to meet its match no longer should a Thug get away with attacking civilized people the consequences have to be bigger than the attack itself. To allow a thug to commit criminal attacks is a thug itself

  • Jo Cluck

    09/19/2022 07:57 PM

    Just wanted you to know that our prayers and best wishes for a successful healing for your sweet daughter! May God's blessings be with her and all the family!! She will be a great governor!!

  • James Drury Jr.

    09/19/2022 07:42 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • George Curl

    09/19/2022 07:40 PM

    Thanks for watching the "Interview" so I wouldn't have to!