December 29, 2016

President Obama seems to believe that the reason Southern voters rejected his “progressive” policies is racism. It has nothing to do with the fact that his foreign policy has weakened America abroad, turned the world into a powder keg, allowed the rise of the brutal butchers of ISIS and brought the word “beheadings” back into the daily news for the first time since the French Revolution… or that his domestic policies brought politicized government agencies violating the rights of citizens, the persecution of Christians for refusing to violate their beliefs about same-sex marriage and paying for abortions, Obamacare to take away their doctors and send their health insurance premiums to the moon, and mountains of job-killing federal regulations that have kept the economy struggling long past the point when it would have rebounded on its own if the government had done nothing.

Obama also told an interviewer that Americans agree that his progressive policies were moving America in the right direction. That’s odd: according to the latest Rasmussen poll, 56% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track. Before you blame that on Trump, note that that’s down from the week before the election, when most people assumed (or feared) Hillary would win and continue Obama’s policies. Back then, 63% thought the country was on the wrong track. In July, with Obama firmly at the helm, 72% thought we were going in the wrong direction.

Here’s just one of many reasons why that discontent has nothing to do with race. It’s part of the Obama legacy: a massive increase in the number of Americans on food stamps. And many recipients aren’t even using them for food. Try to guess what they are using your tax money to buy before clicking on the link.

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