Excellent point by Monica Showalter at American Thinker: We have an overabundance of leftists in politics and the media who are more than happy to share their thoughts, opinions and organic pasta recipes with us on both mass and social media.  Some seem never to have had an unexpressed thought.  And yet, they’re being strangely silent about all those Venezuelans who are sick of going without food, medicine, toilet paper or freedom, and who are risking their lives to stand up against their socialist government. 

Even Democrats who have Congressional committee posts related to foreign affairs are tweeting about the Middle East, their canceled European junket and, of course, “Russia! Russia! Russia!”  But nary a word about the biggest story of the day: the Venezuelan people’s rejection of socialism. 

I know, I know: they don’t want to bring “socialism” socialism to America.  They want to bring a different, special kind of socialism, the kind that’s as rare as a unicorn with a horn made of Unobtanium: socialism that actually works and leaves everyone happier, healthier and better off! 

Yeah, that’s the kind that Hugo Chavez promised to bring to Venezuela, too.

Well, there was one Democrat in Congress who tweeted support for President Maduro, even if it put her on the same side as Vladimir Putin and the oppressive Venezuelan socialism she’s denied supporting.  Bet you can’t guess who that was.   



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  • Ann Bouchard

    01/29/2019 04:37 AM

    I am afraid you do not know how mixed up you are. Pray Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s . The real problem is that people live by lies is the country. There needs to be an abrup change and a mass awakening in the US amoung he people,the leaders. You have your history wrong, you have your enimies wrong, you have your priorities wrong and your have your religions mixed up in consequence your lives are all mixed up and you will reap the consequences in this country of USA the once great nation. Truth is number one. Then you can move forward to see the problem clearly and fix it. I will say this over and over again til I am blue in the face. It is going to get worse and worse for you here in America. Christians are losing their hope. I can’t say this enough, that those who you think are your friends are your enemies. And those who you think are your enimies are your friends. You have it backwards.

  • Thomas Monteleone

    01/27/2019 10:14 PM

    Socialism does not work and I don't understand why they think it will work here. It has been tried many times by different countries and the fact is, "it does not work." I don't know why they just don't seem to understand that, especially AOC, I don't think she has enough sense to comprehend anything. She don't even know the 3 branches of government or balance her checkbook but they are going to put her on our countries financial committee. I have watched her do several interviews and she can never answer the questions asked or explain her reasoning. I think she thinks that because she is going to introduce socialism, all of a sudden, it is going to be this wonderful thing for the country. And she is just one of the many bad, unqualified people that are running our government...

  • Teresa Shoemaker Hayes

    01/27/2019 08:31 PM

    This is a random thought of mine that makes me think. Remember all the people who said they were moving to Canada after Mr. Trump became President Trump? How come I have yet to read or hear anyone say that they were moving to Mexico because of then Mr. Trump and now President Trump? Did that thought ever cross your mind, too, Mr. Huckabee? Love your daughter!