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November 30, 2021

Sunday on “Face the Nation,” I think Dr. Anthony Fauci might have finally reached his “A Face in the Crowd” moment. In that classic movie, Andy Griffith plays a “man of the people” drunk on his own power who falls from public grace after an open microphone reveals what an arrogant, power-mad demagogue he really is. In Fauci’s case, he knew the mic was on, he (as always) sought out the camera, but he still revealed in shockingly clear terms that he’s suffering from a terminal case of galloping egomania.

When asked about the justifiable criticism of him by such Senators as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for denying under oath that his NIH funded gain-of-function research when it was later revealed that it had, Fauci scoffed that it was just “noise.” As for Cruz pointing out that lying to Congress is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison, Fauci laughed and asked, "What happened on January 6th, Senator?

For the record, Ted Cruz had nothing to do with January 6th, but the lies about gain-of-function research came directly from Dr. Fauci’s mouth. And he wasn’t wearing three masks at the time, so we all heard it clearly.

But then came the really telling moment, when Fauci tried to dismiss any criticism of him as invalid by declaring, “They’re really criticizing science, because I represent science. They’re dangerous.”

Cruz responded bluntly, blasting Fauci not only for being an "unelected technocrat who has distorted science and facts in order to exercise authoritarian control over millions of Americans" and for “ad hominem insults parroting Democratic talking points,” but also for his jaw-dropping hubris in declaring that any questioning of him is dangerous because he is the living embodiment of “science.” As I’ve had to remind people countless times over recent years, science is the process of asking questions and developing evidence that points to the truth, even if it disproves what everyone believed up to that point. This is why anyone who says, “The science is settled!” is actually admitting that they don’t know jack squat about what science is.

But now, we all know what science is. Dr. Fauci is “Science!” If he says it, it cannot be questioned! Too bad there’s no vaccine to prevent his head from swelling up bigger than a Macy’s Parade balloon. Frankly, I’m at the point where I’d put more faith in Mr. Wizard than in Dr. “Science.”

I’ll give the last word to Sen. Paul, who unlike Fauci is a doctor who’s actually treated patients:

"It’s astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing, especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity."

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Comments 1-10 of 29

  • Mike Manoogian

    12/06/2021 07:01 AM

    The Fauci doublespeak is astounding. He claims that his focus is saving the lives of people but views gain of function research as life-saving. He keeps pressing the natural source of COVID-19 when scientists have shown that it was likely engineered. It is time for him to retire from public service. Perhaps he will find a gig at MSNBC.

  • william p appelt

    12/05/2021 10:21 PM

    I agree wholeheartedly that Fauci is the main player for the distortion of the facts of our virus pandemic. The problem has to be that he is untouchable in his mind. The war starts with holding him accountable and so is with any all Democrats and other politicians who act the same way. Our country has to find out how we will do our justice and law enforcement. Maybe they want war but that will only help us dig a bigger hole of shame to fall into. A leader who will encourage a proper solution. In the meantime, we can elect our leaders who can at least hammer away and expose the frauds they are.
    I remember a time when government employees were in fear of holding their jobs as they were held accountable of expenses and budgets. The President knew when to cut the fat and spending. We are way out of control and President Trump was working on it until the election(part of the problem).

  • Anita Mule

    12/05/2021 09:17 PM

    I usually agree with everything you say, but there is one thing that our side believes is settled science: that human life begins at conception. We do not accept questioning of that. As far as we are concerned, it is settled, right?

  • Stanley R Mascoe Jr

    12/05/2021 06:59 PM

    If Fauci is science, maybe he should be asked when life begins.

  • Martha Cherise Miller

    12/05/2021 05:39 PM

    Fauci has been nicknamed "Flip-Flop Fauci," which is very appropriate because he has flip-flopped so many times that he doesn't know the truth from fiction. Whole issue here is money; he wants to keep his almost a half million dollar position even if it means flip-flopping. I hope the next election will flip-flop him out of his position.

  • Mark Higgs

    12/05/2021 04:53 PM

    We need to remember that "scientists" once told us that the Earth was flat! And if you disagreed with them, you might be burned at the stake! Fauci and others ignored the scientific microbiologists who told us that because viruses are so microscopically tiny that most masks are largely ineffective because the viruses pass right through them!

  • Keith Nation

    12/05/2021 04:43 PM

    I think Fauci would be best prosecuted by the hands of the people of the world than that of the judicial system

  • Kathryn Schultz

    12/05/2021 03:56 PM

    Of course, those of us who grew up with Mr. Wizard trust him instead of Anthony Fauci. Mr. Wizard’s had no political agenda. His only agenda was to teach children scientific principles.

  • Alvin Baldwin

    12/05/2021 03:41 PM

    Mr. Falsie is no doctor. I suggest someone check his past. Nobody, even a Democrat tells so many lies, one right after another, even contradicting himself, if they have more than a second-grade education.
    I began calling him “Dr. Falsie” back when he first switched form no mask to recommending masks.
    I truly appreciate your common sense. It’s a rare thing nowadays.
    God Bless

  • Anita Watd

    12/05/2021 03:27 PM

    You stated the truth and thoughts of do many people perfectly!