January 6, 2020

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I would hope that with Iran showing it must be dealt with as an aggressor, the realization is growing that Congress should stop playing its petty political games and focus on what is really going on in the world.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reassured viewers on FOX NEWS SUNDAY that he doesn’t think the impeachment sham (my word) is weakening Trump in the eyes of the world. “Our adversaries understand that President Trump and our administration will do the right thing to protect the American people every place we find risk,” he said.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Media bias is on full display, AGAIN

Posted 12/31/2019

By Mike Huckabee

Well, this is inconvenient for the narrative:  On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Chuck Todd tried to get former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to endorse the claim that President Trump needed to get Congressional approval to take out Iranian’s chief terrorist military boss, Gen. Qassem Suleimani. Johnson’s reply: No, he was a "lawful military objective" and the President had "ample domestic legal authority to take him out."  Umm…time for a commercial!

Over the weekend, President Trump continued reminding Iran that if it dares to try to make good on its threats to target Americans, the US just spent $2 trillion on military equipment, and it will be coming their way.

Sad to say, much of the reporting on the situation between the US and Iran is being presented through the “Orange Man Bad” filter, compounded by a lack of understanding of what’s actually happening in the Middle East.  The punditry is even worse, with a lot of Ivy League leftists, NeverTrumpers and political hacks expounding on the Middle East when they’ve never been closer to it than a vacation in Paris. In other words, we’re getting “news” through two layers of ignorance and distortion. 

A perfect example was the claim from sources such as the New York Times and Washington Post that Iraq is so angry at Trump for killing Iranian terrorism chief Suliemani that its parliament voted to eject US troops from Iraq. Well, that’s…kinda…sorta…what happened.  But not really the full story.

At this link is a Twitter thread explaining what actually happened, by Hassan Abdul-Hussein, columnist for the Kuwaiti Daily.

In short, Iran supporters barely had a quorum because Sunni and Kurdish members who support America boycotted the vote.  They had barely enough votes to pass a non-binding resolution calling on US troops to leave. The Prime Minister replied that US troops are in Iraq due to a UN agreement and the parliament has no say in it.  But he tried to mollify Iran and its supporters by declaring that US troops would leave Iraq “according to timetable.” Abdul-Hussein explains that in the Middle East, “according to timetable” means “indefinitely.”  For instance, Syria repeatedly claimed it would leave Lebanon on a timetable.  They were there for 29 years. 

Abdul-Hussein writes: “Bottom line is, Iraqi parliament vote was an Iranian face-saving measure. Iran is in a bind: If it retaliates without claiming its attack, it does not count as revenge for Soleimani. If Iran claims the attack, regime risks further wrath, in a country whose economy is in free fall…The most probable outcome of #Soleimani's killing is more of the same: Low-intensity Iranian warfare against America, Iran never engaging in direct war, but maintaining her proxy war, fighting America to the last Arab. But with Soleimani out, Iranian proxy war will be much weaker.”

In other words, the man who actually knows the Middle East says that killing Suleimani weakened Iran and made full-scale war less likely, not more likely. 

No wonder the American media couldn’t tell us that.  Either because they simply don’t understand it, or because it’s exactly what President Trump said, and the one unchanging subtext of every mainstream media story involving Trump must be that “Orange Man Bad…and never right.”


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

A little proof that Iraqis are more grateful to President Trump for taking out the world’s top terrorism strategist than many of our own Congress members are:

There’s also this moving statement from someone who, unlike some Democratic politicians, is able to praise the demise of Soleimani without following it with a “BUT.”  (As in, “...but what Trump did may be an act of war," as if attacking our Embassy in Baghdad wasn’t an act of war.) It’s a video by Jason Church, who’s running in the Republican primary for Wisconsin House District 7, thanking President Trump.  Church has good reason to be thankful Soleimani finally got what was coming to him.  He’s a double amputee who lost parts of both legs in an IED explosion.

For years, Soleimani was the head of the branch of the Iraqi military that supplied terrorist groups with roadside explosives and other weapons that not only killed over 600 American soldiers, and unknown numbers of other people in the Middle East, but that were responsible for thousands of serious injuries to our soldiers, including lost limbs.

Michael Moore is claiming that Trump is trying to gin up a war by convincing Americans that this guy they never heard of was an evil enemy.  If they never heard of him, that's just ignorance, not an alibi.  Retired Green Berets Master Sergeant Terry Schappert appeared on Greg Gutfeld’s show on Fox News and reminded all those who are trying to downplay Suleimani’s evil history that in his community, “it's pretty safe to say that you've probably buried somebody who was killed by him, you know someone who's lost a limb or been catastrophically wounded, and you know a Gold Star family who has been destroyed by this guy. If you can't care about that, you can care about all the people he's killed over there... Iraq, Syria, Lebanon... his own country.”

Or you can at least try to appear to care, before you give everyone the idea that you care more about political advantage than you do about your own country’s soldiers. 



Speaking of ridiculous stories that the public doesn’t get the full, necessary background for, there were a number of protest rallies held around the country on Saturday against war in the Middle East (because, again, responding to an attack on our Embassy is an act of war, but the attack itself somehow wasn’t.)  The reports on the protests seldom mentioned that they were organized by a known communist front group that’s previously voiced support for every anti-American regime from Cuba to North Korea.

There were also reports of the Selective Service website crashing due to hysterical scaremongering about the return of a draft to fight a war with Iran.  While I like to think that the site was just swamped with eager volunteers, I assume it was more likely a blizzard of terrified snowflakes.

Well, fear not: After every flare-up in the Middle East, there are always unfounded rumors of a return to the draft.  As Trump said, this makes war less likely, not more likely.  And even if we did go into an all-out war, the US military hardly needs to force a lot of college students who can’t even figure out which bathroom to use to come out of their safe spaces and learn how to use a gun to defeat Iran. Seriously, “social justice warriors,” look at yourselves.  If you were fighting a war, would you want to depend on you to win it?  In any draft, your ratings would be just like your report cards: "4-Fs."


Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

- Matthew 19:14

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  • Kay DeWitt

    01/07/2020 11:31 AM

    PS to the comment I wrote earlier.....Yesterday when I paid my rent, my landlady told me that the Iranians put an $80 million "bounty" on President Trump's head.. so I googled info ON this and did not read any article that indicated that this threat should engender any kind of real concern.....HOWEVER....

    Before I went to bed last night, I called my twin sister....who lives in New York... and HER landlord was there, WITH her, because her toilet was stopped up and he went over to her apartment to try and fix and HE feels that it is SUCH a serious threat that it will be a miracle if President Trump in NOT killed! He then proceeded to tell me WHY he said this by explaining all the ways it could be done!

    By the time I hung up, I was very upset....which is WHY I am writing this P.S. to my earlier comment because I am making a plea to Christians that we join our hearts together and storm heaven praying that the Lord will not allow this nightmare TO include our President's tragic demise that my sister's landlord said was INEVITABLE!

  • Melvin G. Gamble

    01/07/2020 12:50 AM

    Just a note, Mike. The first link in the last section of today's newsletter seems to have been intended to further explain the communist front group behind a bunch of demonstrations, but the link is to the Selective Service site, same as the 2nd link where it seems to match your comments. I also found when I followed the "READ MORE AND COMMENT HERE" link in the first section that the 2nd and 4th links are the same, although your comments around the first instance seem to refer to a Fox article. Still the same great insight(s), but have liked to have had links that matched your comments in those 2 cases.

  • Michael

    01/06/2020 06:03 PM

    I just can't believe that big meany Trump approved the killing of an enemy terrorist & evil Iran general. Gosh, why didn't he just send billions of dollars with a note to please not hate & kill Americans anymore or else he may have to draw a red line in the sand! ( Thick sarcasm) Seriously thankful that we have a President that stands upto evil, stands up for Americans, our military & our Nation !! What a refreshing change from that fraud Obama.

  • Joyce Birch

    01/06/2020 03:44 PM

    Thank you Governor for being the voice of reason. I hope you have a large distribution list because the nation needs to hear your voice. Thank you so much.

  • Dolores

    01/06/2020 01:15 PM

    Sorry for an omission n my posting. I am sure India and Europe are in the shadows watching and waiting. And I omitted the very important ALL when I said the Iraquis were begging us to leave. They want and need for all of us to leave. Let this poor, war-ravaged country heal in peace..

  • Jpk

    01/06/2020 12:25 PM

    What does the media know without national security clearances and how do they predict future events with out secured knowledge? As most of the world knows our media is an arm of our enemies the media is wrong with the propaganda it spews and it takes great pleasure in angering true American citizens even the illegals see it and hopefully will work to become an honest citizen we have a better chance of converting them than the media!!!!!

  • Nancy Klus

    01/06/2020 11:37 AM

    GREAT report today, Governor! Thank you for being the voice of reason.
    I have placed the Democrats in God's hands. HE is the only one who can
    really help them to see truth for truth!
    Nancy Klus

  • Cameron Andrea

    01/06/2020 10:51 AM

    Dear Mike, GOD Forbid we have a voice of reason like yours in Canada. You would probably end up in jail for telling it like it is! Keep up the good work. A Brother north of the border.