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October 18, 2021

Great news for those of you who want to take your kids trick or treating or attend a Halloween carnival at your kids school! Dr. Fauci said it will be okay to have Halloween this year. I really hate to bust his bubble, but I honestly don’t need Dr. Fauci’s permission to have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or for that matter, going to church or a football game. When this whole pandemic started and President Trump was doing daily press conferences and answering hours of questions, I thought Dr. Fauci was an expert and we ought to listen to him. But as time moved on, I noticed that he changed his mind about as often as a baby changes a diaper and pretty much for being filled with the same stuff. Remember he adamantly told us NOT to wear a mask. It would be useless to protect us against the virus, and in fact would be dangerous for anyone but medical people to use a mask because we’d be touching the mask and our faces and it would be bad to wear a mask. A few months later, the same Dr. Fauci told us we had to wear a mask—and later even said we ought to wear 2 or even 3 masks. He told us if we shut everything down for 2 weeks, we’d flatten the curve. We’re going on 2 years and we’ve flattened the economy and destroyed a lot of small businesses. He told us it wouldn’t be safe to go to church if there were more than 10 people. A church with less than 10 people is probably a dead church anyway. But while church or a small mom and pop store was too dangerous to keep open because if we went there we would DIE, it was fine to go to Walmart or a big supermarket and be wall-to-wall with thousands of strangers. We’d be okay there. Fauci said sporting events in open air stadiums were too dangerous, but he never said that Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots where people crowded together to burn government buildings and police cars was a problem. He told us not to even think about having Thanksgiving with our families last year. Early on, he told us to wash all the vegetables, fruits, and canned goods coming into our homes. By summer, he said, “never mind—you can’t catch Covid by touching stuff.

The more this thing has gone on, the more I think Fauci enjoys being on TV and telling people what to do and if he changes what the “science says” then he gets to go on TV again and tell us that the science has changed. I wonder if he wants to really control the very real threat of Covid, or if he wants to control US? And if we are supposed to FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, but the science seems to keep changing and zig-zagging all over the landscape, how do you follow it? And if science is so unsure that it changes every few weeks, what does that say about the so-called science of climate change? When I was in college, we were told of a coming ice age in 10 years; 10 years later, we were told the ozone layer was disappearing and we were going to get toasted in 10 years; 10 years after that, global warming was going to melt all the glaciers and we’d be drowned by flooding in 10 years; 10 years later, it’s just climate change brought on by flatulence of cows, having cars, and flying in planes. If science is that uncertain, following it seems like following a 5 year old around in a toy store.

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  • George Murrey

    10/23/2021 09:34 AM

    The last person I want to follow is Fauci. He's worse than the wind, you never what direction he is coming from. We should decide our fate, not him.